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Original Sound set for Razor 1.5 with MASSIVE and sinister sound. Covers such genres as: DnB, Dubstep, Modern EDM and IDM. Details (90 Patches): 9 Abstract Instants. 17 Bass / Solo Growls 37 Wobbles / Motion Growls 11 Leads 7 Textures / Pads 8 "Pre-Drop" Sliders 1 Sequence

Please note,  that this product require Native instruments Razor 1.5

Premium File Contents
Cover Art.jpg.jpg
[ai] Deaf Tones.nrkt.nrkt
[ai] Fairy Dust.nrkt.nrkt
[ai] Heat Toms.nrkt.nrkt
[ai] Hermit Xilofone.nrkt.nrkt
[ai] Ibiza Sunrise.nrkt.nrkt
[ai] Insecureity.nrkt.nrkt
[ai] Midnight Flames.nrkt.nrkt
[ai] Reminisce.nrkt.nrkt
[ai] Retrospection.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Bleak Forms.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Bonfire.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Breakdown.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Burning Rubber.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Crust.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Deep Pressure.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Distending Toxin.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Firewall.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Latency.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Parabola.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Phase Shift.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Pinch.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Rusty Cabinet.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Snake Bite.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Subatomic Level.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Venom Spit.nrkt.nrkt
[bs] Zero Signal.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Apocalypse.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Ardor.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Bhut Jolokia.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Blood Drain.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Burning Up.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Cold Scalpel.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Corrosion.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Crossing Beams.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Devils Chord Sync.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Devils Chord.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Discharge.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Falling.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Framed Obesity.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Grinder.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Heatwave.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Hellriser.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Hurracaine.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Incisions.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Infernal Breeze.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Magneto.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Metal Jacket.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Oil Soaked.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Quantum Leap Wide.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Quantum Leap.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Radial Wipe.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Rapid Recoil Wide.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Rapid Recoil.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Rapid Retractor.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Stodgy Beef.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Stratosphere.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Subatomic.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Supercharger.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Swelling.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Swinger.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Underwater.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] White Foam.nrkt.nrkt
[dm] Winding Fire.nrkt.nrkt
[ld] Ashes to Ashes.nrkt.nrkt
[ld] Battery Leak.nrkt.nrkt
[ld] Bhut Jolokia.nrkt.nrkt
[ld] Eruption.nrkt.nrkt
[ld] Hyperdyne.nrkt.nrkt
[ld] Isodelic.nrkt.nrkt
[ld] Raging Fire.nrkt.nrkt
[ld] Saturation Leak.nrkt.nrkt
[ld] Slim Phase.nrkt.nrkt
[ld] Square Comb.nrkt.nrkt
[ld] Synchro.nrkt.nrkt
[pd] Aurora.nrkt.nrkt
[pd] Descent Lushnes.nrkt.nrkt
[pd] Thermal Limits.nrkt.nrkt
[sc] Descending.nrkt.nrkt
[sc] Diminished Metals.nrkt.nrkt
[sc] Metal Bowing.nrkt.nrkt
[sc] Recognition.nrkt.nrkt
[sd] Carcinoma.nrkt.nrkt
[sd] Cold Collapse.nrkt.nrkt
[sd] Damnation Pit.nrkt.nrkt
[sd] Disperse.nrkt.nrkt
[sd] Pit Ripper.nrkt.nrkt
[sd] Saturn Gravity.nrkt.nrkt
[sd] Scraching Porcalain.nrkt.nrkt
[sd] Tectonic Displace.nrkt.nrkt
[se] Styx River Ride.nrkt.nrkt

Works with

Minimum version 1.5
Number of sounds 90

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