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'Platinum Pop' for Predator VSTi and Reason RE

"Platinum Pop" contains 100 meticulously designed patches aimed at commercial Electro, Hip Hop, Breakbeat and House producers looking to make their next big hit. Also included is the Reason RePatch version for the Reason RE users.

Premium File Contents
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Predator - Platinum Pop.fxb.fxb
BA Bass Stabs.repatch.repatch
BA Crunkstep.repatch.repatch
BA Deep Saw.repatch.repatch
BA Electro Bass 1.repatch.repatch
BA Electro Bass 2.repatch.repatch
BA Electro Bass 3.repatch.repatch
BA Electro Bass 4.repatch.repatch
BA Electro Bass 5.repatch.repatch
BA Electro Bass 6.repatch.repatch
BA Gotta Have An 808.repatch.repatch
BA Hip Hip Bass.repatch.repatch
BA Hip Hop Sub.repatch.repatch
BA I'm a Head Busta'.repatch.repatch
BA Judgement.repatch.repatch
BA Liquid Sub.repatch.repatch
BA Midrange Boost.repatch.repatch
BA Red Haus.repatch.repatch
BA Scorpio.repatch.repatch
BA Sidechain Me.repatch.repatch
BA Small Speakers.repatch.repatch
BA Techno Bass.repatch.repatch
BA Wet Analog.repatch.repatch
CH Klub Kordz.repatch.repatch
CH Rough Cut.repatch.repatch
Default 100.repatch.repatch
Default 101.repatch.repatch
Default 102.repatch.repatch
Default 103.repatch.repatch
Default 104.repatch.repatch
Default 105.repatch.repatch
Default 106.repatch.repatch
Default 107.repatch.repatch
Default 108.repatch.repatch
Default 109.repatch.repatch
Default 110.repatch.repatch
Default 111.repatch.repatch
Default 112.repatch.repatch
Default 113.repatch.repatch
Default 114.repatch.repatch
Default 115.repatch.repatch
Default 116.repatch.repatch
Default 117.repatch.repatch
Default 118.repatch.repatch
Default 119.repatch.repatch
Default 120.repatch.repatch
Default 121.repatch.repatch
Default 122.repatch.repatch
Default 123.repatch.repatch
Default 124.repatch.repatch
Default 125.repatch.repatch
Default 126.repatch.repatch
Default 127.repatch.repatch
Default 128.repatch.repatch
Default 81.repatch.repatch
Default 82.repatch.repatch
Default 83.repatch.repatch
Default 84.repatch.repatch
Default 85.repatch.repatch
Default 86.repatch.repatch
Default 87.repatch.repatch
Default 88.repatch.repatch
Default 89.repatch.repatch
Default 90.repatch.repatch
Default 91.repatch.repatch
Default 92.repatch.repatch
Default 93.repatch.repatch
Default 94.repatch.repatch
Default 95.repatch.repatch
Default 96.repatch.repatch
Default 97.repatch.repatch
Default 98.repatch.repatch
Default 99.repatch.repatch
FX Efrain's Riser.repatch.repatch
FX Faulty Logic.repatch.repatch
FX FM Bass Drop.repatch.repatch
FX High Rise.repatch.repatch
FX Jelly Wiggle.repatch.repatch
FX Laser Hits.repatch.repatch
FX Play Some Notes.repatch.repatch
FX Robobirds.repatch.repatch
FX Sidechain Transition.repatch.repatch
FX UFO Landing.repatch.repatch
FX zzZZOOMMmm!.repatch.repatch
KB Dirty Hammy.repatch.repatch
KB Funky Rhodes.repatch.repatch
LD Analog 2011.repatch.repatch
LD Clowning Around.repatch.repatch
LD Controlled Chaos.repatch.repatch
LD CZ Stack.repatch.repatch
LD Detuner Mod.repatch.repatch
LD Electrovox.repatch.repatch
LD Expanse.repatch.repatch
LD Funky FM .repatch.repatch
LD Gangsta Whistle.repatch.repatch
LD Migraine.repatch.repatch
LD Nu Buzz.repatch.repatch
LD Party Rocker .repatch.repatch
LD Portamento Strings.repatch.repatch
LD Semihoover.repatch.repatch
LD Silky Slapback.repatch.repatch
LD Singing Bees.repatch.repatch
LD Slurpy Rez.repatch.repatch
LD Syrup.repatch.repatch
LD Toothy Square.repatch.repatch
LD Velcro.repatch.repatch
LD Violinccordion.repatch.repatch
LD Wasn't Us.repatch.repatch
PD Early 80s Electro .repatch.repatch
PD Ethereal Men's Choir.repatch.repatch
PD Fairy Dust.repatch.repatch
PD Space Station.repatch.repatch
PD Square Pad.repatch.repatch
PD String Cheese.repatch.repatch
SY 80s Electro Arp Food.repatch.repatch
SY 80s Wah Brass.repatch.repatch
SY Bliss.repatch.repatch
SY Classic Ana Poly.repatch.repatch
SY Dirty South Keys.repatch.repatch
SY Dreamy Marimba.repatch.repatch
SY Ethnosynth.repatch.repatch
SY Funky Synth Brass.repatch.repatch
SY Halogen.repatch.repatch
SY Helium.repatch.repatch
SY Plucksynth 1.repatch.repatch
SY Plucksynth 2.repatch.repatch
SY Snowcones.repatch.repatch
SY Sweet Bells.repatch.repatch

Works with

Minimum version 1.6
Number of sounds 80

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