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Age of Transitions 2

Age of Transitions 2 is a collection of 64 high quality ambient, filmscore and new age style patches, containing moody pads, ethereal bells , percussion, and ground-shaking psychical model basses. 

Every each patch have all 8 macro controls assigned to it.


Premium File Contents
./Age of Transitions Expansion:
[BL] Array Pipes.nmsv
[BL] Atlantean Karimba.nmsv
[BL] Azurai Music Box.nmsv
[BL] Distance Calls.nmsv
[BL] Dusk Microsphere.nmsv
[BL] Glass Tulips.nmsv
[BL] Glowing Bushes.nmsv
[BL] Iron Butterflies.nmsv
[BL] Monochromatic.nmsv
[BL] Savanna Peeks.nmsv
[BL] Sepia Mbira.nmsv
[BL] Swamp Bells.nmsv
[BL] Tranquil Waters.nmsv
[BL] Tundra Bells.nmsv
[BL] Wind Triggered.nmsv
[BS] Azurai Contrabass.nmsv
[BS] Instant Curves.nmsv
[BS] Jungle Flood.nmsv
[BS] Liquid Surface.nmsv
[BS] Lose Strings.nmsv
[BS] Pluck Lowtones.nmsv
[BS] Tribal Peeks.nmsv
[BS] Wishing Well.nmsv
[BS] Zero Opacity.nmsv
[JP] Azurai Mouth Organ.nmsv
[JP] Bowed Bells.nmsv
[JP] Glowing Mushrooms.nmsv
[JP] Grinding Sticks.nmsv
[JP] Hail Drops.nmsv
[JP] Juicy Fruit.nmsv
[JP] Log Strings.nmsv
[JP] Ornamental Flute.nmsv
[JP] Steel Bones.nmsv
[JP] Wood Resonance.nmsv
[OW] Slick Mover.nmsv
[PD] Frozen Breath.nmsv
[PD] Glowing Moss.nmsv
[PD] Green Clearances.nmsv
[PD] Grey Saturator.nmsv
[PD] Liquefaction.nmsv
[PD] Night Sky.nmsv
[PD] North Wind.nmsv
[PD] Ozone Aroma.nmsv
[PD] Pit Edge.nmsv
[SC] Borderworld.nmsv
[SC] Gates of Paradise.nmsv
[SC] Hall of Seasons.nmsv
[SC] Hiperbola.nmsv
[SC] Mysterious Skyspot.nmsv
[SC] River of Souls.nmsv
[SC] Underworld.nmsv
[SC] Whispering Ghosts.nmsv

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Number of sounds 52
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