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EchoSpace Vol. 1 NI Massive

EchoSpace Vol. 1 is one of the most flexible and stylistic NI Massive preset collections released by OhmLab to date. Every sound has been carefully programmed to ensure that it can be used in several different musical genres without any parameter tweaking. So whether you are producing Dub Tech, Ambient, Electro, Deep House, Chill or any other style of music that features deep environments and sounds that range from ultra minimalistic to extra large, then this OhmLab Mini Pack is for you!

A Sample of each patch in action can be heard below in the audio player. There has been no processing of any kind use in this recording and everything you hear (except the drums) is from the synths themselves, with only Macro controls being used to generate any changes that occur. (There is not even any EQ used.) This is so you can hear the sounds in their original states and not be mislead in any way as to what they sound like or how they function. A wide range of music styles are used in this example to help drive home the idea that these patches can be used in just about any kind of project. Though none of them were heavily tweaked, so there is still plenty for you to discover on your own!

Here is a quick breakdown of what is included in the order they appear in the recording:

Space is Really BIG!
An extremely diverse pad that features samples that are right at home in any music produced with found sounds an ambient tendencies. It is also a perfect addition to any projects considered to be hypnotic or expansive in nature. A must have for any true fan of sound design and synth programming!

Deep Chord
This synth is a familiar sound with some clever twists programmed in. Similar to sounds featured in songs by some of the world's most popular Dub Tech and Deep House artists, it's also a great fit for edgier modern genres – even acid jazz and fusion projects. And there are plenty of goodies to uncover the more you use it!

Space Pluck
What you probably expect from this synth is a simple, time-synced, delay heavy pluck. But what you don't expect is the sequenced melodic elements or the pitch bending options. There is a lot more happening here than what you first hear or see! Dig deep to get the most out of this one, and don't be afraid to experiment with the Stepper!

Flex Synth Alpha
Much more than an analog style dub bass, this incredibly flexible synth can instantly transform into a heavy sub beast or a light chorded lead! Ideal for Reggae, Dub, Electronica, Techno, House, Ambient, Avant-Garde and countless other popular genres, this will be one of those patches you turn to again and again for many years to come.

With a signature pitch bend in its default delivery, this synth is about as fun as they get when it comes to finding new ways to use it. Beautifully programmed to provide rich chords and BIG sounds, you can easily change it into a hard driving lead full of grit and attitude - a far cry from its lush beginnings. Don't just think Deep House or EDM music, think Trip-Hop and other mind-bending sub-genres of fusion experiments. What appears to be mainstream on the surface is actually something all its own the deeper you go.

Cosmic Clouds
This big and energized pad is something of an experimental patch that can get a lot of great us in building atmosphere, character and depth for your projects. It works well just playing one sustained note over long periods while it continues to evolve and change, or with relaxed progressions, allowing it to show off the many modulation options available in the macro controls. Whether you need deep and dark or bright and sunny, this is a synth that has a lot more going on than you may first realize.

Have fun with these sounds! And don't forget to share what you make with OhmLab. We're always happy to help you get your music heard by more people!


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Premium File Contents
Cosmic Clouds OHMLAB.nmsv
Deep Chord OHMLAB.nmsv
Flex Synth Alpha OHMLAB.nmsv
Interstellar OHMLAB.nmsv
Space Is Really Big OHMLAB.nmsv
Space Pluck OHMLAB.nmsv

Works with

Minimum version .nmsv
Number of sounds 6