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Drumsound & Bassline Smith: Technique Essential presets and beats

Drumsound & Bassline Smith enjoy an impressively diverse arsenal of music, with releases on world class labels such as Technique Recordings, New State and Ministry of Sound, ensuring their place atop the drum and bass scene for over a decade. Their last sample pack sat at the top of charts for over 8 years...Now they are back with a new pack, bigger, badder & better than ever!

This new Technique Essential pack contains 101 of their carefully selected and professionally crafted NI Massive presets, consisting of: killer leads, harrowing bass sounds, driving reese sounds, lush pads, oldskool rave synths, jungle subs, bright keys, funky plucks and more. Perfect for creating top-notch dancefloor drum and bass and heavy drumstep. Fully macroed, this soundbank is nothing to mess with!

Included in the bundle you get 88 savage drum loops made by Drumsound & Bassline Smith themselves (11 drum construction kits). Each of the construction kits also has a drumstep variation for each of the elements, giving you maximum flexibility in the studio. Hard hitting snares, punchy kicks, funky and original percussions, sizzling hihats & bright top loops.

All sounds and beats were created by Drumsound & Bassline Smith in their Technique Studio.

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All products are created by top producers with years of experience who release top hits in the EDM industry. Our product creators have released music on labels such as:




These samples/presets were created by professional engineers, using the newest of available technologies developed in the synth and processor industry. All samples are perfectly processed (EQ, Compression, Saturation, Limiting, Stereo imaging) and recorded in the highest quality to ensure that our products are top of the line.




Our packs are 100% royalty free, and you are free to use these samples/presets in your own productions. Just drag and drop these into your projects and watch your songs come alive!

Premium File Contents
drumsound and bassline smith BEATS DEMO.mp3.mp3
drumsound and bassline smith BUNDLE DEMO.mp3.mp3
drumsound and bassline smith PRESETS DEMO.mp3.mp3
DS Technique Beats and PresetsARTWORK.jpg.jpg
DS Technique Beats ARTWORK.jpg.jpg
DS Technique Presets ARTWORK.jpg.jpg
Kit1 - DS_Kick_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit1 - DS_Perc_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit1 - DS_Ride_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit10 DS Hihat loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit10 DS Kick loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit10 DS Perc loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit10 DS Snare loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit11 DS Kick loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit11 DS Perc loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit11 DS Ride loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit11 DS Snare loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit2 - DS_KIck_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit2 - DS_Perc_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit2 - DS_Ride_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit2 DS_Snare_loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit3 - DS_Kick_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit3 - DS_Perc_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit3 - DS_Ride_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit3 DS_Snare_loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit4 - DS_Kick_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit4 - DS_Perc_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit4 - DS_Ride_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit4 DS_Snare_loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit - DS_Perc_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit5 - DS_Kick_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit5 - DS_Ride_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit5 - DS_Snare_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit6 - DS_Kick_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit6 - DS_Perc_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit6 - DS_Ride_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit6 DS_Snare_loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit7 - DS_Kick_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit7 - DS_Perc_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit7 - DS_Tamb_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit7 DS_Snare_loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit8 - DS_Kick_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit8 - DS_Perc_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit8 DS HI-hat_loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit8 DS_Snare_loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit9 - DS_Kik_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit9 - DS_Perc_loop-174_BPM.wav.wav
Kit9 DS Hihat loop174BPM.wav.wav
Kit9 DS Snare loop174BPM.wav.wav
arp - arcade.nmsv.nmsv
arp - classic seq.nmsv.nmsv
arp - intro arp.nmsv.nmsv
arp - sequential.nmsv.nmsv
arp - single hit.nmsv.nmsv
bass - badman Notch.nmsv.nmsv
bass - badman Reese.nmsv.nmsv
bass - boom!.nmsv.nmsv
bass - capone.nmsv.nmsv
bass - capone2.nmsv.nmsv
bass - circa 95.nmsv.nmsv
bass - dark knight.nmsv.nmsv
bass - digital force.nmsv.nmsv
bass - dirty hip-hop.nmsv.nmsv
bass - foghorn.nmsv.nmsv
bass - fugu sub.nmsv.nmsv
bass - fugu tops.nmsv.nmsv
bass - going down.nmsv.nmsv
bass - lazer bass.nmsv.nmsv
bass - liquid B.nmsv.nmsv
bass - mr reese.nmsv.nmsv
bass - neurate.nmsv.nmsv
bass - omega reese.nmsv.nmsv
bass - poontang.nmsv.nmsv
bass - power womp.nmsv.nmsv
bass - power womp2.nmsv.nmsv
bass - preditah.nmsv.nmsv
bass - renegade.nmsv.nmsv
bass - royale.nmsv.nmsv
bass - sack rumbler.nmsv.nmsv
bass - sauce direct.nmsv.nmsv
bass - stewdem.nmsv.nmsv
bass - technoid.nmsv.nmsv
bass - transformers.nmsv.nmsv
bass - ultimate 808.nmsv.nmsv
bass - ultimate sub.nmsv.nmsv
bass - vintage vibe.nmsv.nmsv
bass - what the time.nmsv.nmsv
bass - zerowub.nmsv.nmsv
fx - 4 bar riser +lfo.nmsv.nmsv
fx - 8 bar riser.nmsv.nmsv
fx - airhorn.nmsv.nmsv
fx - bipbong or radio.nmsv.nmsv
fx - blipper lead.nmsv.nmsv
fx - clap reverb.nmsv.nmsv
fx - downer.nmsv.nmsv
fx - laser up.nmsv.nmsv
fx - laser.nmsv.nmsv
fx - machine.nmsv.nmsv
fx - Robodrone.nmsv.nmsv
fx - rudeboy bleep.nmsv.nmsv
fx - sound designer.nmsv.nmsv
fx - soundboy laser up.nmsv.nmsv
fx - white nosie downer.nmsv.nmsv
keys - bad chord.nmsv.nmsv
keys - dusty.nmsv.nmsv
keys - liquid.nmsv.nmsv
keys - old skool vibe.nmsv.nmsv
keys - old skool vibe2.nmsv.nmsv
keys - play chord.nmsv.nmsv
keys - sidechain squ.nmsv.nmsv
keys - sidechain tri.nmsv.nmsv
keys - ultimate organ.nmsv.nmsv
keys - warehouse.nmsv.nmsv
lead - 7th sign.nmsv.nmsv
lead - aniimale.nmsv.nmsv
lead - caribbean.nmsv.nmsv
lead - caves.nmsv.nmsv
lead - daft funk.nmsv.nmsv
lead - dirty plucker.nmsv.nmsv
lead - fokust.nmsv.nmsv
lead - funk key.nmsv.nmsv
lead - jack the ripper ( play low ).nmsv.nmsv
lead - key.nmsv.nmsv
lead - modulator.nmsv.nmsv
lead - phantasm.nmsv.nmsv
lead - twist n shout.nmsv.nmsv
lead - wormhole.nmsv.nmsv
pad - crossfire.nmsv.nmsv
pad - dark intro.nmsv.nmsv
pad - dynamic strings.nmsv.nmsv
pad - ghost of japan.nmsv.nmsv
pad - lush.nmsv.nmsv
pad - notredame.nmsv.nmsv
pad - pleasure drone.nmsv.nmsv
pad - tenor Drone.nmsv.nmsv
pad - up & down.nmsv.nmsv
seq - hi-hats.nmsv.nmsv
seq - prodigy.nmsv.nmsv

Works with

Minimum version 1.4.0
Number of sounds 101


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