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Chillgressive is a stunning collection of deep Basses, Leads, Synth, Pads and Sequence Sounds programmed for Serum the incredible wavetable soft synth by Xfer Utilising all the cool modulations options the synth has to offer to create an incredible collection of presets guaranteed to add presence and character to your productions.

These presets have been carefully crafted and sculpted with the utmost care, making sure each preset has both an impressive sound and an ease of use. Beginners should feel right at home diving into these sounds and advanced users will appreciate the quickness of creating new sounds tailored to their tracks with just the turn of a few controls.

This collection of presets is ideal for anyone making Future Bass, Ambient, Chill out, Downtempo, Elctronica, Trap, Cinematic, Synth Wave, and any other future genre.

In Detail expect to find 70 preset sounds including 21 Bass Presets, 20 Key-Synth Presets, 14 Lead Presets, 8 Pad Presets & 8 Riff-Sequence Presets.


Premium File Contents
./AM CHG Noises:
AC hum1.wav
AC hum2.wav
ARP pink.wav
ARP white.wav
Air Can 2.wav
Air Can 3.wav
MicrKrg Noise.wav
SID noise.wav
./AM CHG Tables:
AM CHG 01.wav
AM CHG 01_B.wav
AM CHG 02.wav
AM CHG 03.wav
AM CHG 04.wav
AM CHG 05.wav
AM CHG 06.wav
AM CHG 07.wav
AM CHG 08.wav
AM CHG 09.wav
AM CHG 10.wav
AM CHG 11.wav
AM CHG 12.wav
AM CHG 13.wav
AM CHG 14.wav
AM CHG 15.wav
AM CHG 16.wav
AM CHG 17.wav
AM CHG 17_B.wav
AM CHG 18.wav
AM CHG 18_B.wav
AM CHG 19.wav
AM CHG 19_B.wav
AM CHG 20.wav
AM CHG 20_B.wav
AM CHG 21.wav
AM CHG 21_B.wav
AM CHG 22.wav
AM CHG 23.wav
AM CHG 23_B.wav
AM CHG 24.wav
AM CHG 24_B.wav
AM CHG 25.wav
AM CHG 25_B.wav
AM CHG 26.wav
AM CHG 27.wav
AM CHG 28.wav
AM CHG 29.wav
AM CHG 29_B.wav
AM CHG 30.wav
AM CHG 31.wav
AM CHG 31_B.wav
AM CHG 32.wav
AM CHG 33.wav
AM CHG 33_B.wav
AM CHG 34.wav
AM CHG 34_B.wav
AM CHG 35.wav
AM CHG 35_B.wav
AM CHG 36.wav
AM CHG 37.wav
AM CHG 38.wav
AM CHG 38_B.wav
AM CHG 39.wav
AM CHG 40.wav
AM CHG 41.wav
AM CHG 41_B.wav
AM CHG 42.wav
AM CHG 43.wav
AM CHG 43_B.wav
AM CHG 44.wav
AM CHG 44_B.wav
AM CHG 45.wav
AM CHG 46.wav
AM CHG 47.wav
AM CHG 47_B.wav
AM CHG 48.wav
AM CHG 49.wav
AM CHG 50.wav
AM CHG 51.wav
AM CHG 52.wav
AM CHG 53.wav
AM CHG 54.wav
AM CHG 55.wav
AM CHG 56.wav
AM CHG 57.wav
AM CHG 58.wav
AM CHG 59.wav
AM CHG 60.wav
AM CHG 61.wav
AM CHG 62.wav
AM CHG 63.wav
AM CHG 63_B.wav
AM CHG 64.wav
AM CHG SUB_1.wav
INIT 01.wav
./Audiomodern - Chillgressive:
BS Chillgressive Bass II.fxp
BS Chillgressive Bass.fxp
BS Classic Brute.fxp
BS Constructor.fxp
BS Cut Noise.fxp
BS Direct In.fxp
BS Dual OSC.fxp
BS Gremans.fxp
BS Hummer II.fxp
BS Hummer.fxp
BS Lo Noise II.fxp
BS Lo Noise.fxp
BS Noise Seq.fxp
BS Slo Sub.fxp
BS Static.fxp
BS Submarine II.fxp
BS Submarine.fxp
BS The Sub.fxp
BS Thesis.fxp
BS WLF Bass.fxp
BS Woostep.fxp
KEY Altered.fxp
KEY Antidote.fxp
KEY Bummer.fxp
KEY Curious Corn II.fxp
KEY Curious Corn.fxp
KEY Downsample Bell II.fxp
KEY Downsample Bell.fxp
KEY Echoes.fxp
KEY Freeze II.fxp
KEY Freeze.fxp
KEY Iced.fxp
KEY No Such Cold.fxp
KEY Omega.fxp
KEY Organ Dust.fxp
KEY Pastel.fxp
KEY Simplic.fxp
KEY Urban Strings.fxp
KEY Wheel Bell.fxp
KEY Witch House II.fxp
KEY Witch House.fxp
LD 70's II.fxp
LD 70's.fxp
LD Creamer.fxp
LD Encore II.fxp
LD Encore.fxp
LD Filter Lead.fxp
LD Nepon.fxp
LD Retrodust.fxp
LD Tangerine Lead.fxp
LD Wheel Bell.fxp
LD Wheel fall.fxp
LD Wilderness II.fxp
LD Wilderness.fxp
PD Chill Pad II.fxp
PD Chill Pad.fxp
PD Crystal.fxp
PD Libretto Strings.fxp
PD Prisma.fxp
PD Swans.fxp
PD Trend Vision.fxp
PD Vapor.fxp
SEQ Abyss II.fxp
SEQ Abyss.fxp
SEQ Bass Factor.fxp
SEQ Berlin II.fxp
SEQ Berlin.fxp
SEQ Flyby.fxp
SEQ Panorama.fxp
SEQ Two by Four.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 1.074
Number of sounds 70