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PULSE for Omnisphere

 PULSE is a collection of 175 rhythmic patches for Spectrasonics’ flagship synth, Omnisphere.

  • From orchestral and organic, to electronic and distorted, PULSE’s presets come in three flavors: Bass, Percussive, and Melodic.
  • PULSE is designed to complement your existing arsenal by making creative use of Omnisphere’s expansive soundsource library to sculpt unusual, yet practical, rhythmic sounds.
  • Suitable for a variety of genres, these sounds are a quickfire way to add customizable rhythmic and arpeggiated layers to your project.

Free download of sample presets at

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Premium File Contents
PULSE Installation & Info.pdf.pdf
Bass I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass IV.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass IX.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass V.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass VI.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass VII.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass VIII.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass X.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XI.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XII.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XIII.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XIV.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XIX.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XV.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XVI.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XVII.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XVIII.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XX.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XXI.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XXII.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XXIII.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XXIV.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XXV.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bass XXVI.prt_omn.prt_omn
Distorted Sub Riser.prt_omn.prt_omn
Helicopter Bass I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Helicopter Bass II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Sub Bass I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Sub Bass II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Sub Bass III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Atmosphere Cavern Keys.prt_omn.prt_omn
Atmosphere Diving Bell.prt_omn.prt_omn
Atmosphere Ethereal.prt_omn.prt_omn
Atmosphere Horror.prt_omn.prt_omn
Atmosphere Underworld.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bells I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bells II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bells III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bowing Rhythm II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bowing Rhythm III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bowing Rhythm.prt_omn.prt_omn
Chaos in the Pit.prt_omn.prt_omn
Distorted Growl.prt_omn.prt_omn
Distorted Shake.prt_omn.prt_omn
Distortion Alarm.prt_omn.prt_omn
Ethnic Strum.prt_omn.prt_omn
Falling Koto.prt_omn.prt_omn
Filtered Bells.prt_omn.prt_omn
Guitar I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Guitar II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Guitar Power I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Guitar Power II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Junkyard Rhythms I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Junkyard Rhythms II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Mallet Hits.prt_omn.prt_omn
Metal Strings.prt_omn.prt_omn
Music Box Fatigue.prt_omn.prt_omn
Not Strings.prt_omn.prt_omn
Omni Strum.prt_omn.prt_omn
Organ Donor.prt_omn.prt_omn
Pad Horror.prt_omn.prt_omn
Pad Pulsing Drone.prt_omn.prt_omn
Pad Shake.prt_omn.prt_omn
Pad Soft.prt_omn.prt_omn
Pad Strings Dist.prt_omn.prt_omn
Pad Strings.prt_omn.prt_omn
Pad Talking.prt_omn.prt_omn
Piano Bass Scrape.prt_omn.prt_omn
Plucked Strings.prt_omn.prt_omn
Riser Amy.prt_omn.prt_omn
Riser Distorted.prt_omn.prt_omn
Riser Drone.prt_omn.prt_omn
Static Rhythm II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Static Rhythm.prt_omn.prt_omn
Steel Drum.prt_omn.prt_omn
Strings I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Strings II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Strings III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Stuttering Pipes.prt_omn.prt_omn
Suspense Echo.prt_omn.prt_omn
Synth and Bass.prt_omn.prt_omn
Synth and Drum Arp.prt_omn.prt_omn
Synth Distorted.prt_omn.prt_omn
Synth I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Synth II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Underwater Soundscape.prt_omn.prt_omn
Vinyl Electro Static.prt_omn.prt_omn
Vinyl Static.prt_omn.prt_omn
Wind Chimes.prt_omn.prt_omn
Wind Organ.prt_omn.prt_omn
Wind Stabs.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bathtub Ensemble I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Bathtub Ensemble II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Distorted Bamboo.prt_omn.prt_omn
Factory Machinery.prt_omn.prt_omn
Grandfather Clock I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Grandfather Clock II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Grandfather Clock III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hand Drumming I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hand Drumming II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hand Drumming III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hits Bottle I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hits Dramatic I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hits Dramatic II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hits Dramatic III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hits Dramatic IV.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hits Factory I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hits Factory II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hits Factory III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hits Factory IV.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hits Light I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hits Muted.prt_omn.prt_omn
Hits Strange.prt_omn.prt_omn
Kick Bass Drum I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Kick Bass Drum II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Kick Bass Drum III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Kick Bass Drum IV.prt_omn.prt_omn
Kick Bass Drum V.prt_omn.prt_omn
Kick Bass Drum VI.prt_omn.prt_omn
Kick Bass Drum VII.prt_omn.prt_omn
Kick Bass Drum VIII.prt_omn.prt_omn
Light Hits Atmospheric.prt_omn.prt_omn
Light Metal Bells I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Light Metal Bells.prt_omn.prt_omn
Light Metal Radiator.prt_omn.prt_omn
Light Metals I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Light Metals II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Light Metals III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Light Metals IV.prt_omn.prt_omn
Light Metals V.prt_omn.prt_omn
Light Metals VI.prt_omn.prt_omn
Light Metals VII.prt_omn.prt_omn
Metallic Hits I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Metallic Hits II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Metallic Hits III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Metallic Hits IV.prt_omn.prt_omn
Metals Factory I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Metals Factory II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Metals Junkyard.prt_omn.prt_omn
Mixed Rhythm I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Mixed Rhythm II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Mixed Rhythm III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Mixed Rhythm V.prt_omn.prt_omn
Mixed Rhythm VI.prt_omn.prt_omn
Mixed Rythm IV.prt_omn.prt_omn
Noise Electro Static.prt_omn.prt_omn
Noise Hits I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Noise Hits II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Noise Radio Static.prt_omn.prt_omn
Percussion Mixed I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Percussion Mixed II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Percussion Mixed III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Percussion Mixed IV.prt_omn.prt_omn
Percussion Mixed V.prt_omn.prt_omn
Percussion Mixed VI.prt_omn.prt_omn
Percussion Mixed VII.prt_omn.prt_omn
Shaker Wet.prt_omn.prt_omn
Shakers Wet II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Shakers Wet III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Snare Drum Line I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Snare Drum Line II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Snare Hits I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Snare War I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Snare War II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Tinkers Wares I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Tomish I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Tomish II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Tomish III.prt_omn.prt_omn
Typing I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Typing II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Wood I.prt_omn.prt_omn
Wood II.prt_omn.prt_omn
Wood III.prt_omn.prt_omn

Works with

Minimum version 1.5+
Number of sounds 175