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Retrowave, presented by Surge Sounds, is a new collection of Retrowave sounds that will unlock your creative freedom within Xfer Serum. We are always pushing to provide cutting edge and innovative sounds to enhance your creativity and be truly valuable to you.

Inside this pack you will find nostalgic presets & construction kits designed with maximum care with all relevant stems, loops, presets & MIDI files crafted to boost your creativity.

Inspired by Retrowave legends like Power Glove, Robert Parker, Com Truise & Mitch Murder. Every sound was designed to create a vibrant & authentic Retrowave production.

This pack provides 128 melodic and nostalgic presets plus 3 construction kits with all relevant wavs, midi and presets. These sounds are guaranteed to take your tracks to places they’ve never been before.

On every preset there are 4 macros at your finger tips giving you creative control and innovation to tweak and match them to your artistic sound. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or you’re looking to dive into this incredibly electrifying genre, Retrowave is guaranteed to enhance your creativity!

128 Xfer Serum Presets

25 Leads

25 Synths

24 Basses

22 Plucks

16 Keys

15 Pads

1 Arps


3 Construction Kits

148 Loops

68 Stems

18 MIDI files

Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm

Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm

Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm


Total Number Of Files: 384

2.7+ GBs Unzipped

Premium File Contents
Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm
Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm
Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm
./Kits/Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm:
Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm Mix.wav
Xfer Serum Presets
./Kits/Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm/Loops:
./Kits/Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm/Loops/Drums:
DR Claps Build.wav
DR Claps Drop.wav
DR Crash Break.wav
DR Crash Build.wav
DR Crash Drop.wav
DR Hats Build.wav
DR Hats Drop.wav
DR Kick Drop.wav
DR Loop Break.wav
DR Loop Build.wav
DR Loop Drop.wav
DR Snare Build.wav
DR Snare Drop.wav
DR Toms Build.wav
DR Toms Drop.wav
./Kits/Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm/Loops/FXs:
FX Riser 1.wav
FX Riser 2.wav
FX Tonal 1.wav
FX Tonal 2.wav
./Kits/Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm/Loops/Synths:
BA Comet Build.wav
BA Comet Drop.wav
LD Runner Break.wav
LD Runner Build.wav
LD Runner Drop.wav
PD Premiere Break.wav
PD Premiere Build.wav
PD Premiere Drop 1.wav
PD Premiere Drop 2.wav
PL Donut Break.wav
PL Donut Build.wav
PL Donut Drop.wav
PL Pearl Break.wav
PL Pearl Build.wav
PL Pearl Drop.wav
SY Asterism Build.wav
SY Asterism Drop.wav
./Kits/Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm/Loops/Synths/DRY:
BA Comet DRY Build.wav
BA Comet DRY Drop.wav
LD Runner DRY Break.wav
LD Runner DRY Build.wav
LD Runner DRY Drop.wav
PD Premiere DRY Break.wav
PD Premiere DRY Build.wav
PD Premiere DRY Drop.wav
PL Donut DRY Break.wav
PL Donut DRY Build.wav
PL Donut DRY Drop.wav
PL Pearl DRY Break.wav
PL Pearl DRY Build.wav
PL Pearl DRY Drop.wav
SY Asterism DRY Build.wav
SY Asterism DRY Drop.wav
./Kits/Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm/Midi:
BA Comet.mid
LD Runner.mid
PD Premiere.mid
PL Donut.mid
PL Pearl.mid
SY Asterism.mid
./Kits/Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm/Stems:
./Kits/Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm/Stems/Drums:
DR Claps.wav
DR Crash.wav
DR Hats.wav
DR Kick.wav
DR Loop.wav
DR Snare.wav
DR Toms.wav
DR Tonal.wav
./Kits/Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm/Stems/FXs:
FX Risers.wav
FX Tape.wav
./Kits/Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm/Stems/Synths:
BA Comet.wav
