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Geometriae - Deep Techno

Twolegs Toneworks presents "Geometriae - Deep Techno" - a collection of 64 new programmed presets created for Native Instruments Massive. The soundset contain sounds especially suited for the deeper electronic genres, like Deep Techno, Dub Techno and Ambient. 

The pack contains a solid selection of the sounds used by the Deep Techno producer Geometriae in his productions. The main focus of the pack is to present a wide choice of deep chord stabs, flowing pads and lead sounds suitable for the genre. You will also find deep subby basses, inspiring sequences, suitable effects and even a few percussive sounds as well. All sounds are set up with macro controls for easy tweaking of the sounds to match your productions.

Presets are supplied in native Massive preset format (.nmsv) and the pack contain a total of 64 presets with assigned macro-controls.

Technical Specifications:

  • 6 Basses
  • 22 Chords
  • 2 Drums
  • 5 FX
  • 9 Leads
  • 15 Pads
  • 5 Sequences


Premium File Contents
bass 01.nmsv
bass 02.nmsv
bass 03.nmsv
bass 04.nmsv
bass 05.nmsv
bass 06.nmsv
chord 01.nmsv
chord 02.nmsv
chord 03.nmsv
chord 04.nmsv
chord 05.nmsv
chord 06.nmsv
chord 07.nmsv
chord 08.nmsv
chord 09.nmsv
chord 10.nmsv
chord 11.nmsv
chord 12.nmsv
chord 13.nmsv
chord 14.nmsv
chord 15.nmsv
chord 16.nmsv
chord 17.nmsv
chord 18.nmsv
chord 19.nmsv
chord 20.nmsv
chord 21.nmsv
chord 22.nmsv
kick 01.nmsv
lead 01.nmsv
lead 02.nmsv
lead 03.nmsv
lead 04.nmsv
lead 05.nmsv
lead 06.nmsv
lead 07.nmsv
lead 08.nmsv
lead 09.nmsv
pad 01.nmsv
pad 02.nmsv
pad 03.nmsv
pad 04.nmsv
pad 05.nmsv
pad 06.nmsv
pad 07.nmsv
pad 08.nmsv
pad 09.nmsv
pad 10.nmsv
pad 11.nmsv
pad 12.nmsv
pad 13.nmsv
pad 14.nmsv
pad 15.nmsv
perc 01.nmsv
seq 01.nmsv
seq 02.nmsv
seq 03.nmsv
seq 04.nmsv
seq 05.nmsv
sfx 01.nmsv
sfx 02.nmsv
sfx 03.nmsv
sfx 04.nmsv
sfx 05.nmsv

Works with

Number of sounds 64