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Repro-5 Pro Expansion

Repro-5 Pro Expansion is the must have expansion pack to take U-he Repro-5 to the next level. 76 inspiring new presets deliver everything from beautiful vintage keys and brassy synths, to ominous distorted pads, punchy basses, and massive unison supersaw leads.

You’ll find modern EDM plucks and leads alongside wonky analogue synths, creative sound effects, and huge pads. There’s a wealth of classic synth sounds and new patches waiting to be explored.

All presets in this Repro-5 sound bank are named, tagged and level matched and most patches have mod wheel mapped for expressive playing.

Repro-5 Pro Expansion is suitable for any genre of electronic music including EDM, Trap, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, House, Techno, Trance, Ambient, Cinematic and more.

  • 76 Repro-5 presets
  • Named, tagged and level matched
  • 14 Basses
  • 12 Leads
  • 12 Plucks
  • 12 Synths
  • 11 Keys
  • 9 Pads
  • 6 Sound Effects
  • Includes NKS format

Requires U-he Repro-5 version 1 or later. (not included). Pack Size: 933 KB

This product is compatible with Native Instruments KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE software.

Premium File Contents
./Repro-5 Pro Expansion:
BA Big Pluck.h2p
BA Darkness.h2p
BA Double Edged.h2p
BA Expander.h2p
BA Folded.h2p
BA Hard Reece.h2p
BA House.h2p
BA Leader.h2p
BA Pulse.h2p
BA Sam.h2p
BA Techno.h2p
BA Three Square.h2p
BA Uni Puncher.h2p
BA Virus.h2p
FX Feed Drone.h2p
FX Jumper.h2p
FX Lazer Smash.h2p
FX Rez Sweep Down.h2p
FX Siren Riser.h2p
FX Talk To Me.h2p
KY Align.h2p
KY Broken Tape.h2p
KY Clicky Organ.h2p
KY Future LFO.h2p
KY Gentle Corrosion.h2p
KY Piano.h2p
KY Pro-5.h2p
KY Pro-6.h2p
KY Research.h2p
KY Tiny.h2p
KY Tropical Pop.h2p
LD Acid Lead.h2p
LD Aggressive.h2p
LD Critical.h2p
LD Electric EDM.h2p
LD Equinox.h2p
LD Noisy Buzz.h2p
LD Pure Glide.h2p
LD Sam Soon Sam.h2p
LD Saw Noise Mod 2.h2p
LD Saw Noise Mod.h2p
LD Supersaw Mono.h2p
LD Sustain Damage.h2p
PD Big Pay Check.h2p
PD Cinema.h2p
PD Dark Beauty.h2p
PD Distant.h2p
PD Explorer.h2p
PD Rez Sweeper.h2p
PD Slower.h2p
PD The Horror.h2p
PD Visual.h2p
PL Corrode.h2p
PL Dirty D.h2p
PL Dual Square.h2p
PL EDM Pluck.h2p
PL Noisy Mono Pluck.h2p
PL Pizzicato.h2p
PL Pluck and Lead.h2p
PL Plucked String.h2p
PL Soft Velvet.h2p
PL Super EDM Square.h2p
PL Super Unisaw.h2p
PL Unison Square.h2p
SY Blip Decay.h2p
SY Brassy Stab.h2p
SY Dirty DNB Stab.h2p
SY Dread.h2p
SY Follow Me.h2p
SY Hard Brass.h2p
SY Moon Bug.h2p
SY Natty Flute.h2p
SY Rave Hoover.h2p
SY Rebirth.h2p
SY Reverse.h2p
SY Velocity.h2p

Works with

Minimum version 1
Number of sounds 76
Demo Download

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