LD Runner.wav
PD Premiere.wav
PL Donut.wav
PL Pearl.wav
SY Asterism.wav
./Kits/Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm/Stems/Synths/DRY:
BA Comet DRY.wav
LD Runner DRY.wav
PD Premiere DRY.wav
PL Donut DRY.wav
PL Pearl DRY.wav
SY Asterism DRY.wav
./Kits/Kit 1 Am 108 Bpm/Xfer Serum Presets:
BA Comet.fxp
LD Runner.fxp
PD Premiere.fxp
PL Donut.fxp
PL Pearl.fxp
SY Asterism.fxp
./Kits/Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm:
Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm Mix.wav
Xfer Serum Presets
./Kits/Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm/Loops:
./Kits/Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm/Loops/Drums:
DR Claps Break.wav
DR Claps Drop 1.wav
DR Claps Drop 2.wav
DR Crash Drop 1.wav
DR Crash Drop 2.wav
DR Hats Drop 2.wav
DR Kick Drop 1.wav
DR Kick Drop 2.wav
DR Loop Break.wav
DR Loop Drop 1.wav
DR Loop Drop 2.wav
DR Snare Drop 1.wav
DR Snare Drop 2.wav
DR Toms Drop 1.wav
DR Toms Drop 2.wav
./Kits/Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm/Loops/FXs:
FX Impact 1.wav
FX Impact 2.wav
FX Impact 3.wav
FX Riser 1.wav
FX Riser 2.wav
./Kits/Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm/Loops/Synths:
ARP Cohan Drop 1.wav
ARP Cohan Drop 2.wav
BA Dotted Break.wav
BA Dotted Drop 1.wav
BA Dotted Drop 2.wav
LD Pitcher Drop 2.wav
LD Surfing Break.wav
LD Surfing Drop 1.wav
LD Surfing Drop 2.wav
PD Pennant Break.wav
PD Pennant Drop 2.wav
SY Stirrup Drop 1.wav
SY Stirrup Drop 2.wav
./Kits/Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm/Loops/Synths/DRY:
ARP Cohan DRY Drop 1.wav
ARP Cohan DRY Drop 2.wav
BA Dotted DRY Break.wav
BA Dotted DRY Drop 1.wav
BA Dotted DRY Drop 2.wav
LD Pitcher DRY Drop 2.wav
LD Surfing DRY Break.wav
LD Surfing DRY Drop 1.wav
LD Surfing DRY Drop 2.wav
PD Pennant DRY Break.wav
PD Pennant DRY Drop 2.wav
SY Stirrup DRY Drop 1.wav
SY Stirrup DRY Drop 2.wav
./Kits/Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm/Midi:
ARP Cohan.mid
BA Dotted.mid
LD Pitcher.mid
LD Surfing.mid
PD Pennant.mid
SY Stirrup.mid
./Kits/Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm/Stems:
./Kits/Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm/Stems/Drums:
DR Claps.wav
DR Crash.wav
DR Hats.wav
DR Kick.wav
DR Loop.wav
DR Snare.wav
DR Toms.wav
./Kits/Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm/Stems/FXs:
FX Riser.wav
FX Shots.wav
FX Tape.wav
./Kits/Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm/Stems/Synths:
ARP Cohan.wav
BA Dotted.wav
LD Pitcher.wav
LD Surfing.wav
PD Pennant.wav
SY Stirrup.wav
./Kits/Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm/Stems/Synths/DRY:
ARP Cohan DRY.wav
BA Dotted DRY.wav
LD Pitcher DRY.wav
LD Surfing DRY.wav
PD Pennant DRY.wav
SY Stirrup DRY.wav
./Kits/Kit 2 Bm 130 Bpm/Xfer Serum Presets:
ARP Cohan.fxp
BA Dotted.fxp
LD Pitcher.fxp
LD Surfing.fxp
PD Pennant.fxp
SY Stirrup.fxp
./Kits/Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm:
Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm Mix.wav
Xfer Serum Presets
./Kits/Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm/Loops:
./Kits/Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm/Loops/Drums:
DR Clap Drop 1.wav
DR Clap Drop 2.wav
DR Crash Drop 1.wav
DR Crash Drop 2.wav
DR Foley Break.wav
DR Foley Drop 1.wav
DR Foley Drop 2.wav
DR Hats Drop 1.wav
DR Hats Drop 2.wav
DR Kick Drop 1.wav
DR Kick Drop 2.wav
DR Loop Drop 1.wav
DR Loop Drop 2.wav
DR Snare Drop 1.wav
DR Snare Drop 2.wav
DR Toms Drop 1.wav
DR Toms Drop 2.wav
./Kits/Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm/Loops/FXs:
FX Down Filter 1.wav
FX Riser 1.wav
FX Riser 2.wav
./Kits/Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm/Loops/Synths:
BA Eagle Drop 1.wav
BA Eagle Drop 2.wav
KY Presage Break.wav
KY Presage Drop 1.wav
KY Presage Drop 2.wav
LD Keyword Break.wav
LD Keyword Drop.wav
PD Arcanum Break.wav
PD Arcanum Drop 1.wav
PD Arcanum Drop 2.wav
