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OVO Future RnB V.2

Echo Sound Works is proud to bring the final instalment of the OVO Future RNB series for NI Massive and Sylenth. Volume 1 was a huge success and V.2 picks up right where it's predecessor left off.

Check out the YouTube video below to see what presets were used in the demo.

OVO Future RnB V.2 comes with 70 highly unique Massive presets custom made for genres like Future RnB, PBRNB and Hip Hop inspired by the OVO label. Think artists and producers like Drake, The Weekend, Noah 40 Shebib, Boi-1da, T-Minus, Vinylz and Mike Zombie. From huge crushing 808 sub basses to really unique and genre defining leads and even ambient pads, OVO Future RnB has it all.

These presets will also work with other genres like Chillwave, Hip Hop, RnB and Pop and even Trap.

OVO Future RnB V.2 comes with a bunch of inspiring bonus items to help you make better sounding OVO and Future RnB. The drum samples in this pack have all been custom made and are brand new samples. There are even 10 Kontakt instruments that include sounds like formant effected vocal chops. We've also included MIDI melodies that can be heard in the demo. These can be used as a learning tool or royalty free in your productions.

Here's everything that's included in the pack at a glance


  • 70 Massive Presets (8 macros assigned on nearly every preset)
  • 85 Drum Samples in WAV Format
  • 25 MIDI Files (Key and Preset Labeled)
  • 10 Sylenth Presets
  • 10 Kontakt Instruments (Version 5.5.3 and higher).

