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CORE 03 - Twins

Twins is a soundset about the crossing line between trance and dubstep. Bjulin and Loris Solice (long time OneSynthChallenge participant) cooperated to put together this soundset. We took lots of work into it, as we didn´t want to just create those harsh and pure dirt sounds. We have taken care about usability, thickness and the more melodic side of both genres. Nevertheless, there are lots of big sounds, that can fill up your music with energy and movement. Expect a personal interpretation of the genres rather than simple copies of the common sounds. Of course, ModWheel is assigned on every preset as well as lots of macro bindings and aftertouch modulation.

The Soundset offers 87 patches, suitable for modern electronic music, primarily for dubstep and trance.
Basses / Effects / Keys / Leads / Pads / Plucks / Sequences

Premium File Contents
BAS - Attack.fxp.fxp
BAS - Carnage.fxp.fxp
BAS - Creature.fxp.fxp
BAS - Gremlin.fxp.fxp
BAS - Interloper.fxp.fxp
BAS - Killer.fxp.fxp
BAS - Pitbul I.fxp.fxp
BAS - Pitbul II.fxp.fxp
BAS - Runner.fxp.fxp
BAS - Segment I.fxp.fxp
BAS - Segment II.fxp.fxp
BAS - Up and Down.fxp.fxp
BAS - Waver.fxp.fxp
FX - 16-Bar Riser.fxp.fxp
FX - Broken Glass.fxp.fxp
FX - Cluuuuu.fxp.fxp
FX - Daylight Earnings.fxp.fxp
FX - Everest.fxp.fxp
FX - Interceptor I.fxp.fxp
FX - Interceptor II.fxp.fxp
FX - Invasion.fxp.fxp
FX - Message in a _.fxp.fxp
FX - Orbital Drop.fxp.fxp
FX - Shutdown.fxp.fxp
FX - Terror.fxp.fxp
KEY - Christening.fxp.fxp
KEY - Elements.fxp.fxp
KEY - Future was here.fxp.fxp
KEY - Quintessential.fxp.fxp
KEY - Rave-olution.fxp.fxp
KEY - Return.fxp.fxp
LED - Ambiguous.fxp.fxp
LED - Attacker.fxp.fxp
LED - Darth Vocoder.fxp.fxp
LED - Defender.fxp.fxp
LED - Fields of Green.fxp.fxp
LED - Frankenfish.fxp.fxp
LED - Mad World.fxp.fxp
LED - Oh love.fxp.fxp
LED - Quietly.fxp.fxp
LED - Ryu.fxp.fxp
LED - Snowstorm.fxp.fxp
LED - Soft.fxp.fxp
LED - Space is digital.fxp.fxp
LED - Still Asleep.fxp.fxp
PAD - Analog goodbye.fxp.fxp
PAD - Euphoria.fxp.fxp
PAD - Father Time.fxp.fxp
PAD - Fields of Blue.fxp.fxp
PAD - Mountain Spirit I.fxp.fxp
PAD - Mountain Spirit II.fxp.fxp
PAD - Mountain Spirit III.fxp.fxp
PAD - Native.fxp.fxp
PAD - Nostialgia in the wind I.fxp.fxp
PAD - Nostialgia in the wind II.fxp.fxp
PAD - Rebirth.fxp.fxp
PAD - Space is digital.fxp.fxp
PLK - Cardboard Box.fxp.fxp
PLK - Cave birds.fxp.fxp
PLK - Desert Flower.fxp.fxp
PLK - Divinity.fxp.fxp
PLK - Equator I.fxp.fxp
PLK - Equator II.fxp.fxp
PLK - Hollow.fxp.fxp
PLK - Hunger.fxp.fxp
PLK - InspireMe.fxp.fxp
PLK - Mountain Rain.fxp.fxp
PLK - Pink Hammer.fxp.fxp
PLK - Pixels Multiplying.fxp.fxp
PLK - Sponge I.fxp.fxp
PLK - Sponge II.fxp.fxp
PLK - Xylorimba.fxp.fxp
PLK - Y-Factor.fxp.fxp
PLK - You've Heard this Before.fxp.fxp
SEQ - Better World I.fxp.fxp
SEQ - Better World II.fxp.fxp
SEQ - Cyrax I.fxp.fxp
SEQ - Cyrax II.fxp.fxp
SEQ - Cyrax III.fxp.fxp
SEQ - Cyrax IV.fxp.fxp
SEQ - Dreams of Love.fxp.fxp
SEQ - Drop.fxp.fxp
SEQ - Liquid Sky.fxp.fxp
SEQ - Monster of the Deep.fxp.fxp
SEQ - Octopus .fxp.fxp
SEQ - Rochen.fxp.fxp
SEQ - Tension.fxp.fxp

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Number of sounds 87