PD Bandit Break.wav
PD Bandit Drop.wav
SY Unicorn Break.wav
SY Unicorn Drop 1.wav
SY Unicorn Drop 2.wav
./Kits/Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm/Loops/Synths/DRY:
BA Eagle DRY Drop 1.wav
BA Eagle DRY Drop 2.wav
KY Presage DRY Break.wav
KY Presage DRY Drop 1.wav
KY Presage DRY Drop 2.wav
LD Keyword DRY Break.wav
LD Keyword DRY Drop.wav
PD Arcanum DRY Break.wav
PD Arcanum DRY Drop 1.wav
PD Arcanum DRY Drop 2.wav
PD Bandit DRY Break.wav
PD Bandit DRY Drop.wav
SY Unicorn DRY Break.wav
SY Unicorn DRY Drop 1.wav
SY Unicorn DRY Drop 2.wav
./Kits/Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm/Midi:
BA Eagle.mid
KY Presage.mid
LD Keyword.mid
PD Arcanum.mid
PD Bandit.mid
SY Unicorn.mid
./Kits/Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm/Stems:
./Kits/Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm/Stems/Drums:
DR Clap.wav
DR Crash.wav
DR Fx.wav
DR Hats.wav
DR Kick.wav
DR Loop.wav
DR Snare.wav
DR Toms.wav
./Kits/Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm/Stems/FXs:
FX Crunch.wav
FX Lifters.wav
./Kits/Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm/Stems/Synths:
BA Eagle.wav
KY Presage.wav
LD Keyword.wav
PD Arcanum.wav
PD Bandit.wav
SY Unicorn.wav
./Kits/Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm/Stems/Synths/DRY:
BA Eagle DRY.wav
KY Presage DRY.wav
LD Keyword DRY.wav
PD Arcanum DRY.wav
PD Bandit DRY.wav
SY Unicorn DRY.wav
./Kits/Kit 3 Gm 128 Bpm/Xfer Serum Presets:
BA Eagle.fxp
KY Presage.fxp
LD Keyword.fxp
PD Arcanum.fxp
PD Bandit.fxp
SY Unicorn.fxp
./Xfer Serum Presets:
Custom Wavetable
./Xfer Serum Presets/Arps:
ARP Cohan.fxp
./Xfer Serum Presets/Basses:
BA Accelerate.fxp
BA Canyon.fxp
BA Comet.fxp
BA Confront.fxp
BA Cycle.fxp
BA Dotted.fxp
BA Eagle.fxp
BA Flagship.fxp
BA Gridlock.fxp
BA Hawk.fxp
BA Hazard.fxp
BA Hellrider.fxp
BA Night.fxp
BA Nitro.fxp
BA Orbital.fxp
BA Outrunner.fxp
BA Pathway.fxp
BA Protector.fxp
BA Robotron.fxp
BA Sand.fxp
BA Showdown.fxp
BA Spacebridge.fxp
BA Stardust.fxp
BA Starlight.fxp
./Xfer Serum Presets/Custom Wavetable:
BA Comet.wav
./Xfer Serum Presets/Keys:
KY Boulevard.fxp
KY Cassette.fxp
KY Disguise.fxp
KY Dune.fxp
KY Flyin.fxp
KY Hyperdrive.fxp
KY Jupiter.fxp
KY MegaCity.fxp
KY Moonlights.fxp
KY Nightway.fxp
KY Omnicorp.fxp
KY Phenomenon.fxp
KY Presage.fxp
KY Psyche.fxp
KY Splash.fxp
KY Twilight.fxp
./Xfer Serum Presets/Leads:
LD Cell.fxp
LD Chase.fxp
LD Cola.fxp
LD Dimensions.fxp
LD Fairlight.fxp
LD Fury.fxp
LD Gambit.fxp
LD Heatwave.fxp
LD Iconic.fxp
LD Keyword.fxp
LD Maximum.fxp
LD Mayhem.fxp
LD Nightcall.fxp
LD Nightland.fxp
LD Pitcher.fxp
LD Raven.fxp
LD Resolution.fxp
LD Road.fxp
LD Runner.fxp
LD Spaceage.fxp
LD Surfing.fxp
LD Syndrome.fxp
LD Throttle.fxp
LD Transformer.fxp
LD Trevor.fxp
./Xfer Serum Presets/Pads:
PD Accelerated.fxp
PD Arcanum.fxp
PD Bandit.fxp
PD Cosmic.fxp
PD Overcharge.fxp
PD Pennant.fxp
PD Polygons.fxp
PD Premiere.fxp
PD Racer.fxp
PD Razor.fxp
PD Roadgame.fxp
PD Runes.fxp
PD Saturn.fxp
PD Transmission.fxp
PD Warp.fxp
./Xfer Serum Presets/Plucks:
PL Converter.fxp
PL Cosmos.fxp
PL Cruise Ship.fxp
PL Cruiser.fxp
PL Donut.fxp
PL Fracture.fxp
PL Fuel.fxp
PL Luminous.fxp
PL Magnum.fxp
PL Mask.fxp
PL Mission.fxp
PL Outrun.fxp
PL Panther.fxp
PL Pearl.fxp
PL Resonance.fxp
PL Solaris.fxp
PL Spaced.fxp
PL Starforce.fxp
PL Systematic.fxp
PL Trip.fxp
PL Turbo.fxp
PL Visual.fxp
./Xfer Serum Presets/Synths:
SY Asterism.fxp
SY Asteroid.fxp
SY Brassy.fxp
SY Comets.fxp
SY Cyberdyne.fxp
SY Dawn.fxp
SY Deathrace.fxp
SY Dropzone.fxp
SY Flash.fxp
SY Gear.fxp
SY Highway.fxp
SY Max.fxp
SY Nano.fxp
SY Nostalgic.fxp
SY Polybius.fxp
SY Power Glove.fxp
SY Protocol.fxp
SY Solaric.fxp
SY Sonic.fxp
SY StarEater.fxp
SY Stirrup.fxp
SY Transit.fxp
SY Unicorn.fxp
SY Venus.fxp
SY Zone.fxp

Works with

Minimum version Xfer Serum 1.214 or higher is required.
Number of sounds 128

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