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Omnisphere - GAIA

GAIA is a special project, very close to my heart, because this soundset is a poetic attempt to celebrate the beauties of our home. Since I was a kid, I've always been fascinated by the documentaries about the wild animals and amazing nature landscapes of all kinds. The sounds of nature like the wind in the trees or birds fot example have always inspired me.

So GAIA is aimed at the ambient, organic, wonderful atmospheric kind of sounds with a delicate celestial touch. Enigma and Enya or new age music fans will love them. But as we are also a part of this world, GAIA is also describing some human activities and behaviors especially through the fx and arp & rhythm Cinematic kind of patches: The sounds are then getting harsh dark and aggressive.

Library features: > 136 patches for OMNISPHERE 1 or 2 (.omni file)

Patches: > 32 Arp & Rythms > 5 Keyboards > 25 Pads & strings > 16 Fx & Noises > 48 Textures > 10 Human voices.

All patches have a wired modwheel and poetic or spiritual notes to make you dream or to meditate.

We are brothers, we are one , we are SubsonicArtz.


Great review at "This thing Rules" blog from David Rosen:


Premium File Contents
SusonicArtz GAIA manual.pdf.pdf
A&R - A taste for blood.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Breathing toxic air.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Burn all you can.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Carbon based lifeforms 2.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Carbon based lifeforms.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Digging deeper and deeper.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Drums in the deep.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Earth bass 1.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Earth bass 2.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Earth bass 3.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Earth bass 4.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Electron Ic1.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Electron Ic2.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Fishing too deep.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - I love my engine.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Just Relax.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Killing you with pleasure.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Lava heart beat.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Look at my brend new car.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Lost in paradise.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Machines of Men 2.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Machines of Men.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Magic nights.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Old tribes are gone.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Organic pulse.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Organic synthesis.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Revolving planet.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Running Mustang.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - The essence of life.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - To godmother with love.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Toxic fumes.prt_omn.prt_omn
A&R - Underground.prt_omn.prt_omn
Keyb - I gave you birth.prt_omn.prt_omn
Keyb - Seaweed lane.prt_omn.prt_omn
Keyb - Sowing the seeds of love 2.prt_omn.prt_omn
Keyb - Sowing the seeds of love.prt_omn.prt_omn
Keyb - The last frontier.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Always restart.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Anhidema alchemy.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Awareness of life.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Bella GAIA.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - DNA chain.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - From somewhere inside sky.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Frozen.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - I am a plant.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - I am always watching you.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Million lights.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Moon light my way.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Mystic meeting.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Never ending sunset.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - On the hills.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Pulsing lives.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Sail on the celestial seas.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Save the world.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Shining bright above you.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Snowflakes float from the sky.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Storm clouds are coming.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Sun rises in the west.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - The emerald forest.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - The path matters.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - The whole.prt_omn.prt_omn
PAD - Winter chill.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - Abyss.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - At death's door.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - Best regards.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - Center of the earth.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - Desolation of smog.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - Extinction of the bees.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - Glowing lights.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - High atmosphere.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - Irradiated zone.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - Irradiational.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - Lost in progress.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - Neverending Jam.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - Rest blissfully.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - The bare land.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - The cave of Hypnos.prt_omn.prt_omn
SFXN - Whales murder.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Aboriginal extinction.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - All is green.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Alpha and Omega.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Be born again.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Breathe with me.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Close to God.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Come to me.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Coral reefs are precious.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Dancing jellyfish.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Divine pulsation.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Drifting away.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Dry land.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Endless forms most beautiful.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Endless love.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Enigmatic place.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Ethereal birds.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Ethereal zone.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - First flight.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - I am everything.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Let yourself float away.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Light and shadow 2.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Light and shadow.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Light quivers upon the water.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Melting Iceberg.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Moonrays.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Mystic beauty.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Pure pure air.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Singing frogs.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Singing whales.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Slightest breeze.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Slowly drifting.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Strange clouds.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Strange landscapes.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - The all earth prays.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - The land of faeries.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - The living grain.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - The storm is over now.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - The tree of life.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - The trees are watching you.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - The world of ants.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - This mortal coil.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Through rain fall.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Ultimate peace.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Underwater love.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Unending stream.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Upon a lonely landscape.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Wave after wave.prt_omn.prt_omn
TXT - Whispering lullabies.prt_omn.prt_omn
VO - Aurora Borealis.prt_omn.prt_omn
VO - Be my guiding light.prt_omn.prt_omn
VO - Celestial call.prt_omn.prt_omn
VO - Children of GAIA.prt_omn.prt_omn
VO - Flying to the light.prt_omn.prt_omn
VO - Seed of love.prt_omn.prt_omn
VO - Spirits of the earth.prt_omn.prt_omn
VO - The last moon.prt_omn.prt_omn
VO - The last snow.prt_omn.prt_omn
VO - The lost paradise.prt_omn.prt_omn

Works with

Minimum version Omnisphere 1.5.8d
Number of sounds 136

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