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Age of Transitions

Age of Transitions is a collection of 64 high quality ambient, filmscore and new age style patches, containing moody pads, soundscapes, ethereal bells, percussion, and sublime fantasy woodwind instruments.


Premium File Contents
./Age of Transitions 1:
[BL] Crystal Orbs.nmsv
[BL] Glass Inharmonic.nmsv
[BL] Glowing Rods.nmsv
[BL] Ice Stalactites.nmsv
[BL] Ice Stalagmites.nmsv
[BL] Midnight Bells.nmsv
[BL] Multiphonics Crystals.nmsv
[BL] Nitrogen Pipes.nmsv
[BL] Oasis Bells.nmsv
[BL] Yellow Metal.nmsv
[JP] Adansonia Peeks.nmsv
[JP] Array Xylophone.nmsv
[JP] Atlantean Celesta.nmsv
[JP] Bamboo Harp.nmsv
[JP] Bamboo Organ.nmsv
[JP] Bangkirai Peeks.nmsv
[JP] Coastal Village.nmsv
[JP] Conga Fury.nmsv
[JP] Dipteryx Peeks.nmsv
[JP] Hammer Kalimba.nmsv
[JP] Mahagoni Plates.nmsv
[JP] Pinched Ivory.nmsv
[JP] Rainbow Eucalyptus.nmsv
[JP] Square Hybirds.nmsv
[JP] Theobroma Xylophone.nmsv
[PD] Agharti.nmsv
[PD] Dark Aura.nmsv
[PD] Floating Islands.nmsv
[PD] Hollow Shell.nmsv
[PD] Rainforest Caverns.nmsv
[PD] Solitude Etude.nmsv
[PD] Stealth Shapes.nmsv
[PD] The Other Side.nmsv
[PD] Weathering Process.nmsv
[SC] 4th Dimension.nmsv
[SC] Abyss.nmsv
[SC] Agartha.nmsv
[SC] Autumn Colours.nmsv
[SC] Brain Fog.nmsv
[SC] Breeze.nmsv
[SC] Combining Mist.nmsv
[SC] Dense Fog.nmsv
[SC] Desolation.nmsv
[SC] Night Dunes.nmsv
[SC] Something In The Air.nmsv
[SC] Spooky Jungle.nmsv
[SC] Spotlight Dust.nmsv
[SC] Turquoise Limbo.nmsv
[SC] Vertigo.nmsv
[SC] World Of ice.nmsv
[SE] Before Night Falls.nmsv
[SE] Calculating Depth.nmsv
[SE] Calculating Rhythm.nmsv
[SE] Calculating Tones.nmsv
[SE] Calculating Waveforms.nmsv
[SE] Cascading Drops.nmsv
[SE] Cascading Rapids.nmsv
[WD] Astral Woodwind.nmsv
[WD] Calm Organ.nmsv
[WD] Digital Aerofon.nmsv
[WD] Indigo Luminosity.nmsv
[WD] Moist Pipe Organ.nmsv
[WD] Possessed Organ.nmsv
[WD] White Wind.nmsv

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Number of sounds 64
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