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Cosmic Plucks vol. 2 for Xfer Serum

40 unique pluck sounds for Xfer Serum vst.

This sounds can be good for House/Dubstep/EDM music but will be perfect for Trance.

Premium File Contents
NatLife - Cosmic Plucks vol. 2 for Xfer Serum.mp3.mp3
LD Better To Fly [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Better To Fly SQ [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Big Harmony [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Big Sky [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Clear Big Flying [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Cosmic Plucks [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Cosmic Plucks v 2.0 [NatLife.fxp.fxp
LD Deep Soul [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Haw [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Made In Germany [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Night Sky [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Space Flying [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Springing [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Square Escape [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK 20 Years Ago [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Afrika [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Asot Sound [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Bottle Side [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Chordy [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Faithless [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Future Pluck [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK HP Pluck [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK J-Guitar [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Metal Water [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Night Fairy Tale [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Nightlights [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Ping Pong 90' [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Pitched Afrika [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK PizziPiano [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Plucks Story [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Progressive Soul [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Punk Daft [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Radio Square [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Rising Star [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Shadow & Moon [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Steps In The Night [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Strum [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Synthesized Piano [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Tik Tak [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Voices [NatLife].fxp.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 1.0.4
Number of sounds 40