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NatLife - True Trance Sounds vol.1

64+2 Stunning Sounds for Trance, Progressive & House production.

10 - Well-produced Trance Basses
15 - Modern DnB Basses good for House, Trance, DnB & Dubstep.
16 - Massive Trance Leads.
10 - Trance Plucks - that can you give a real top sound in your tracks. 
15 - Deep & trancy Pads with outstanding atmosphere.

In this pack you have all that you need for producing mind-blowing trance tunes. These sounds can be used in Trance and every modern style from Bigroom House music to Dubstep & Minimal Techno.

Premium File Contents
NatLife - True Trance Sounds vol. 1 (SERUM VST).mp3.mp3
BA Acid Time [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Deep Bells [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Deep Man [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA House Worx [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Moogy [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Phuture Prog [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Real Bass [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Tracid arp [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Trance Revolution [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Uplifting Monster [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Benassi 2015 [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Bigroom [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Blade [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Dino Monster [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Klubheads 90'.fxp.fxp
BS Klubheadz 2015 [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Orchestra [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Raze Me [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Razor [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Razor B [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Robot Saw [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Scary Voices [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Talking Synth [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Tribute To Darude [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Twolouder [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Abovebeyond [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Big Sky [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Cat Lead Res.fxp.fxp
LD Cat Lead.fxp.fxp
LD FLy [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Hidden Power [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Light Lead [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Massive B Attack.fxp.fxp
LD Massive B.fxp.fxp
LD Sash [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Sash 90' [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Scooter Lead Saw [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Scooter Lead Square [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Space Flute [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Space Flying [NatLife].fxp.fxp
LD Square Mate [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PD Acid Story.fxp.fxp
PD Big Chord Pad [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PD Child Story [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PD Choir Pluck.fxp.fxp
PD Clear Saw [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PD Distant 96' [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PD Korg Symphony [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PD Plucking [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PD Progressive Gate Pad.fxp.fxp
PD Razor Pad [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PD Razor Talk [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PD Razor Thing [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PD Shimmer [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PD S-Razor [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PD Talk To Alien [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Choir Man.fxp.fxp
PLK Clear Flying Pluck [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Dist Moon [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Fly Fy [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Flying Pluck B [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Guitar Voices [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Korg Pluck [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Lost Piano [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Square Pluck [NatLife].fxp.fxp
PLK Warp D-Pluck [NatLife].fxp.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 1.0.1
Number of sounds 66