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Patchmaker proudly presents the “INDIGO – Synthwave BUNDLE” with over 340 presets ready to use.


These specially selected products have been grouped into one singular purchase which will ensure that producers have every sound needed to create their Synthwave, Darksynth or Retro Darkwave hit!


Inside expect to find future 80s leads, lush chords, dark basses, beautiful pads and so much more.


This Synthwave BUNDLE includes four products with professionally designed patches for Serum and RC-20 Retro Color.


In detail expect to find 292 Serum presets, 50 RC-20 Retro Color presets and also 23 bonus MIDI files that were used in the demo. This sound pack will surely help you to take creativity to the next level!


Check the demo and get your copy of “INDIGO – Synthwave BUNDLE” today!


The following products are included in this collection:


Synthwave III for Serum

Darksynth II for Serum

Synthwave for RC-20 Retro Color

AGONY for Serum


Bundle Contains:


Synthwave III for Serum:


27 Lead

17 Key

13 Syn

5 Pluck

16 Bass

11 Pad

3 Seq

2 Gate


1 Wobble

4 macros on every preset

12 Bonus MIDI



Darksynth II for Serum:


25 Leads

11 Keys

15 Synth

23 Bass

3 Bell

12 Pads

6 Pluck

5 Sequence


4 Macros on every preset

11 Bonus MIDI



AGONY for Serum:


5 Lead presets

14 Syn presets

10 Pad presets

16 Bass presets

8 Seq presets

2 Key presets

14 SFX presets

7 Wobble presets


4 macros on every preset



Synthwave for RC-20 Retro Color:


50 RC-20 Retro Color presets

Minimum version Latest version of Serum and RC-20 Retrocolor
Number of sounds 365


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