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'Spectrum' is the most beautiful sound that a designer can 'draw'.

The sound drawn with Spectrum is so beautiful, but it is meaningless if it is not moving.

However, Serum can add that motion through its wavetable,
and this wavetable can contain large amount of those 'pictures'.

Imagine, if the spectrum is in motion,
we shall call the wavetable as a 'motion picture', and this is another form of an art.


So, if wavetable is a motion picture and Serum is the tool to draw it,

I would call this form of art an 'Artmosphere".

Artmosphere is an art made by atmosphere, And this beautiful art was born for Ambient and Soundscapes.

50 pads, atmosphere sounds, and other various well-programmed macro knobs
will add another artistic taste to your tones and sounds.

Now, get your Artmosphere and start drawing the art.




Features :

-26 Atmospheric pads / 24 Ambient pads.

-5 Bonus presets of outside the theme.

-All sounds are perfectly assigned to modulation wheel and velocity.

-Nearly all sounds are assigned to all(four) macro knobs.

-32 Additional wavetables useful for ambient sound.


**Requires Xfer Records Serum 1.044 or Higher.

Premium File Contents
Artmosphere cover.png.png
Irion Da Ronin - Oniric Introspection.mp3.mp3.mp3
WeatherM Artmosphere info.txt.txt
a Blueprint OCT-3.wav.wav
Anthem of Nature OCT-4.wav.wav
Calculation OCT+0.wav.wav
Chirp OCT-2.wav.wav
EP Non-Resonance OCT+0.wav.wav
EP Resonance OCT+0.wav.wav
Firefly OCT-4.wav.wav
Floating in Space OCT-4.wav.wav
Golden Brook OCT-3.wav.wav
Grey House OCT-3.wav.wav
Lake OCT-3.wav.wav
Moving OCT-3.wav.wav
Ocean OCT+0.wav.wav
Ovation OCT-2.wav.wav
Panorama OCT-2.wav.wav
Pieces of Broken Crystals 1 OCT-3.wav.wav
Pieces of Broken Crystals 2 OCT-2.wav.wav
Rhodes OCT+0.wav.wav
Rising Organs OCT-2.wav.wav
Snow OCT+0.wav.wav
Spark OCT+0.wav.wav
Sunlight OCT-2.wav.wav
Tale (Thick notch) OCT-3.wav.wav
Tale OCT-3.wav.wav
The Hands of a Clock OCT-1.wav.wav
The Past and History OCT-4.wav.wav
Thin Air OCT+0.wav.wav
Travel to Future OCT+0.wav.wav
Unindentified OCT-3.wav.wav
Voice OCT+0.wav.wav
Wake OCT+0.wav.wav
Wisp OCT+0.wav.wav
ATPD a Blueprint.fxp.fxp
ATPD Anthem of Nature.fxp.fxp
ATPD Chirp.fxp.fxp
ATPD Circle of Light.fxp.fxp
ATPD Firefly.fxp.fxp
ATPD Formless Guardian.fxp.fxp
ATPD Gazebo.fxp.fxp
ATPD Grey House.fxp.fxp
ATPD Hatch.fxp.fxp
ATPD Journey to Space.fxp.fxp
ATPD Kepler's Light.fxp.fxp
ATPD Lake.fxp.fxp
ATPD Moving.fxp.fxp
ATPD Ovation.fxp.fxp
ATPD Panorama.fxp.fxp
ATPD Pieces of broken crystals.fxp.fxp
ATPD Quantum.fxp.fxp
ATPD Reborn.fxp.fxp
ATPD Rise.fxp.fxp
ATPD Rising Organs.fxp.fxp
ATPD Sunlight.fxp.fxp
ATPD Tale.fxp.fxp
ATPD The Hands of a Clock.fxp.fxp
ATPD The Past and History.fxp.fxp
ATPD Travel to Future.fxp.fxp
ATPD Unidenfied.fxp.fxp
BASS Spark.fxp.fxp
BELL Thin stick.fxp.fxp
KEY Lowpassed EP.fxp.fxp
KEY Rose of Sharon.fxp.fxp
LEAD Flute.fxp.fxp
PAD a Star on Skies.fxp.fxp
PAD Breathing Bell.fxp.fxp
PAD Calculation.fxp.fxp
PAD Clusters.fxp.fxp
PAD Crow.fxp.fxp
PAD Drunk.fxp.fxp
PAD Ebb.fxp.fxp
PAD Floating in Space.fxp.fxp
PAD Golden Brook.fxp.fxp
PAD Grandfather.fxp.fxp
PAD Knock.fxp.fxp
PAD Ladybug.fxp.fxp
PAD Ocean.fxp.fxp
PAD Old Story.fxp.fxp
PAD Passage.fxp.fxp
PAD Pendulum.fxp.fxp
PAD Rhodes Pad.fxp.fxp
PAD Snow.fxp.fxp
PAD Spring.fxp.fxp
PAD Thin air.fxp.fxp
PAD Tone.fxp.fxp
PAD Voice.fxp.fxp
PAD Wake.fxp.fxp
PAD Wisp.fxp.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 1.044
Number of sounds 55 Presets / 32 Wavetables

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