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Razor: Best of 2014 Premium Presets


What's included:

4 Deep Atmospheres

8 Hot Basses

11 Glorious Melodics

Not included in the pack from the preview clip: all percussion, strings, risers, and one small default Native Instruments preset near the very end.

All other sounds were made with the original patches in this pack.

Razor: Best of 2014 is unlike any other preset pack. It wasn't made as a sound design pack, it was made to create unique and hard-hitting tracks. These are the 23 best Razor patches, distilled from hundreds made over the course of a year as part of my quest to learn the ins-and-outs of energetic drum & bass and electro production inspired by the likes of Savant, OVERWERK, KOAN Sound, and Noisia.

I've taken lessons with the most forward-thinking sound designers like Frequent, combed through hundreds of sound design tutorials from producers like Seamless, and scoured interviews with unique artists like The M Machine (who use Razor for most of their leads) to unlock Razor's true potential. This suite of presets is the result of that knowledge combined with hundreds of literal hours of experimentation and iteration within the synth.

The four atmospheres are able to invoke a variety of cinematic moods and environments, while the eight bass patches bring gut-wrenching punch without any of the overdone growls you'll get with other preset packs. Most importantly, the 11 melodic patches with three subsets (super saw, pad, stab) will carry your compositions to the serene edges of our galaxy or hard-hitting dance floors out of the box. Composed and mixed properly, these could fuel a thousand diverse drum and bass or electro tracks.

Your personal guarantee: if you aren't completely satisfied with the presets in this track, contact me and we can sit down over Google Hangout and I'll work out any issues you're having getting the sound you want. EVEN THEN if you're not feeling it and hate every patch, I'll personally refund your money via PayPal. I'm available over or on Twitter @TJWaldorf.

Unlock the best Razor presets of 2014 and bring your production to the next level today.

Requires Razor 1.5.

Premium File Contents
Razor - Best of 2014 Preview Clips.mp3.mp3
Read Me & FAQ.txt.txt
Atmo_Space Contact Zapper.nrkt.nrkt
Atmo_Spirit Signal.nrkt.nrkt
Bass_Bouncing Strobe Rifle.nrkt.nrkt
Bass_Hot Stab.nrkt.nrkt
Bass_Hydrated Pulse.nrkt.nrkt
Bass_OceanElectricity(AutoFilter and Verb).nrkt.nrkt
Melody_Cryo Elves.nrkt.nrkt
Melody_Cyber Elves.nrkt.nrkt
Melody_Karma Bells.nrkt.nrkt
Melody_Mirror Stab Highlights.nrkt.nrkt
Melody_Mirror Stab Low.nrkt.nrkt
Melody_Mirror Stab Main.nrkt.nrkt
Melody_Overloaded Saw_Middle.nrkt.nrkt
Melody_Overloaded Saw_Stereo.nrkt.nrkt

Works with

Minimum version 1.5
Number of sounds 23
Demo Download