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Electro House 2 .:: FREE Demo ::.

Surge Sounds Electro House 2 is a cutting-edge preset pack for NI Massive.

All 100 presets were specifically designed for forward-thinking producers who want to keep their sound current & competitive.
These patches were designed with care and attention to detail and were crafted from the most current chart-topping trends.

Check out this video to hear the presets in action.


Inspired by top artists like Hardwell, R3hab, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, KSHMR and many more.

Guaranteed to give you instant inspiration & groundbreaking ideas for your next chart smasher!

Product Details:
100 NI Massive Presets
42 Leads
29 Basses
16 Synths
13 Plucks
8 Macros on every preset
100% Royalty-Free

NI Massive 1.3 or higher is required.

[Presets in this demo]
LD Wike Milliams, LD Groovy, LD Unique, BA George, BA Hysteria, BA Bouncy Sub, LD Tube, LD Mouse, LD Fragrance, SY Party, LD Hoover, LD Complex, SY Star, LD Dust, LD Comet, SY Clock, BA Way, BA Sky Sub.

Premium File Contents
BA Absolute.nmsv
BA Afterlife.nmsv
BA Blackhole.nmsv
BA Blackjack.nmsv
BA Boss.nmsv
BA Bouncy Sub.nmsv
BA Buzz.nmsv
BA Dirty Analog.nmsv
BA Dread.nmsv
BA Dynamo.nmsv
BA Electric Shock.nmsv
BA Electroism.nmsv
BA Falcon.nmsv
BA Freak.nmsv
BA Gain.nmsv
BA George.nmsv
BA Grinder.nmsv
BA Hysteria.nmsv
BA Legacy.nmsv
BA Meltdown.nmsv
BA Noiz.nmsv
BA Nomad.nmsv
BA Prestige.nmsv
BA Python.nmsv
BA Reborn.nmsv
BA Sky Sub.nmsv
BA TigerBlood.nmsv
BA TopRoller.nmsv
BA Way.nmsv
LD Alcoholic.nmsv
LD Bao.nmsv
LD Borg.nmsv
LD Clipper.nmsv
LD Cobra.nmsv
LD Comet.nmsv
LD Complex.nmsv
LD Cyber.nmsv
LD Dagger.nmsv
LD Dust.nmsv
LD Escalate.nmsv
LD Falcon.nmsv
LD Fragrance.nmsv
LD Freak.nmsv
LD Fuzz.nmsv
LD Gain.nmsv
LD Grinder.nmsv
LD Groovy.nmsv
LD Hoover.nmsv
LD Impact.nmsv
LD Killin It.nmsv
LD Legacy.nmsv
LD Molecules.nmsv
LD Mouse.nmsv
LD Nemasis.nmsv
LD Nextlevel.nmsv
LD Overdrive.nmsv
LD Peaper.nmsv
LD Powers.nmsv
LD Psycho.nmsv
LD Rattlesnake.nmsv
LD Reborn.nmsv
LD Saww.nmsv
LD Screamer.nmsv
LD Shakedown.nmsv
LD Slide.nmsv
LD Stack.nmsv
LD Stargazer.nmsv
LD Tube.nmsv
LD Unique.nmsv
LD Voltage.nmsv
LD Wike Milliams.nmsv
PL Blow.nmsv
PL Energizer.nmsv
PL Heavy.nmsv
PL Hybrid.nmsv
PL Kinetic.nmsv
PL Lost Souls.nmsv
PL Mutant.nmsv
PL Naughty.nmsv
PL Riddles.nmsv
PL Shot.nmsv
PL ShowDown.nmsv
PL Spiral.nmsv
PL Turbulence.nmsv
SY Clock.nmsv
SY DirtyRazor.nmsv
SY Dread.nmsv
SY Eargasm.nmsv
SY Electroism.nmsv
SY Fusion.nmsv
SY Gator.nmsv
SY Gladiator.nmsv
SY Hook.nmsv
SY Hydro.nmsv
SY Latch.nmsv
SY Mystery.nmsv
SY Party.nmsv
SY Raptor.nmsv
SY Scour.nmsv
SY Star.nmsv

Works with

Minimum version 1.3
Number of sounds 100
Demo Download

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