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Electronic Jungle Circuits

Monark soundbank consist of 102 presets, suitable for Techno, Break Beat, Hip Hop, House, listen to a demo to get the feel of it, it’s basically Jungle noises recorded on a planet Monark. Planet Monark is responsible for all noises blasting away in its jungles including drums.
Everything you hear has been done with presets included in this set, no effects whatsoever.
Set comes in a single preset and snapshot formats. Also with it a set comes a pdf with some tips on making Monark polyphonic for those interested.
​For an information on Monark please visit

102 Presets:

Bass – 34
Drums – 18
Fx – 21
Keys – 4
Lead – 20
Pad – 3
Perc – 2

All Sounds in demo are from Monark, including drums.

Premium File Contents
Electronic Jungle Circuits for NI Monark.pdf.pdf
Monark Poly How To.pdf.pdf
AInit Bass.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - 5th Order.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - A-Team.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Attack.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Bandy.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Basic Sub.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Basic.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Best Part Of Mr.Deep.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Chopsticks Lead.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - DOWN UNDER 2.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - DOWN UNDER.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Factory Bass.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Ferocious.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - General Funk.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Hollow Bitch.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - kwaak_kwaaks.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Little Bitch.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Predator.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - pURE hOUSE.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Release The Pressure.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Reso Snip.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Ripping Left Ear.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Rise & Shine.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Rise Up.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Scream.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Shorty Was Faggot.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Slow Motion Joe Linear.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Slow Motion Joe.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Staccato.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Throat or Not a Throat .nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Vibro School.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - VibyMiami.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Vo02x.nrkt.nrkt
Bass - Vox.nrkt.nrkt
Drums - Clap01.nrkt.nrkt
Drums - Clap02.nrkt.nrkt
Drums - Kick01.nrkt.nrkt
Drums - Kick02.nrkt.nrkt
Drums - Kick02a.nrkt.nrkt
Drums - Kick03.nrkt.nrkt
Drums - Kick04.nrkt.nrkt
Drums - KickSub.nrkt.nrkt
Drums - Snare01.nrkt.nrkt
Drums - Snare02.nrkt.nrkt
Drums - Snare03.nrkt.nrkt
Drums -HH01.nrkt.nrkt
Drums -HH02.nrkt.nrkt
Drums -HH03.nrkt.nrkt
Drums -HH04.nrkt.nrkt
Drums -OHH01.nrkt.nrkt
Drums -OHH02.nrkt.nrkt
Drums -OHH03.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - About To Throw it Out II.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - About To Throw it Out.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Acid Guild.nrkt.nrkt
fX - Alan's Psychedelich Breakfast.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Amped Organ.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Bubble.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Have You Ever Heard Virgin Woolf Speak.nrkt.nrkt
fX - kILLER dRUNk Bees.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Lift up.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Noise Sweep Up Pink.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Noise Sweep Up.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Reso Stairway To Hell.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Sea Waves & Wind.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Sea Waves.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - This Boy Is Gonna Be A Singer.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Throat or Not a Throat 2.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Throat or Not a Throat 3.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Throat or Not a Throat.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - UhhhUhhh.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - Whats Up Sister.nrkt.nrkt
Fx - You What.nrkt.nrkt
Keys - Crisp Beacon.nrkt.nrkt
Keys - Fields Of High.nrkt.nrkt
Keys - For Poly.nrkt.nrkt
Keys - Tangerine Dream.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - 8-bit Fraternity Goes Live.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - 8-bit Fraternity.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Cub Linear.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Cub.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Dual Personality Likes Dub.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Dual Personality.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Guitar Chords.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Hrlion.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Hrlion2.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - I'm Not Drunk Ok I'm Drunk.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - I'm Not Drunk.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Moogish.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Muncher.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Noise Your Wish.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - On a Trip.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Persons of the same Class.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Poly VintGrain.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Rockon High Brother.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - Screamish 2.nrkt.nrkt
Lead - The Big Come Out.nrkt.nrkt
Pad - Intro Riser.nrkt.nrkt
Pad - Score Feds 2.nrkt.nrkt
Pad - Under Uno Sun.nrkt.nrkt
Perc - Slap Some Reverb on.nrkt.nrkt
Perc -Cow Bell.nrkt.nrkt
Electronic Jungle Circuits for NI Monark.ssf.ssf

Works with

Minimum version 1.0
Number of sounds 102
Demo Download