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Future Sounds for Razor Vol. 1 - Lead Synths & FX

Future Sounds for Razor Vol. 1 is the first in a series that brings you top shelf retro-future, sci-fi and cutting edge lead and FX sounds for Razor. Each patch is professionally programmed for maximum impact, flexibility and usability by OhmLab. This preset collection consists of 14 lead synths and 14 FX synths that will inspire you and your fans alike.

Future Sounds for Razor Vol. 1 pushes the boundaries of what you can do with Razor, and these sounds are not like any others you will find elsewhere. Truly unique and original synths, for your original productions. OhmLab has embraced the forward thinking design of this additive synth and programmed 28 of the finest lead and FX sounds with some serious attention to detail.

The demo audio features some, but not all, of the presets in the collection and there is no processing applied to any of the sounds–no EQ, compression, etc. So what you hear is what you get!



Premium File Contents
About OhmLab.rtf.rtf
Future Sounds for Razor Vol 1.rtf.rtf
Future Sounds Vol 1 OHMLAB.png.png
License_Read It.rtf.rtf
Androids Do Dream OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Battle Drums OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Bionic Rubber OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Bubble Scanner OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Engines Online OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Future Phone OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Horror Stabs OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Incoming Transmissions OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Kettle Drums OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Lazer Drop OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Retro Science OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Seek and Destroy OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Sonor Drop OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Warp Glitch OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Acid Bubbles OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Bionic OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Bronze Bells OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Constellations OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Crystal Clear OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Cutting Edge OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Formant Lead OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Future Mallets OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Harmonic Pulse OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Landing Pad OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Lazer Chop OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Muted Dissonance OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Robot Assassin OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt
Whistling Saw OHMLAB.nrkt.nrkt

Works with

Minimum version .nrkt
Number of sounds 28