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HYBRID - Another Supplemental bank for Xfer Serum. Designed to fit genres like House, Trance, Ambient and modern DnB - Gentle and lush pads will also find use in Lounge and Ambient jungle tracks.

130 patches


2 Atmo FX

Atmospheric Effects are just like normal Effects - just more subtle and with a sense of dimension and ambience.

22 Pads

Lush and Rich pads, some of them are thick and work great for lower register fill, others work great for atmospheric / ambience purpose.

23 Plucks

Lot of "HYBRID" Plucks are timbre rich so they are not intended for intense, dense melodies - rather occasional "decoration"

19 Stabs

Very Deep and Timbre rich Stabs will add fresh air to any House track.

13 Neuro/Dubstep/Dnb Bass Patterns

Extermely beefy "HYBRID" Neuro/Dnb Bass patterns are for low end fill purpose.

18 Misc Presets (Hoovers, Wobblers, Synth ect)

Misc presets are thrown into separate Misc category to avoid creating subfolders for few or even one patch.

20 Acid/bass/lead presets.

Organic, gritty and beefy Acid Leads with perfectly balanced distortion/filter tracking proportions.

13 Keys presets.

Lush Keyboard presetes with definition.


Premium File Contents
./Eclipse HYBRID Acid and Leads:
ACID Acrid.fxp
ACID Bitter Mass.fxp
ACID Cluttered Fury.fxp
ACID Grunge Drive.fxp
ACID Hydroflouric 1.fxp
ACID Hydroflouric.fxp
ACID Infringement.fxp
ACID Stiff Shifter.fxp
BASS 808.fxp
BASS Deeply.fxp
BASS Hard Knee.fxp
BASS Obese.fxp
BASS Pelvic Fracture.fxp
BASS Phat Pinch.fxp
BASS Sharp Claws.fxp
BASS Tilia.fxp
LEAD Ion Burst.fxp
LEAD Jolokia Returns.fxp
LEAD Purity 1.fxp
LEAD Purity.fxp
LEAD Sour.fxp
./Eclipse HYBRID Keys:
BL Ambrosia Spil.fxp
BL Hot Copper.fxp
BL Hybrid Mallet.fxp
BL Taste of Silver.fxp
BL Warm Alloy.fxp
KEY Blurred Memories.fxp
KEY Hollow Form.fxp
KEY Iceman.fxp
KEY Koto.fxp
KEY Night Voids.fxp
KEY Phantasm.fxp
KEY Phantasms.fxp
KEY Violett Drops.fxp
./Eclipse HYBRID Misc:
HOOVER Insecure.fxp
HOOVER Low Gravity.fxp
HOOVER Lurker.fxp
OVERLOAD Ripper.fxp
SLIDER Insecure.fxp
SLIDER Summit.fxp
SYNTH Dry Friction.fxp
SYNTH Escalation Point.fxp
SYNTH Hyped Up.fxp
SYNTH Inbound.fxp
SYNTH Joy Tunel.fxp
SYNTH Jungle Stab.fxp
SYNTH Lead Pluck.fxp
SYNTH Oil Whiplash.fxp
SYNTH Puncture.fxp
SYNTH Signature Trance.fxp
SYNTH White Flush.fxp
WOBBLE Rubber Fury.fxp
./Eclipse HYBRID Neuro:
NEURO Artillery.fxp
NEURO Bio Enhancement.fxp
NEURO Breath of Hades.fxp
NEURO Catatonic.fxp
NEURO Coster Slopes.fxp
NEURO Decapitator.fxp
NEURO Fire Steps.fxp
NEURO Infernal Machines.fxp
NEURO Inferno Melt.fxp
NEURO Pendulum.fxp
NEURO Rout.fxp
NEURO Shell Shock.fxp
NEURO Triumph of Steel.fxp
./Eclipse HYBRID Pads:
AMB Celestial Glow.fxp
AMB Metal Alchemy.fxp
PAD Basic Elements.fxp
PAD Blade Runner.fxp
PAD Blizzard.fxp
PAD Chemtrails.fxp
PAD Dark Motive.fxp
PAD Eiderdown.fxp
PAD Fuzzy Saws.fxp
PAD Inbound.fxp
PAD Lens Blur.fxp
PAD Light Air.fxp
PAD Light Rupture.fxp
PAD Light Sweeps.fxp
PAD Lot of Moisture.fxp
PAD Luminance.fxp
PAD Millenium.fxp
PAD Olive Oil.fxp
PAD Orbital Drop.fxp
PAD Pouring Breeze.fxp
PAD Rusty Plates.fxp
PAD Smearing.fxp
PAD Storm Blow.fxp
PAD Sugar Cane.fxp
PAD Sun Exposure.fxp
PAD Warm Coma.fxp
./Eclipse HYBRID Plucks n' Stabs:
HIT Balsam Fir.fxp
HIT Butternut.fxp
HIT Explosive.fxp
HIT Flaccid.fxp
HIT Generic House.fxp
HIT Heyday.fxp
HIT Hollow Bones.fxp
HIT Kauri.fxp
HIT Marbles.fxp
HIT Minor Flash.fxp
HIT Minor Pincer.fxp
HIT Monochrome.fxp
HIT Mud Stomps.fxp
HIT Nyssa.fxp
HIT Ponderosa.fxp
HIT Prism Wood.fxp
HIT Resin.fxp
HIT Square Stab.fxp
HIT Tailspin.fxp
PLUCK Air Flow.fxp
PLUCK Basic Squares.fxp
PLUCK Burning Clay.fxp
PLUCK Cajon.fxp
PLUCK Cosmic Dust.fxp
PLUCK Dust Blower.fxp
PLUCK Flourish Heat.fxp
PLUCK Gamma Rays.fxp
PLUCK Generic House.fxp
PLUCK Glide Nylons.fxp
PLUCK Grain Pluck.fxp
PLUCK Juno Trance.fxp
PLUCK Mahonia.fxp
PLUCK Nylon Dreams.fxp
PLUCK Pincer Piano.fxp
PLUCK Pop Pluck.fxp
PLUCK Sharp Cuts.fxp
PLUCK Soft Velvet.fxp
PLUCK Summit.fxp
PLUCK Thin Pluck.fxp
PLUCK Tropical Sunrise.fxp
PLUCK Uplink.fxp
PLUCK Vaporizing Drops.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 1.1
Number of sounds 130
Demo Download