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Future House

Surge Sounds Future House is a cutting-edge preset pack for NI Massive. Specifically designed for forward-thinking producers who want to keep their sound current & competitive.

Inspired by elite Future House/EDM producers like Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo, Tchami, Ummet Ozcan and more.

Standout of the crowd with 64 current & chart-topping sounds! Basses, Synths, Leads, Donks & Stabs. We got you covered! Guaranteed to give you instant inspiration & groundbreaking ideas for your next top hit!

Product Details:
64 NI Massive Presets
24 Basses
21 Synths
9 Leads
6 Donks
4 Stabs
4 Macros on every preset
100% Royalty-Free
NI Massive 1.3 or higher is required.

Premium File Contents
Bass 1.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 10.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 11.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 12.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 13.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 14.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 15.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 16.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 17.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 18.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 19.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 2.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 20.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 21.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 22.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 23.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 24.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 3.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 4.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 5.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 6.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 7.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 8.nmsv.nmsv
Bass 9.nmsv.nmsv
Donk 1.nmsv.nmsv
Donk 2.nmsv.nmsv
Donk 3.nmsv.nmsv
Donk 4.nmsv.nmsv
Donk 5.nmsv.nmsv
Donk 6.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 1.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 2.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 3.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 4.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 5.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 6.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 7.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 8.nmsv.nmsv
Lead 9.nmsv.nmsv
Stab 1.nmsv.nmsv
Stab 2.nmsv.nmsv
Stab 3.nmsv.nmsv
Stab 4.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 1.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 10.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 11.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 12.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 13.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 14.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 15.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 16.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 17.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 18.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 19.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 2.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 20.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 21.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 3.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 4.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 5.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 6.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 7.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 8.nmsv.nmsv
Synth 9.nmsv.nmsv

Works with

Minimum version 1.3
Number of sounds 64


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