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Drum & Bass and Dubstep

The entire Xenos Dubstep and DnB collection for Rob Papen Predator, totalling 241 sounds, in both FXB and Reason Repatch formats (for use with the Reason Rack extension version of Predator).  With 128 basses, plus over a hundred more sounds in other categories, you'll have everthing you need to start cranking out some serious dubstep and drum & bass tunes.  It's all here:  Aggressive wobble basses, searing reese basses, drops, growls, subs, powerful leads, emotive pads, synths and sound effects.

About the Producer:

Bryan 'Xenos' Lee has worked as a sound designer for such companies as Native Instruments, Cakewalk, U-he, Rop Papen Inspiration Soundware, ReFX, Camel Audio, Image-Line and many more.  His work is found in the factory presets of such synths as Z3ta 2, Alchemy, Gladiator, Punch, Toxic Biohazard, Scanned Synth Pro 2, Chipsounds, Hive, D.I.V.A., etc.   He is also very active in developing his own brand, Xenos Soundworks.

Premium File Contents
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VST AU Xenos Dubstep and DnB All-In-One Part A.fxb.fxb
VST AU Xenos Dubstep and DnB All-In-One Part B.fxb.fxb
BA Analog Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Anarchist.repatch.repatch
BA Angry Hornets.repatch.repatch
BA Angry Wobble.repatch.repatch
BA Armageddon Dub.repatch.repatch
BA Atlantis.repatch.repatch
BA B tchin' Reese.repatch.repatch
BA Badd Boyz.repatch.repatch
BA Bass Twista.repatch.repatch
BA Blazing Pulsewave.repatch.repatch
BA Bloodbath.repatch.repatch
BA Blown Cones.repatch.repatch
BA Broken Reese.repatch.repatch
BA Bubble Bass.repatch.repatch
BA Burn the 303.repatch.repatch
BA Burning Rubber.repatch.repatch
BA Buzztronic.repatch.repatch
BA Chatterbox Wobble.repatch.repatch
BA Chemical Wobble.repatch.repatch
BA Classic Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Conformist.repatch.repatch
BA Darkside.repatch.repatch
BA Devil Plays Primus.repatch.repatch
BA Digital Reese.repatch.repatch
BA DistoMIDI.repatch.repatch
BA Doom and Bass.repatch.repatch
BA Dope A Reese.repatch.repatch
BA Dr Crusher.repatch.repatch
BA Drum N Bass Wobbler.repatch.repatch
BA Dubstep Wow 1.repatch.repatch
BA Dubstep Wow 2.repatch.repatch
BA Dubstep Wow 3.repatch.repatch
BA Elektrosub.repatch.repatch
BA Evil Reese.repatch.repatch
BA Exploding Heads.repatch.repatch
BA Extrusion.repatch.repatch
BA Flanged Reese.repatch.repatch
BA Freakshow.repatch.repatch
BA Fuzzy Reese.repatch.repatch
BA Goosebumps.repatch.repatch
BA Gorefest.repatch.repatch
BA Heat Death.repatch.repatch
BA Higher Ground.repatch.repatch
BA Hollow Bass.repatch.repatch
BA Hoover From Hell!.repatch.repatch
BA Hotrod.repatch.repatch
BA I Lub Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Insane Ramblings.repatch.repatch
BA Inspired By A Fart.repatch.repatch
BA Jake's Bass.repatch.repatch
BA Krypton Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Legalized Robbery.repatch.repatch
BA Lo-Fi Reese.repatch.repatch
BA Logik Machine.repatch.repatch
BA Manical Dubstep.repatch.repatch
BA Meaty Sine.repatch.repatch
