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Particles - Serum Presets Expansion

Particles - Serum Presets Expansion

New Loops presents Particles – an exciting new content pack for Xfer Serum with lots of new presets, wavetables, LFO shapes, noise sound sources, and more. Serum Particles is inspired by modern game and film scores like Mass Effect 2, Ghost in the Shell, Tenet, The Division 2, Deus Ex, and is full of cinematic and modern electronic sounds.

This is undoubtedly our best Serum sound pack yet and makes good use of the noise engine for unique soundscapes, textures, and pads. There’s a total of 75 new Serum presets in 6 categories including, 20 evolving soundscapes and textures, 15 aggressive basslines, 15 cinematic sequences, 10 huge ambient pads, 10 dynamic keys, and 5 cutting synth leads. Also included in this Serum expansion pack are 42 audio samples for the noise engine, 22 LFO shape presets, 10 custom wavetables, and 8 presets for the delay effect. All Serum presets have descriptions and the mod wheel assigned. Many also use aftertouch and velocity for expressive and dynamic playing.

This Serum content pack is suitable for a wide range of electronic music genres including, cyberpunk, darkwave, synthwave, film score, game score, cinematic soundscape, ambient, and many more.

Particles - Serum Presets Expansion

  • 147 MB of content
  • 75 presets for Serum
  • 20 soundscapes and textures
  • 15 basses
  • 15 sequences
  • 10 pads
  • 10 synth keys
  • 05 synth leads
  • 42 audio samples
  • 22 LFO shapes
  • 10 custom wavetables
  • 08 delay presets
  • Preset descriptions and tips
  • Mod wheel, aftertouch, and macros assigned
  • Extensive use of modulation
  • Level matched and categorised


Works with

Minimum version 1.351
Number of sounds 75
Demo Download

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