Premium File Contents
OVO Future RNB V.2.mp3.mp3
OVO Future RnB V.2.png.png
OVOV2_Clap 01.wav.wav
OVOV2_Clap 02.wav.wav
OVOV2_Clap 03.wav.wav
OVOV2_Clap 04.wav.wav
OVOV2_Clap 05.wav.wav
OVOV2_Clap 06.wav.wav
OVOV2_Clap 07.wav.wav
OVOV2_Clap 08.wav.wav
OVOV2_Clap 09.wav.wav
OVOV2_Clap 10.wav.wav
OVOV2_Closed HH 01.wav.wav
OVOV2_Closed HH 02.wav.wav
OVOV2_Closed HH 03.wav.wav
OVOV2_Closed HH 04.wav.wav
OVOV2_Closed HH 05.wav.wav
OVOV2_Closed HH 06.wav.wav
OVOV2_Closed HH 07.wav.wav
OVOV2_Closed HH 08.wav.wav
OVOV2_Closed HH 09.wav.wav
OVOV2_Closed HH 10.wav.wav
OVO Open HH 01.wav.wav
OVO Open HH 02.wav.wav
OVO Open HH 03.wav.wav
OVO Open HH 04.wav.wav
OVO Open HH 05.wav.wav
OVOV2_Open HH 01.wav.wav
OVOV2_Open HH 02.wav.wav
OVOV2_Open HH 03.wav.wav
OVOV2_Open HH 04.wav.wav
OVOV2_Open HH 05.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 01.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 02.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 03.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 04.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 05.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 06.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 07.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 08.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 09.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 10.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 11.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 12.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 13.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 14.wav.wav
OVOV2_Kick 15.wav.wav
OVOV2_Big Shaker.wav.wav
OVOV2_Dead Snare.wav.wav
OVOV2_Dusty Snare.wav.wav
OVOV2_Filtered Snare 01.wav.wav
OVOV2_Filtered Snare 02.wav.wav
OVOV2_Filtered Snare 03.wav.wav
OVOV2_Perc Slow.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snap 01.wav.wav
OVOV2_Weird Clap 01.wav.wav
OVOV2_Weird Clap 02.wav.wav
OVOV2_Short Snare 01.wav.wav
OVOV2_Short Snare 02.wav.wav
OVOV2_Short Snare 03.wav.wav
OVOV2_Short Snare 04.wav.wav
OVOV2_Short Snare 05.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 01.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 02.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 03.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 04.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 05.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 06.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 07.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 08.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 09.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 10.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 11.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 12.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 13.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 14.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 15.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 16.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 17.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 18.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 19.wav.wav
OVOV2_Snare 20.wav.wav
BS Club .nki.nki
HRN Reverse Brass.nki.nki
LD Creeps.nki.nki
PD Dark Choir.nki.nki
PL Drizzy.nki.nki
PL Vocal Boi.nki.nki
VO Breath.nki.nki
VO Ohhh 01.nki.nki
VO Ohhh 02.nki.nki
VO Ohhh 03.nki.nki
VO Ohhh 04.nki.nki
BS Careless C0.wav.wav
BS Careless C1.wav.wav
BS Careless E0.wav.wav
BS Careless E1.wav.wav
BS Careless G#0.wav.wav
HRN StaccHorn C0.wav.wav
HRN StaccHorn C1.wav.wav
HRN StaccHorn C2.wav.wav
HRN StaccHorn C3.wav.wav
HRN StaccHorn E0.wav.wav
HRN StaccHorn E1.wav.wav
HRN StaccHorn E2.wav.wav
HRN StaccHorn G#0.wav.wav
HRN StaccHorn G#1 .wav.wav
HRN StaccHorn G#2.wav.wav
LD Airz C0.wav.wav
LD Airz C1.wav.wav
LD Airz C2.wav.wav
LD Airz C3.wav.wav
LD Airz E0.wav.wav
LD Airz E1.wav.wav
LD Airz E2.wav.wav
LD Airz G#0.wav.wav
LD Airz G#1.wav.wav