BA Middle Man Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Midrange Wobbler.repatch.repatch
BA Modulation Madness.repatch.repatch
BA Molten Tin.repatch.repatch
BA Mondo Reese.repatch.repatch
BA Monolith Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Morphin' Modwheel.repatch.repatch
BA Mutated Bees.repatch.repatch
BA Nervous Twitch.repatch.repatch
BA Ninjitsu.repatch.repatch
BA Nympho.repatch.repatch
BA Nyquist Reese.repatch.repatch
BA Oil Spill.repatch.repatch
BA Old Skool.repatch.repatch
BA Oldschool Influence.repatch.repatch
BA On The Tweak (MW+AT).repatch.repatch
BA Phat Dub.repatch.repatch
BA Pimp Slap.repatch.repatch
BA Pleasingly Plump.repatch.repatch
BA Plutonium.repatch.repatch
BA Power Wobble.repatch.repatch
BA Powerslam.repatch.repatch
BA Profanity.repatch.repatch
BA Pro-War Dub.repatch.repatch
BA Psychotic Dubstep.repatch.repatch
BA Pulse-X.repatch.repatch
BA Purple Slime.repatch.repatch
BA Rebels.repatch.repatch
BA Rectal Noise.repatch.repatch
BA Red And Gold.repatch.repatch
BA Reese From Hell.repatch.repatch
BA Roaring Reese.repatch.repatch
BA Roboduck.repatch.repatch
BA Robot Wobbler.repatch.repatch
BA Rythmic Reese.repatch.repatch
BA Sanitarium.repatch.repatch
BA Screeching Banshee.repatch.repatch
BA Scrub the Bits.repatch.repatch
BA Shiva The Destroyer.repatch.repatch
BA Signature Wobble.repatch.repatch
BA Sinking Fast.repatch.repatch
BA Skid Row.repatch.repatch
BA Skin And Bones.repatch.repatch
BA Slo Mo Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Sloppy Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Smooth Wobble.repatch.repatch
BA Splitting Image.repatch.repatch
BA Stealth Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Steel Wobble.repatch.repatch
BA Stench Of Rot.repatch.repatch
BA Step Down.repatch.repatch
BA Stereo Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Stigma.repatch.repatch
BA Subpocalypse.repatch.repatch
BA Tattered Rags.repatch.repatch
BA ThreeOne.repatch.repatch
BA Tinnitus Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Trashcan Bass.repatch.repatch
BA Turning Point.repatch.repatch
BA Use MIDI Controls 2.repatch.repatch
BA Use MIDI Controls.repatch.repatch
BA Velociswell.repatch.repatch
BA Vertigo Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Virtual Particles.repatch.repatch
BA Warplane Wobble.repatch.repatch
BA Wobble 1 - Use P Bend.repatch.repatch
BA Wobble 2 - Use P Bend.repatch.repatch
BA Wobble 3 - Use P Bend.repatch.repatch
BA Wobble Duet.repatch.repatch
BA Wowzers.repatch.repatch
BA X-Fade Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Xub Bass.repatch.repatch
AR Floodgates.repatch.repatch
CH Cluster Stabs.repatch.repatch
CH Dub Chord 1 (min).repatch.repatch
CH Glitchy Chord Stabs.repatch.repatch
CH Psychedelics.repatch.repatch
DR C=64 Kick.repatch.repatch
DR C=64 Snare.repatch.repatch
FX 8-Bit Hits.repatch.repatch
FX Alien Girl.repatch.repatch
FX Arsonist.repatch.repatch
FX Brainwashed.repatch.repatch
FX Databent Drone.repatch.repatch
FX E.T. Phones Home.repatch.repatch
FX Fade To Black.repatch.repatch
FX Ice Drops.repatch.repatch
FX Information Overload.repatch.repatch
FX Levitation.repatch.repatch
