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OPAL is a stunning collection  of ethereal sounds, Ambient Soundscapes, Soft Leads, Synths, Pads and Sequence Sounds programmed for Serum the incredible wavetable soft synth by Xfer Utilising all the cool modulations options the synth has to offer to create an incredible collection of presets guaranteed to add presence and character to your productions.

These presets have been carefully crafted and sculpted with the utmost care, making sure each preset has both an impressive sound and an ease of use. Beginners should feel right at home diving into these sounds and advanced users will appreciate the quickness of creating new sounds tailored to their tracks with just the turn of a few controls.

Created by the professional sound designer John Koulouris, this collection of presets is ideal for anyone making Ambient, Chill out, Downtempo, Electronica, Trap, Cinematic, Synth Wave, and any other future genre.

In Detail expect to find 96 preset sounds including 25 Ambient Soundscape Presets, 36 Key-Synth Presets, 15 Pad Presets, 8 Sequence Presets, 4 FX Presets and more..

Premium File Contents
AMB Angel Dust.fxp
AMB Careless.fxp
AMB Carelessness.fxp
AMB Cavern.fxp
AMB Doom.fxp
AMB Eventide.fxp
AMB Ferez.fxp
AMB Haunted Place.fxp
AMB Industrial Zone.fxp
AMB Inti Raymi.fxp
AMB Lamasery.fxp
AMB Lunatic Asylum.fxp
AMB Monster Valley.fxp
AMB Orbital.fxp
AMB Polar Lights.fxp
AMB Prefs.fxp
AMB Regression.fxp
AMB Sacrificial Altar.fxp
AMB Satellite.fxp
AMB Space Station.fxp
AMB Suspense.fxp
AMB Transmitting Antenna.fxp
AMB Traversal.fxp
AMB Valley.fxp
AMB X Axis.fxp
BL Ambient Textures 02.fxp
BL Ambient Textures.fxp
BL Bellophone 1.fxp
BL Bellophone 2.fxp
BL Bellophone 3.fxp
BL Bellophone 4.fxp
BS Adjustable.fxp
BS Cinematic Slap.fxp
BS Depth 02.fxp
BS Depth.fxp
BS Forward.fxp
FX Chimbal.fxp
FX Cinematic Build.fxp
FX Cinematic Swell.fxp
FX Scrape.fxp
KEY Dreamspiel 2.fxp
KEY Dreamspiel.fxp
KEY Sharp N Sweet 2.fxp
KEY Sharp N Sweet.fxp
KEY Vague 2.fxp
KEY Vague.fxp
PD Anchorage.fxp
PD Blind Alley.fxp
PD Brassy.fxp
PD Emerge 2.fxp
PD Emerge 3.fxp
PD Emerge.fxp
PD Emigre.fxp
PD Feeble.fxp
PD Fledge 2.fxp
PD Fledge.fxp
PD Ghost FF-Flute.fxp
PD Life Love Hell Horn.fxp
PD Stomp Strings.fxp
PD Whelm.fxp
PD Wise Man.fxp
PL Ambient Crotales 2.fxp
PL Ambient Crotales.fxp
PL Gentle Breeze 2.fxp
PL Gentle Breeze.fxp
PL Memories 2.fxp
PL Memories.fxp
PL Trail 2.fxp
PL Trail.fxp
SEQ Chase.fxp
SEQ Come Closer.fxp
SEQ Extender.fxp
SEQ Flexible.fxp
SEQ Plot Twist.fxp
SEQ Scouting.fxp
SEQ Spy On.fxp
SEQ Unsolved.fxp
SY By The Sun.fxp
SY Companion.fxp
SY Detuned.fxp
SY French 2.fxp
SY French.fxp
SY Gritty Juno.fxp
SY Hermit 2.fxp
SY Hermit.fxp
SY Horizon 2.fxp
SY Horizon.fxp
SY Ionic.fxp
SY Kashmir 2.fxp
SY Kashmir.fxp
SY Shelf.fxp
SY Storyteller.fxp
SY Tender 2.fxp
SY Tender.fxp
SY Yaz 2.fxp
SY Yaz.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 1.074
Number of sounds 96