LD Airz G#2.wav.wav
Dark Choir C0.wav.wav
Dark Choir C1.wav.wav
Dark Choir C2.wav.wav
Dark Choir C3.wav.wav
Dark Choir E0.wav.wav
Dark Choir E1.wav.wav
Dark Choir E2.wav.wav
Dark Choir E3.wav.wav
Dark Choir G#0.wav.wav
Dark Choir G#1.wav.wav
Dark Choir G#2.wav.wav
Dark Choir G#3.wav.wav
OVO PL Drizzy C1.wav.wav
OVO PL Drizzy C2.wav.wav
OVO PL Drizzy C3.wav.wav
OVO PL Drizzy C4.wav.wav
OVO PL Drizzy E1.wav.wav
OVO PL Drizzy E2.wav.wav
OVO PL Drizzy E3.wav.wav
OVO PL Drizzy E4.wav.wav
OVO PL Drizzy G#1.wav.wav
OVO PL Drizzy G#2.wav.wav
OVO PL Drizzy G#3.wav.wav
OVO PL Drizzy G#4.wav.wav
Voice Pluck C0.wav.wav
Voice Pluck C1.wav.wav
Voice Pluck C2.wav.wav
Voice Pluck C3.wav.wav
Voice Pluck E0.wav.wav
Voice Pluck E1.wav.wav
Voice Pluck E2.wav.wav
Voice Pluck E3.wav.wav
Voice Pluck G#0.wav.wav
Voice Pluck G#1.wav.wav
Voice Pluck G#2.wav.wav
Voice Pluck G#3.wav.wav
Dark Choir C0.wav.wav
Dark Choir C1.wav.wav
Dark Choir C2.wav.wav
Dark Choir C3.wav.wav
Dark Choir E0.wav.wav
Dark Choir E1.wav.wav
Dark Choir E2.wav.wav
Dark Choir E3.wav.wav
Dark Choir G#0.wav.wav
Dark Choir G#1.wav.wav
Dark Choir G#2.wav.wav
Dark Choir G#3.wav.wav
Cmin_808 Sub Bass.mid.mid
Cmin_BS Rambo.mid.mid
Cmin_KY Screen Shot.mid.mid
Cmin_LD Ambiose .mid.mid
Cmin_PD XOSO (As Lead).mid.mid
Dmin_808 Big and Clean.mid.mid
Dmin_BS Deep OVO.mid.mid
Dmin_Kontakt VO Ohh 04.mid.mid
Dmin_LD Bollywood.mid.mid
Dmin_LD Neglege.mid.mid
EMaj_BS Baby Go Boom.mid.mid
EMaj_KY Sunday .mid.mid
EMaj_LD Basis Up.mid.mid
Fmin_808 Wobble.mid.mid
Fmin_BS Crude.mid.mid
Fmin_BS Wide Load.mid.mid
Fmin_KY Almost a Lead.mid.mid
Fmin_KY Dis Track.mid.mid
Fmin_LD Diamonds.mid.mid
Fmin_LD Glitch System.mid.mid
Fmin_PD Deep Mode.mid.mid
Fmin_PD OXSO 02.mid.mid
Fmin_PD Sequneced Pad.mid.mid
Fmin_PD XOSO 01.mid.mid
Fmin_SYN Hot Bling.mid.mid
KY Bgizone.fxp.fxp
KY Static.fxp.fxp
LD Classic Money.fxp.fxp
LD OVO Elephant.fxp.fxp
LD OVO Whistle.fxp.fxp
LD Square OVO.fxp.fxp
LD Sylenth Whistle.fxp.fxp
PL Organ Bass .fxp.fxp
SY GuitarSynth.fxp.fxp
SYN Stacks.fxp.fxp
808 Big and Clean.nmsv.nmsv
808 Future Bass.nmsv.nmsv
808 Wobble.nmsv.nmsv
BS Baby Go Boom.nmsv.nmsv
BS Bad Breath .nmsv.nmsv
BS Bump Dat.nmsv.nmsv
BS Crude.nmsv.nmsv
BS Deep OVO.nmsv.nmsv
BS Elastic.nmsv.nmsv
BS Generator.nmsv.nmsv
BS Hisponic.nmsv.nmsv
BS Mustard OVO.nmsv.nmsv
BS Rambo 2.nmsv.nmsv
BS Rambo.nmsv.nmsv
BS Wide Load.nmsv.nmsv
KY Almost A Lead.nmsv.nmsv
KY Border Lines.nmsv.nmsv
KY Cash Money.nmsv.nmsv
KY Dark Anthems.nmsv.nmsv
KY Demons.nmsv.nmsv
KY Dis Track.nmsv.nmsv
KY Epic.nmsv.nmsv
KY Mr Jones.nmsv.nmsv
KY Screen Shot.nmsv.nmsv
KY Sunday.nmsv.nmsv
LD Ambiose .nmsv.nmsv
LD Bambino.nmsv.nmsv
LD Basis Up.nmsv.nmsv
LD Big Saws.nmsv.nmsv
LD Bollywood.nmsv.nmsv
LD Bright Saw.nmsv.nmsv
LD Dark Bell.nmsv.nmsv
LD Diamonds.nmsv.nmsv
LD Future.nmsv.nmsv
LD Ghost Town.nmsv.nmsv
LD Glitchy System.nmsv.nmsv
LD Hova.nmsv.nmsv
LD Legnd.nmsv.nmsv
LD Making Hits.nmsv.nmsv
LD Neglege .nmsv.nmsv
LD No Punch.nmsv.nmsv
LD Oh My God 01.nmsv.nmsv
LD Oh My God 02.nmsv.nmsv
LD Old School October.nmsv.nmsv
LD OVO Trumpet.nmsv.nmsv
LD Querty.nmsv.nmsv
LD Screamer.nmsv.nmsv
LD Short Notes.nmsv.nmsv
LD Time Out.nmsv.nmsv
LD VSTish.nmsv.nmsv
PD BMO Field.nmsv.nmsv
PD Cherished.nmsv.nmsv
PD Deep Mode.nmsv.nmsv
PD Emotional.nmsv.nmsv
PD Huge OVO 02.nmsv.nmsv
PD One Last Time.nmsv.nmsv
PD OVO Organ.nmsv.nmsv
PD Sequence Pad.nmsv.nmsv
PD Shuffleboard.nmsv.nmsv
PD Straight Shooter.nmsv.nmsv
PD Xoso.nmsv.nmsv
PL Darky.nmsv.nmsv
PL Drink ON.nmsv.nmsv
PL OVO Trap 02.nmsv.nmsv
PL OVO Trap.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Baby Pad.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Flapping.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Flutters Butter.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Good Chords.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Hot Bling.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Rippy Bits.nmsv.nmsv

Works with

Number of sounds 95