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True Trance Sounds Vol.7 for Repro1/5

True Trance Sounds Vol.7 for Repro1/5 comes with a 150 presets, uniting past, present and future of sound technologies.
36 Repro1 and Repro5 bass sounds will give you all that you wanted to have for doing warm, massive and analog sounding of your composition. Of course we completed it with full range of Leads and Pluck presets and now we go further! This bank contains 12 deep Repro Kicks, 22 Loops, claps, HiHats and overall around 40 Drum sounds, more than 10 different wooshes and big pack of unique fx’s.
In one word, this bank has everything to create a full-fledged track with only Repro synth! For the full conviction of this, just look at the demo track, created entirely from Repro sounds and you will be surprised that this is real.
Full bank includes 100 sounds from Repro1 and 50 patches for Repro5. This can fully complete your requirements to a sound library that you need.

Premium File Contents
./Repro1 presets:
AC Born In 96.h2p
BA Bass Wave.h2p
BA Bodzin Kick .h2p
BA Club Blade Z.h2p
BA Clubber M.h2p
BA Clubber.h2p
BA DX7.h2p
BA Dark Days.h2p
BA Dark Drive.h2p
BA Deep State.h2p
BA Dmodel 2.h2p
BA Dmodel.h2p
BA Heart WBeat.h2p
BA Kick 1.h2p
BA Kick 1.h2p.bak
BA Kick 1.h2p.bak1
BA Kick 2.h2p
BA Kick 3.h2p
BA Kickbass 2.h2p
BA Kickbass.h2p
BA Lacid V.h2p
BA Lacid.h2p
BA Lazerbass.h2p
BA Mooger.h2p
BA Power Of Repro 1.h2p
BA Powersaw.h2p
BA Retro Dino.h2p
BA Rev Da.h2p
BA Saw .h2p
BA Suppa Deep.h2p
BA Warm.h2p
BA Warman.h2p
BA Wector.h2p
BA Woble Bon.h2p
BA Worlord.h2p
DR Clap Loop.h2p
DR Drum Loops 1.h2p
DR Drum Loops 10.h2p
DR Drum Loops 11.h2p
DR Drum Loops 12.h2p
DR Drum Loops 13.h2p
DR Drum Loops 14.h2p
DR Drum Loops 15.h2p
DR Drum Loops 2.h2p
DR Drum Loops 3.h2p
DR Drum Loops 4.h2p
DR Drum Loops 5.h2p
DR Drum Loops 6.h2p
DR Drum Loops 7.h2p
DR Drum Loops 8.h2p
DR Drum Loops 9.h2p
DR Hihats Loops.h2p
DR Kick 2.h2p
DR Kick Me.h2p
DR Robotnik Made.h2p
DR Techno Dancer 1.h2p
DR Techno Dancer 2.h2p
DR Techno Dancer 3.h2p
DR Techno Dancer 4.h2p
DR Techno Dancer 5.h2p
FX Dark TV.h2p
FX Echo.h2p
FX Space Drops.h2p
FX Speed Heart.h2p
FX Tewey.h2p
FX Transforms.h2p
FX Trow.h2p
FX Water Drops.h2p
FX Wrong Lead.h2p
FX Zagreb Lights.h2p
LD Caw .h2p
LD Caw 2.h2p
LD Harmon' .h2p
LD Harmon' .h2p.bak
LD Lost Your Love M.h2p
LD Lost Your Love V.h2p
LD Lost Your Love.h2p
LD Love Tne Dist.h2p
LD Old Sky.h2p
LD Panoramic Repro 2.h2p
LD Panoramic Repro 2.h2p.bak
LD Panoramic Repro 2.h2p.bak1
LD Panoramic Repro.h2p
LD Powersaw 2.h2p
LD Powersaw.h2p
LD Reverevers.h2p
LD Scrage.h2p
LD Some Tijs M.h2p
LD This Is What I Call True Trance.h2p
LD Tijs Verwest 2.h2p
LD Tijs Verwest.h2p
LD Trambon .h2p
LD Trambon .h2p.bak
LD Trambon M.h2p
LD Trance Changing 2.h2p
LD Trance Changing.h2p
LD Unique.h2p
PD Talking.h2p
PL Air7.h2p
PLK Antaigo.h2p
PLK Bels Lfo .h2p
PLK Cosmic Gate.h2p
PLK Retro Memories.h2p
PLK Survive.h2p
PLK True Pluck.h2p
Waky Mx.h2p
./Repro5 presets:
ACID Basic.h2p
BA Sebro.h2p
BA Wametall.h2p
CL Clap Woosh M .h2p
CL Clap Woosh M.h2p
CL Clap Wooshs 1.h2p
CL Clap Wooshs 2.h2p
DR Clappy 2.h2p
DR Clappy.h2p
DR Clock.h2p
DR Drumming Dark.h2p
DR Kick SL 2.h2p
DR Kick SL.h2p
DR Psy Kick 1.h2p
DR Snare 1.h2p
FX Dark Earth.h2p
FX Fooshes.h2p
FX Mozer.h2p
FX Sara.h2p
FX Scare Thing.h2p
FX Scarthing.h2p
FX Tuwtan.h2p
KI Kick Wooshes 1.h2p
KI Kick Wooshes 2.h2p
LD Das Iz 2022.h2p
LD DistAnt Dream.h2p
LD H&H .h2p
LD H&H 2.h2p
LD H&H 2.h2p.bak
LD Limans.h2p
LD MLove.h2p
LD Man Of The Chords.h2p
LD Retromoovie.h2p
LD Rich Lead.h2p
LD Silent Massive.h2p
LD Very Aggressive Man.h2p
LD Violet Dream.h2p
LD Violet.h2p
LD Zara.h2p
PD Bassmde3.h2p
PD Ocean.h2p
PD Space Supersaw .h2p
PLK Das Iz 2021.h2p
PLK Lecyo Mod.h2p
PLK Lecyo.h2p
PLK Monstik.h2p
PLK Retro Thing.h2p
PLK Secret Of The Space.h2p
PLK So Sorry.h2p
PLK Syrian Chill.h2p
PLK Wonder.h2p

Works with

Minimum version 1.0
Number of sounds 150