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Trance Retrology Vol.2 For Repro-1

'Trance Retrology Vol.2 For Repro-1' is an authentic and raw analogue soundbank for U-he Repro-1.

The sound that comes out of this synth is distinctive and rich, with a full low end and crisp highs, the oscillators and filters are packed with an authentic retro character analogue sound.

This product features a bank of 64 powerful and modern presets that push the boundaries of analogue mono-synths.

You'll find Trance analogue character sequences, leads, analogue basses and melodic Trance character sequences.

These sounds are suitable for any genre of electronic music including EDM, Trance, Dance, Progressive, House, Techno and more.

 Product Details:

• 64 Analogue Character Presets for Repro-1

• Bass, Leads & Trance Character Sequences

• Modwheel Assigned

• 100% Royalty-Free


Trance Retrology requires U-he Repro-1 version 1 or later. (not included). 

Premium File Contents
./Trance Retrology Vol.2:
Acid Sequence.h2p
Agressive Sequence.h2p
Analogue Days Sequence.h2p
Bassism Sequence.h2p
Bassline Sequence.h2p
Berliner Sequence.h2p
Brass Lead.h2p
Candy Sequence.h2p
Classic Bass.h2p
Click Kick.h2p
Dance Bass.h2p
Darkwave Sequence.h2p
Dirty Acid Sequence.h2p
Disco Bass.h2p
Down noise Fx.h2p
Electric Goa Sequence.h2p
Eurodance Bass.h2p
Explosion Sequence.h2p
Fat Bass.h2p
Funky Bass.h2p
Game On Sequence.h2p
Hoover Style Bass.h2p
House Sequence.h2p
IDM Bass Sequence.h2p
Invasion Sequence.h2p
Lead Saw.h2p
Magic Flares Sequence.h2p
Night Light Sequence.h2p
Oldschool Bass Sequence.h2p
Psy bassline Sequence.h2p
PsyVision Sequence.h2p
Ravebase Sequence.h2p
Retro Bubbles Bass.h2p
Signals Sequence.h2p
Silver Sequence.h2p
Simple Bass.h2p
Spaceline Sequence.h2p
Sparkles Sequence.h2p
Square Bass.h2p
Synth Sequence.h2p
Synthpop Sequence.h2p
Synthwave Techno.h2p
Techno Bass.h2p
Tesla Lead Sequence.h2p
Top Energy Bass.h2p
Traktor Bass.h2p
Trance Clap.h2p
Trance Clsd Hat.h2p
Trance Hat.h2p
Trance Kick.h2p
Trance Lead Sequence.h2p
Trance Lead.h2p
Trance Star Sequence.h2p
Trance World Sequence.h2p
TranceBass Sequence.h2p
Tranceline Bass Sequence.h2p
Tranceline Sequence.h2p
Trancey Bass.h2p
Tronic Bass.h2p
Uprise Fx.h2p
Vintage Lead.h2p
Vintage Solo.h2p
Vintage Stab.h2p

Works with

Minimum version 1.0
Number of sounds 64