FX Mental LFO.repatch.repatch
FX Psyfarts.repatch.repatch
FX rekaerB dniM ehT.repatch.repatch
FX Slow Down.repatch.repatch
FX Space Madness.repatch.repatch
FX Switch It On.repatch.repatch
FX Transition Hit .repatch.repatch
KB Dirty Organ.repatch.repatch
KB Dub Wurly.repatch.repatch
KB Imprint.repatch.repatch
KB Liquid Keys.repatch.repatch
LD Analog Pizzi.repatch.repatch
LD Angry Whiner.repatch.repatch
LD Atlantis.repatch.repatch
LD Atmo5ths.repatch.repatch
LD Bad Trip.repatch.repatch
LD Biting Blue.repatch.repatch
LD Bleepy.repatch.repatch
LD Cats On Acid.repatch.repatch
LD Coarse Ground.repatch.repatch
LD Coldfire.repatch.repatch
LD Cop An Attitude.repatch.repatch
LD Crybaby.repatch.repatch
LD Deathstalker.repatch.repatch
LD Dub Calliope.repatch.repatch
LD Dub Sweet Dub.repatch.repatch
LD Dubsaws.repatch.repatch
LD Electricity.repatch.repatch
LD Filth.repatch.repatch
LD Flashback.repatch.repatch
LD Funkstep.repatch.repatch
LD Gary's Lead.repatch.repatch
LD Gritty.repatch.repatch
LD Hash Brick Dub.repatch.repatch
LD Keep it Simple.repatch.repatch
LD Knockout Punch.repatch.repatch
LD Lo-Fi Gangsta Whine.repatch.repatch
LD Mecha Swell.repatch.repatch
LD Metallic Lead.repatch.repatch
LD Meth Mouth.repatch.repatch
LD Mushroom Soup.repatch.repatch
LD Nintendub.repatch.repatch
LD Raspy .repatch.repatch
LD Rubbery Lead.repatch.repatch
LD Saw V.repatch.repatch
LD Sawcutter.repatch.repatch
LD Skream Real Loud.repatch.repatch
LD Sonic Soup.repatch.repatch
LD Stacked SIDs.repatch.repatch
LD Stinging Highs.repatch.repatch
LD Techstep Hoover.repatch.repatch
LD Teh Tarnce Dub.repatch.repatch
LD Two Track SID.repatch.repatch
LD Uranium.repatch.repatch
PD Black Void.repatch.repatch
PD Deep Blue Sea.repatch.repatch
PD Descent.repatch.repatch
PD Dreamweaver.repatch.repatch
PD Fearmonger.repatch.repatch
PD Fifth Dimension.repatch.repatch
PD Fountain Of Youth.repatch.repatch
PD Frayed Nerves.repatch.repatch
PD Futurist.repatch.repatch
PD Groovin' LFOs.repatch.repatch
PD Machine Intelligence.repatch.repatch
PD Macrograins.repatch.repatch
PD Malicious Intent.repatch.repatch
PD Missing Link.repatch.repatch
PD Night Skyline.repatch.repatch
PD Ones And Zeros.repatch.repatch
PD Opium.repatch.repatch
PD Paranoia.repatch.repatch
PD Peyote.repatch.repatch
PD Phantom Pain.repatch.repatch
PD Phigure's Pad.repatch.repatch
PD Polycopter.repatch.repatch
PD Red Sauce.repatch.repatch
PD Rivers of Gold.repatch.repatch
PD Rusted Machinery.repatch.repatch
PD Shattered Glass.repatch.repatch
PD Space Bugs.repatch.repatch
PD Steel Forests.repatch.repatch
PD Steel Ghost.repatch.repatch
PD Submerged.repatch.repatch
PD Tetraspace Crystals.repatch.repatch
PD The Morgue.repatch.repatch
PD Whales On Acid.repatch.repatch
PD White Diamonds.repatch.repatch
PD Wondervox.repatch.repatch
SY Circuit Bent Kasio.repatch.repatch
SY Dub-Fu.repatch.repatch
SY Ethnos.repatch.repatch
SY Hit The Breaks.repatch.repatch
SY Junglist Bellsynth.repatch.repatch
SY Mind Games.repatch.repatch
SY Modwheel Dubsynth.repatch.repatch

Works with

Minimum version 1.6
Number of sounds 241

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