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stumbl (preset banks for Ohmforce's legendary Ohmboyz)

stum·ble 'st?mb?l/
 verb 1. trip or momentarily lose one's balance; almost fall. "her foot caught a shoe and she stumbled" 
synonyms: trip (over/up), lose one's balance, lose/miss one's footing, slip "she stumbled and fell heavily" trip repeatedly as one walks. "his legs still weak, he stumbled after them" 
synonyms: stagger, totter, teeter, dodder, blunder, hobble, move clumsily "he stumbled back home" make a mistake or repeated mistakes in speaking. "she stumbled over the words" 
synonyms: stammer, stutter, hesitate, falter, speak haltingly;    informalfluff/flub one's lines "she stumbled through her speech" find or encounter by chance. "they stumbled across a farmer selling 25 acres" 
synonyms: come across/upon, chance on, happen on, bump into, light on;   

we're back to one of MY many favorite delay devices: Ohmboyz!!!   
While it may be older than some, it still offers more than most other delays: stereo delay lines, 4 tap pre-delay, lfo's (10 shapes...) to [nearly] every control knob; ... its options are inexhaustible. I have pushed the lfos this time... A LOT of interplay with square waves and delay time ratios, etc... very complex  paths 

There is a total of 22 banks in 'stumbl' (preset total= 176) 
As always, this set was inspired by the abuse of technology and the use of older and more lofi sounds/nostalgia/BOC/filmstrips of the 70's type feel... 
I am quite happy with the uneveness of some of the time/feeling from these  presets.   

I *have* provided a few audio examples to give you some idea of the  neighborhood in which these presets live ;]   
These are meant to be played... 
you will get a lot more out of them if you "play"  thru them... they do react and you will react to what comes out of the plugin...  hope this makes sense... 

Notes: as with all my favorites (it seems...) there is a bit of a proprietarty way that  the presets are treated in Ohmboyz:   

"There are eight Preset memory allocations. A group of eight Presets can be saved as a Preset-Bank to your hard disk. These Preset-Banks are multi-platform, thus enabling you to load Presets into any sequencer on any computer." 

for each Preset-Bank file that is included in the preset pack, there  are actually EIGHT (8) presets available when that bank is loaded.   I hope you enjoy these. it is a LOT of fun to come up with them ;]

in case you might still be on the fence, please- check out the demo (linked below). There are 15 more banks for free (120 presets...!!!...)

Premium File Contents
6 O'clock.pbk
BB-the newest dance craze.pbk
gentle some.pbk
get it.pbk
shifting sands.pbk
shine and ramble.pbk
sludge trudge.pbk
stakked dek.pbk
stumbl from blortblort for Ohmboyz.txt
three quarters.pbk

Works with

Minimum version 1.0
Number of sounds 176
Demo Download