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EDM : Electro House, Deep House & Melbourne Bounce

'EDM: Electro Deep Melbourne Massive Presets Vol 1' is the latest and most impressive soundbank to date from Spartan Sounds. With over 80 high quality Massive presets designed by some of the top sound designers in the world, you won't be disappointed. Give your music the opportunity it deserves. This pack includes over 45 leads.


Spartan Sounds proudly presents 'EDM: Electro Deep Melbourne Massive Presets Vol 1'. Combining the world's best genres all into one Super Huge pack. 

With this pack you'll get over 45 beautiful perfect leads, 12 amazing Electro basses, and 12 Deep House plucks that are simply out of this world. Be original, be unique! 

Make music that will separate you from the rest of the crowd. With this pack it won't be hard. 

Spartan Sounds also included sequencers and FX to help fill your EDM productions with the best sounds possible. 

Give your muic the sounds it deserves. You work hard, and you deserve the best sounds out there! Well Spartan Sounds is here to help.

Pack Details

  • 83 Presets
  • 100% Royalty Free 
  • 002 SQ
  • 012 PL
  • 003 PD
  • 046 LD
  • 008 FX
  • 012 BS
Premium File Contents
Product Image..png.png
Spartan Sounds Logo..jpg.jpg
BS- Afrojack Base.nmsv.nmsv
BS- Bass Square.nmsv.nmsv
BS- Electro 1.nmsv.nmsv
BS- Electro 2.nmsv.nmsv
BS- Electro 3.nmsv.nmsv
BS- Electro 4.nmsv.nmsv
BS- Electro 5.nmsv.nmsv
BS- Electro Bass.nmsv.nmsv
BS- Electro Buzz.nmsv.nmsv
BS- Electro Greatness.nmsv.nmsv
BS- Electro Throat.nmsv.nmsv
BS- Sub.nmsv.nmsv
FX- Lazer Riser.nmsv.nmsv
FX- Noise Riser.nmsv.nmsv
FX- Riser 1.nmsv.nmsv
FX- Riser 2.nmsv.nmsv
FX- Riser 4.nmsv.nmsv
FX- Riser 5.nmsv.nmsv
FX- Thick Square Riser.nmsv.nmsv
FX- White Noise Riser.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Agressive.nmsv.nmsv
LD- AK Bass.nmsv.nmsv
LD- AK FUNKY.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Big Room Layer .nmsv.nmsv
LD- BIg Room Lead 2.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Big Room Lead.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Big Room Synth.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Chords Layer.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Chords Lead 1.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Clean Math.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Deep Metal Hit 2.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Deep Metal Hit.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Deorro 5 Hours.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Funk.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Intro 2.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Intro 3.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Intro 4.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Intro.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Lead 1.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Lead 2.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Lead 3.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Love 2.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Love 3.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Love.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Phaser.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Rock .nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Square 2.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Electro Square.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Faded Love.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Find me.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Freshness.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Funk Clav .nmsv.nmsv
LD- Funk Synth.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Jaxx.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Melbourne Lead 1.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Melbourne Lead 2.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Melbourne Lead 3.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Melbourne Lead 4.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Melbourne Lead 5.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Melbourne Lead 6.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Old schoool Hardwell.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Progressive Chords.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Square Saw .nmsv.nmsv
LD- Square Saw 2.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Vibrato.nmsv.nmsv
LD- Wobble What.nmsv.nmsv
PD- Dark Bass Intro 2.nmsv.nmsv
PD- Dark Bass Intro.nmsv.nmsv
PD- Space Love.nmsv.nmsv
PL- Deep and Close.nmsv.nmsv
PL- Deep Love 2.nmsv.nmsv
PL- Deep Love.nmsv.nmsv
PL- Deep Pluck 2.nmsv.nmsv
PL- Deep Pluck.nmsv.nmsv
PL- Dry_Wet.nmsv.nmsv
PL- Electro Lush.nmsv.nmsv
PL- Electro Pluck.nmsv.nmsv
PL- Perfect Pluck.nmsv.nmsv
PL- Pluck Up.nmsv.nmsv
PL- Strong Pluck.nmsv.nmsv
PL- Sweet.nmsv.nmsv
SQ- Complextro 1.nmsv.nmsv
SQ- Complextro Fill.nmsv.nmsv

Works with

Minimum version Please Note: Requires Massive version 1.3 and up
Number of sounds 83
Demo Download