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Future Bass 2

'Surge Sounds Future Bass 2' is the next step of the most innovative sound bank of current and trending Future Bass sounds!

This pack provides 64 authentic, ethereal and futuristic presets, which were carefully crafted to give you instant inspiration and creativity.

All presets are descriptively named for quick and easy discovery so you can always stay in your creative zone while producing your next smash hit.

These sounds were inspired by Future Bass Artists like Flume and San Holo and we`re excited to release them to you!

Product Details:
64 NI Massive Presets
17 Leads
16 Synths
14 Basses
10 Plucks
7 Pads
4 Macros on every preset
100% Royalty-Free
NI Massive 1.3 or higher is required.

Premium File Contents
BA Azazel.nmsv.nmsv
BA Botfly.nmsv.nmsv
BA Cyber.nmsv.nmsv
BA Deep Moog Sub.nmsv.nmsv
BA Deep Reese.nmsv.nmsv
BA Eden.nmsv.nmsv
BA Falcon.nmsv.nmsv
BA Genesis.nmsv.nmsv
BA Headphase.nmsv.nmsv
BA Pluto.nmsv.nmsv
BA Raww.nmsv.nmsv
BA Reborn.nmsv.nmsv
BA Sonar.nmsv.nmsv
BA Total Control.nmsv.nmsv
LD Blocker.nmsv.nmsv
LD Cash Out.nmsv.nmsv
LD Charmer.nmsv.nmsv
LD Cottonmouth.nmsv.nmsv
LD Escape Pod.nmsv.nmsv
LD Largo.nmsv.nmsv
LD Magic.nmsv.nmsv
LD Module.nmsv.nmsv
LD Node.nmsv.nmsv
LD Rae.nmsv.nmsv
LD Runaway.nmsv.nmsv
LD Sleepyhead.nmsv.nmsv
LD Stinger.nmsv.nmsv
LD Tiny Dancer.nmsv.nmsv
LD True Grit.nmsv.nmsv
LD U & I.nmsv.nmsv
LD Yacht.nmsv.nmsv
PD Cursor.nmsv.nmsv
PD Hellish Heaven.nmsv.nmsv
PD Mindtrick.nmsv.nmsv
PD Ressurection.nmsv.nmsv
PD Restart.nmsv.nmsv
PD Sea Legs.nmsv.nmsv
PD Wrapper.nmsv.nmsv
PL Antigrav.nmsv.nmsv
PL Devout.nmsv.nmsv
PL Fire Fly.nmsv.nmsv
PL Godspeed.nmsv.nmsv
PL Goldfish.nmsv.nmsv
PL Hemi.nmsv.nmsv
PL Immolated.nmsv.nmsv
PL Karatae.nmsv.nmsv
PL Options.nmsv.nmsv
PL Ringo.nmsv.nmsv
SY Can You Hear Me_.nmsv.nmsv
SY Coffin.nmsv.nmsv
SY Everafter.nmsv.nmsv
SY Gemini Saws.nmsv.nmsv
SY Gridlock.nmsv.nmsv
SY Headrush.nmsv.nmsv
SY Justice.nmsv.nmsv
SY Revelation.nmsv.nmsv
SY Sail Away Keys.nmsv.nmsv
SY Sawyer.nmsv.nmsv
SY Shallow.nmsv.nmsv
SY Softwell.nmsv.nmsv
SY Summer.nmsv.nmsv
SY Supersaw.nmsv.nmsv
SY Voyager.nmsv.nmsv
SY Whipped Cream.nmsv.nmsv

Works with

Minimum version 1.3
Number of sounds 64


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