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Bass House

'Surge Sounds Bass House' is packed with 100 top quality basses custom designed for trending genres like Bass House, Wobble House, Future House and more.

With the wide range and creative expression of these basses we are confident that these will be your go to basses. Wobbles, Filthy, Deep, Rockin, Grooving, Laid Back or Banging. You name it, this pack has it!

Theres no need for tweaking, just load them in Massive. In case you do there are 8 macros on every preset giving you ultimate expression and creativity.

Bass House is currently one of the most exciting and trending genres and now you can have all the sounds to rock the charts!

Product Details:
100 NI Massive Presets
100 Bass House Basses
4 Bonus Leads in Demo

8 Macros on every preset
100% Royalty-Free
NI Massive 1.3 or higher is required.

Premium File Contents
Surge Sounds _ Bass House.jpg.jpg
BA Abducted.nmsv.nmsv
BA Acidize.nmsv.nmsv
BA Addict.nmsv.nmsv
BA Afterlife.nmsv.nmsv
BA Analog.nmsv.nmsv
BA Atom.nmsv.nmsv
BA Bao.nmsv.nmsv
BA Bassrotor.nmsv.nmsv
BA Bastard.nmsv.nmsv
BA Biosphere.nmsv.nmsv
BA Blackjack.nmsv.nmsv
BA Blackout.nmsv.nmsv
BA Blow Ya Mind.nmsv.nmsv
BA Borg.nmsv.nmsv
BA Boss.nmsv.nmsv
BA Cobra.nmsv.nmsv
BA Comb.nmsv.nmsv
BA Control.nmsv.nmsv
BA Crank It.nmsv.nmsv
BA Crypton.nmsv.nmsv
BA Cyber.nmsv.nmsv
BA Dagger.nmsv.nmsv
BA Dark Bass.nmsv.nmsv
BA Dat Vibe.nmsv.nmsv
BA Dized.nmsv.nmsv
BA Domination.nmsv.nmsv
BA Dynamo.nmsv.nmsv
BA Dyro.nmsv.nmsv
BA Eargasm.nmsv.nmsv
BA Energizer.nmsv.nmsv
BA Everyday.nmsv.nmsv
BA Falcon.nmsv.nmsv
BA Genesis.nmsv.nmsv
BA Get Down.nmsv.nmsv
BA Groove.nmsv.nmsv
BA Haywire.nmsv.nmsv
BA Hunter.nmsv.nmsv
BA Infected.nmsv.nmsv
BA Infuse.nmsv.nmsv
BA Killer.nmsv.nmsv
BA Knife.nmsv.nmsv
BA Knob.nmsv.nmsv
BA Kraken.nmsv.nmsv
BA Latch.nmsv.nmsv
BA Lazer.nmsv.nmsv
BA Maschine.nmsv.nmsv
BA Maze.nmsv.nmsv
BA Meteora.nmsv.nmsv
BA Modern.nmsv.nmsv
BA Mystery.nmsv.nmsv
BA Naughty.nmsv.nmsv
BA Nemasis.nmsv.nmsv
BA Noiz.nmsv.nmsv
BA Nomad.nmsv.nmsv
BA Nova.nmsv.nmsv
BA Omni.nmsv.nmsv
BA Overdrive.nmsv.nmsv
BA Overload.nmsv.nmsv
BA Pandorum.nmsv.nmsv
BA Party.nmsv.nmsv
BA Pluto.nmsv.nmsv
BA Powers.nmsv.nmsv
BA Prestige.nmsv.nmsv
BA Primetime.nmsv.nmsv
BA Proud.nmsv.nmsv
BA Psycho.nmsv.nmsv
BA Pump.nmsv.nmsv
BA Python.nmsv.nmsv
BA Rattlesnake.nmsv.nmsv
BA Reaper.nmsv.nmsv
BA Reborn.nmsv.nmsv
BA Riddles.nmsv.nmsv
BA Ride.nmsv.nmsv
BA Rollin.nmsv.nmsv
BA Savage.nmsv.nmsv
BA Shakedown.nmsv.nmsv
BA Sharky.nmsv.nmsv
BA Show Down.nmsv.nmsv
BA Sidewinder.nmsv.nmsv
BA Slide.nmsv.nmsv
BA Smasher.nmsv.nmsv
BA Snake.nmsv.nmsv
BA Sonar.nmsv.nmsv
BA Speed.nmsv.nmsv
BA Stack.nmsv.nmsv
BA Stage.nmsv.nmsv
BA Sugar.nmsv.nmsv
BA Tank.nmsv.nmsv
BA Thriller.nmsv.nmsv
BA Tomahawk.nmsv.nmsv
BA Toxicated.nmsv.nmsv
BA Tremor.nmsv.nmsv
BA Tubed.nmsv.nmsv
BA Tubler.nmsv.nmsv
BA Twisted.nmsv.nmsv
BA Typhoon.nmsv.nmsv
BA Vandal.nmsv.nmsv
BA Whoop.nmsv.nmsv
BA Yeti.nmsv.nmsv
LD Elevated +Bonus+.nmsv.nmsv
LD Flame +Bonus+.nmsv.nmsv
LD Meltdown +Bonus+.nmsv.nmsv
LD Port +Bonus+.nmsv.nmsv

Works with

Minimum version 1.3
Number of sounds 100

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