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Psychoacoustic Vision is back again with 65 new presets made from scratch. You won’t find your regular plucks or boring pads here. All presets have been designed to be original and flexible. These are not genre specific, they were made to give atmosphere and an interesting texture to any track.

I hate it when I hear a demo track and it sounds nothing like the presets you just bought, so check the demo and you will hear exactly what’s included in the pack. All the sounds in the preview are 100% serum (minus the kick drum).

Please enjoy the pack and let me know if you create anything with it, I would love to hear it. You can find me by my artist name, ‘Psychoacoustic Vision’.

Please Note: Created in and requires Serum v1.08b6 or above.

(All sounds in the demo are created in serum, with the exception of some of the kickdrum.).


Premium File Contents
GlassLid 2.wav.wav
PAV - FXBASS - Kick 01.wav.wav
singing bowl.wav.wav
Untitled 1.wav.wav
BASS - Aircraft Chugging.fxp.fxp
BASS - Bass 1.fxp.fxp
BASS - Bass 2.fxp.fxp
BASS - Chugging Saw.fxp.fxp
BASS - Dirty Bass.fxp.fxp
BASS - Energy Phaser.fxp.fxp
BASS - Falling Apart.fxp.fxp
BASS - Give Me Anger.fxp.fxp
BASS - Gnarly Bass 1.fxp.fxp
BASS - Gnarly Bass 2.fxp.fxp
BASS - Golling Bassline.fxp.fxp
BASS - Lazer Bass.fxp.fxp
BASS - Opening Bass.fxp.fxp
BASS - Phasing Circuits.fxp.fxp
BASS - Square Stab.fxp.fxp
BASS - Wrap Around Bass.fxp.fxp
FX - Belch.fxp.fxp
FX - Clicking Pipes.fxp.fxp
FX - Download.fxp.fxp
FX - Electronic Carnival.fxp.fxp
FX - FM Resolution.fxp.fxp
FX - Galactic Zaps Rev.fxp.fxp
FX - Galactic Zaps.fxp.fxp
FX - Leave my breakfast alone.fxp.fxp
FX - Meat.fxp.fxp
FX - Metalic Bass Movements.fxp.fxp
FX - My Brain Is Sane.fxp.fxp
FX - Nasty Change.fxp.fxp
FX - Pav Psy Kick.fxp.fxp
FX - Pipe Dreams 2.fxp.fxp
FX - Pipe Dreams.fxp.fxp
FX - Poles.fxp.fxp
FX - Rawring Entry.fxp.fxp
FX - Short Wave Radio.fxp.fxp
FX - Singing Bowl.fxp.fxp
FX - Space Ship Flyby.fxp.fxp
FX - The Falling 1.fxp.fxp
FX - The Rising 2.fxp.fxp
FX - The Rising 3.fxp.fxp
FX - The Rising 4.fxp.fxp
FX - The Rising 5.fxp.fxp
FX - The Rising 6.fxp.fxp
FX - The Rising 7.fxp.fxp
FX - The Rising.fxp.fxp
FX - Under Water Formantation.fxp.fxp
FX - Waking up from a Nightmare.fxp.fxp
FX - Welding Galactic Corridors.fxp.fxp
FX - Zap 1.fxp.fxp
RYTH - Distorted Vibes.fxp.fxp
STAB - Weird Bells.fxp.fxp
SYN - Deep Dark Chords (Loop).fxp.fxp
SYN - Deep Dark Chords (tech alt).fxp.fxp
SYN - Deep Dark Chords.fxp.fxp
SYN - FM Lead 1.fxp.fxp
SYN - Psy Squelch 1.fxp.fxp
SYN - Psy Squelch 2.fxp.fxp
SYN - Square Sauce.fxp.fxp

Works with

Minimum version v1.08b6
Number of sounds 65