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Linear Universe

The Roland D-50 was and still is one of my favourite synths of all time. I noticed that there weren't any patch banks dedicated to ambient pad sounds so i decided to make my own, resulting in the Linear Universe sound bank containg airy, ambient, astrological, atmopsheric, ethereal, mystic, planetar spiritual sounds. The Linear Universe sound bank will breath new life into your Roland D-50.

Linear Universe is a sound bank for the Roland D-50 & D-550 synthesizers containing 64 new and original patches (8 banks of 8 patches). The Linear Universe sound bank focuses mainly on atmospheric and ambient pad sounds demonstrating the full potential of the Roland D-50. The sounds are very well suited to be used in ambient and new age music. Every musician who owns a D-50 synthesizer should have this sound bank. You won't regret it.


  • 64 patches (8 banks of 8 patches)
  • Focuses on Atmospheric and ambient pad sounds
  • In SysEx bank and SysEx patch format
  • Velocity and aftertouch responsive


  • Installation instructions
  • Patch List
  • MIDI-OX MIDI Utility Program


  • 64 SysEx files (Single Patches syx)
  • 1 SysEx file (Full Bank syx)
  • MIDI-OX MIDI Utility Program
  • Linear Universe Patch List
  • Linear Universe Installation
  • Linear Universe.png

Part of

Premium File Contents
Linear Universe Installation.pdf.pdf
Linear Universe Patch List.pdf.pdf
Linear Universe.png.png
Linear Universe.syx.syx
1-1 Water On Mars.syx.syx
1-2 Frequency Domain.syx.syx
1-3 The Last Emperor.syx.syx
1-4 Inner Edge.syx.syx
1-5 Grace and Glory.syx.syx
1-6 Space Crickets.syx.syx
1-7 Jarre Orchestra 1.syx.syx
1-8 Electric Cello.syx.syx
2-1 Lunar Probe.syx.syx
2-2 PPG Odyssey.syx.syx
2-3 Cosmic Expanse.syx.syx
2-4 Life Cycle.syx.syx
2-5 Gates of Hades.syx.syx
2-6 Galaxies Merging.syx.syx
2-7 End Credits 1.syx.syx
2-8 Electric Violin.syx.syx
3-1 Ambient FM Piano.syx.syx
3-2 Haunted House.syx.syx
3-3 Dimensions.syx.syx
3-4 Chillout Boychoir.syx.syx
3-5 Divine Prophecy.syx.syx
3-6 Space Goblins.syx.syx
3-7 Equinoxe Strings.syx.syx
3-8 Alien Cave.syx.syx
4-1 Out of This World.syx.syx
4-2 Euphoria.syx.syx
4-3 Hallelujah.syx.syx
4-4 Sacrilege.syx.syx
4-5 Spectral Movement.syx.syx
4-6 Cygnus A.syx.syx
4-7 Jarre Orchestra 2.syx.syx
4-8 Cataclysm.syx.syx
5-1 Petrified.syx.syx
5-2 Translucent.syx.syx
5-3 Vangelis in Orbit.syx.syx
5-4 Aphrodite.syx.syx
5-5 Sparkling Stars.syx.syx
5-6 Space Anomaly.syx.syx
5-7 End Credits 2.syx.syx
5-8 Annihilation.syx.syx
6-1 Lucifers Curse.syx.syx
6-2 Praise the Lord.syx.syx
6-3 Wonder Bells.syx.syx
6-4 Revelation.syx.syx
6-5 Antarctic Circle.syx.syx
6-6 Crystalline.syx.syx
6-7 Andromeda Strings.syx.syx
6-8 Wormhole.syx.syx
7-1 PPG Wave Pad.syx.syx
7-2 Bach in Space.syx.syx
7-3 Angels of Mercy.syx.syx
7-4 Armageddon.syx.syx
7-5 Crystal Voices.syx.syx
7-6 Voyager.syx.syx
7-7 String Synthesizer.syx.syx
7-8 Space Blizzard.syx.syx
8-1 Space Bells.syx.syx
8-2 FM Orchestra.syx.syx
8-3 Cosmo Guitar.syx.syx
8-4 Shiver Me Timbers.syx.syx
8-5 Angels Rising.syx.syx
8-6 Singing Pipe Organ.syx.syx
8-7 Bowed Orchestra.syx.syx
8-8 Penguin Tsunami.syx.syx

Works with

Minimum version 1.0
Number of sounds 64