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Trance Retrology for Repro-1 Synthesizer

'Trance Retrology For Repro-1' is an authentic and raw analogue soundbank for U-he Repro-1.

 The sound that comes out of this synth is distinctive and rich, with a full low end and crisp highs, the oscillators and filters are packed with an authentic retro character analogue sound. This product features a bank of 64 powerful and modern presets that push the boundaries of analogue mono-synths. You'll find Trance analogue character sequences, leads, analogue basses and melodic Trance character sequences. These sounds are suitable for any genre of electronic music including EDM, Trance, Dance, Progressive, House, Techno and more. Product Details: • 64 Analogue Character Presets for Repro-1• Bass, Leads & Trance Character Sequences• Modwheel Assigned• 100% Royalty-Free


Premium File Contents
./Trance Retrology Repro-1:
Jk Acid 01.h2p
Jk Acid 02.h2p
Jk Acid 03.h2p
Jk Acid 04.h2p
Jk Acid 05.h2p
Jk Acid 06.h2p
Jk Bass 01.h2p
Jk Bass 02.h2p
Jk Bass 03.h2p
Jk Bass 04.h2p
Jk Bass 05.h2p
Jk Bass 06.h2p
Jk Bass 07.h2p
Jk Bass 08.h2p
Jk Bass 09.h2p
Jk Bass 10.h2p
Jk Bass 11.h2p
Jk Bass 12.h2p
Jk Lead 01.h2p
Jk Lead 02.h2p
Jk Lead 03.h2p
Jk Lead 04.h2p
Jk Lead 05.h2p
Jk Lead 06.h2p
Jk Lead 07.h2p
Jk Lead 09.h2p
Jk Lead 10.h2p
Jk Lead 11.h2p
Jk Lead 12.h2p
Jk Lead 13.h2p
Jk Lead 15.h2p
Jk Lead 16.h2p
Jk Sequence 01.h2p
Jk Sequence 02.h2p
Jk Sequence 03.h2p
Jk Sequence 04.h2p
Jk Sequence 05.h2p
Jk Sequence 06.h2p
Jk Sequence 07.h2p
Jk Sequence 08.h2p
Jk Sequence 09.h2p
Jk Sequence 10.h2p
Jk Sequence 11.h2p
Jk Sequence 12.h2p
Jk Sequence 13.h2p
Jk Sequence 14.h2p
Jk Sequence 15.h2p
Jk Sequence 16.h2p
Jk Sequence 17.h2p
Jk Sequence 18.h2p
Jk Sequence 19.h2p
Jk Sequence 20.h2p
Jk Sequence 21.h2p
Jk Sequence 22.h2p
Jk Sequence 23.h2p
Jk Sequence 24.h2p
Jk Sequence 25.h2p
Jk Sequence 26.h2p
Jk Sequence 27.h2p
Jk Sequence 28.h2p
Jk Sequence 29.h2p
Jk Stab.h2p
Jk lead 08.h2p
Jk lead 14.h2p

Works with

Minimum version 1.0
Number of sounds 64