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Big Room HQ Essentials

Looking for Big Room weapons? Your search ends here, because this is the best you’ll find!

In this soundbank you will find:

- 9 Leads
- 6 Powersaw
- 5 Basses
- 2 Plucks
- 2 Risers
- 2 Noise FX
- 1 Laser
- 3 Bonus Sounds

Just listen to the demo and decide by yourself. Only high quality sounds you can actually use in your own productions!

Trust your ears. This soundbank is a must have!

Premium File Contents
Bass 1.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 2.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 3.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 4.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 5 (Drop 2).nmsv.nmsv
Bonus 1.nmsv.nmsv
Bonus 2.nmsv.nmsv
Bonus 3.nmsv.nmsv
Laser 1.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 1.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 2.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 3.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 4.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 5.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 6.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 7.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 8.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 9 (Drop 1).nmsv.nmsv
Noise 1.nmsv.nmsv
Noise 2.nmsv.nmsv
Pluck 1.nmsv.nmsv
Pluck 2.nmsv.nmsv
Powersaw 1.nmsv.nmsv
Powersaw 2.nmsv.nmsv
Powersaw 3.nmsv.nmsv
Powersaw 4.nmsv.nmsv
Powersaw 5.nmsv.nmsv
Powersaw 6.nmsv.nmsv
Riser 1.nmsv.nmsv
Riser 2.nmsv.nmsv

Works with

Minimum version 1.3
Number of sounds 30