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High On Deep

Awarded sound designer Hype Sounds presents High on Deep, the all inclusive sound pack for making music in Deep genres, exclusively features unreal Bass sounds created with FM synthesis in Native Instruments Massive - an otherwise subtractive synthesizer!! This pack contains expertly crafted patches to provide all the sounds to add unparalleled depth and atmosphere to your tracks. Included are the most brilliant collection of FM basses, sounds popularized by Disclosure, Duke Dumont, The Prodigy, etc… These sounds feature FM synthesis emulated with the capabilities in Massive by routing envelope modulation to phase effects in Native Instruments. Crafted to perfection these sounds maintain a crisp transient balanced with the hollow and deep body that is the essence of these sounds. Of course the pack contains more basses, ranging from tight pluck basses with sharp transients to more booming sub bass. This pack has a plethora of patches oriented for chord sounds, such as pads, pluck, stab chord sounds and lead sounds to help recreate and reinvent all the deep inspired sounds you love and seek to invent. Of course these sounds come with macro routing to modulate and automate the timbre of the sound to dial in the sound and change over time!

This pack contains many sounds popularized by artists such that can be found in deep such as Disclosure, Duke Dumont, Animaus Kid, Majestic Casual, and tracks through channels such as Majestic Casual, Get the Sound, and Sensual Musique, etc.

This exclusive pack features the foundation of any deep track: The bass. This track has a variety of basses from the deepest of FM Basses, with intricately designed transient frequency modulation, Plucky dynamic basses, Booming love basses and everything in between.

This pack also features a variety chord sounds intended to play with polyphony to provide the rich harmonies that are essential to deep house; these sounds are designed to mesh your mix together with balanced highs and lows in all different timbres. Featuring a ton of pads, stabs, saws, organ and other sounds, these patches will contribute to the dimension of your tracks.

This pack also contains leads to add that perfect shine to the high end of your tracks. With emphasis on spatiality and dimension, these sounds are sure to add depth to your mix to really emulate the rich atmospheric needs of house.

This pack is the exclusive Deep Sounds preset pack for Native Instruments: Massive. I hope you enjoy the perfection FM Basses

Premium File Contents
Acid Bass.nmsv.nmsv
Basic Future Bass.nmsv.nmsv
Deep Bell Bass.nmsv.nmsv
Deep Boiler.nmsv.nmsv
Deep Garage.nmsv.nmsv
Deep House FM Bass.nmsv.nmsv
Deep House.nmsv.nmsv
Deep Square.nmsv.nmsv
Disclosure Infinity.nmsv.nmsv
FM Barebones.nmsv.nmsv
Omi Cheerleader.nmsv.nmsv
Plucky Bass.nmsv.nmsv
Reese Deep.nmsv.nmsv
Sub Clean.nmsv.nmsv
Sub Lay.nmsv.nmsv
Sub Why Not.nmsv.nmsv
Trance Bass.nmsv.nmsv
African Rain.nmsv.nmsv
Disclosure Infinity.nmsv.nmsv
Forever Young.nmsv.nmsv
Keys DX Love.nmsv.nmsv
Keys Lay.nmsv.nmsv
Organ Basic.nmsv.nmsv
Organ Calvin Harris.nmsv.nmsv
Organ Church Reverb.nmsv.nmsv
Organ Deep House.nmsv.nmsv
Pad Deadmau5 Analogue.nmsv.nmsv
Pad Humid Evolving.nmsv.nmsv
Pad Love Me.nmsv.nmsv
Pad ODESZA.nmsv.nmsv
Pad Rufus Sundream.nmsv.nmsv
Pad Spellbound.nmsv.nmsv
Pad Warm Brass.nmsv.nmsv
Pluck M83.nmsv.nmsv
Pluck Mau5.nmsv.nmsv
Saw GRiZ Rolling.nmsv.nmsv
Saw Orchestral.nmsv.nmsv
Saw Smooth Sailin'.nmsv.nmsv
So good to me.nmsv.nmsv
Stab Deep Haus.nmsv.nmsv
Stab Depth.nmsv.nmsv
Stab House Chords.nmsv.nmsv
Stab Math.nmsv.nmsv
Stab New Beginnings.nmsv.nmsv
Stab OceanLab.nmsv.nmsv
Stab Pusher.nmsv.nmsv
Stab Tech House.nmsv.nmsv
80's Nostalgia.nmsv.nmsv
Arp Love Me.nmsv.nmsv
Basic Casual.nmsv.nmsv
Bell Forest.nmsv.nmsv
Bell PWM.nmsv.nmsv
Bread & Butter Pluck.nmsv.nmsv
Deadmau5 Pluck.nmsv.nmsv
Flute Japanese.nmsv.nmsv
Flute Mayan.nmsv.nmsv
Pluck Kygo.nmsv.nmsv
Pluck Mau5.nmsv.nmsv
Pluck Pipeslap.nmsv.nmsv
Pluck Pop.nmsv.nmsv
Seven Lions.nmsv.nmsv
Stab Bend.nmsv.nmsv

Works with

Minimum version 1.3.0
Number of sounds 73