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The Astral Body


"THE ASTRAL BODY" is our third soundset for XFer Serum, the last part of the "Serum Field Project" (available as a bundle here). This is a big collection, divided in 4 categories, of unique sounds, made to give you an instant inspiration.

Organic, subtle, cinematic, narrative, ever-evolving, deep, wide fields, playable noises, (and more) for your music: "The Astral Body" is the soundset you might have been missing. It's an instant atmospheres builder collection, made for film and game composers, IDM, Ambient, Chillout producers, and a lot more, based on original field recordings and evolving textures and pads.

Please TWEAK IT, use Macros and Mod Wheel, explore it, (try to disable wavetables, or the noise section, and see what happens...) to understand the great potential at your fingertips and to create a lot more sounds than the presets only are showing.

Another collection of a nearly unexplored sonic field.


  1. - FIELD TEXTURES: 42 sounds with Field Recordings on the Noise section 
  2. - PADS: 17 sounds for chords and melodies
  3. - PADS & TEXTURES: 37 sounds with textural samples
  4. - PULSING TEXTURES: 14 pulsing atmospheres synced to your BPM

Technical specifications:

  • - 638 MB unzipped
  • - 110 patches, fully automated, divided in 4 categories
  • - 37 original samples, with pads and field recordings
  • - sample format: wave 44.100/24
  • - Mod Wheel assigned to all patches
  • - All 4 Macro assigned to all patches
  • - Lots of custom wavetables you can edit, save and re-use.

NOTE: you need SERUM updated version 1.214 to run this soundset (PLEASE CHECK THIS)


Premium File Contents
The Astral Body
./Noises/The Astral Body:
Aircraft Interior.wav
Copper Sheet2.wav
Copper Sheet3.wav
Copper Sheet4.wav
Copper Sheet5.wav
Copper Sheet6.wav
Copper Sheet7.wav
Frying Pan 1.wav
Frying Pan 2.wav
Plane Pass.wav
Rain & Thunder.wav
Rumbling Town.wav
Station Hall.wav
Washing Dishes.wav
Windy Night.wav
The Astral Body
./Presets/The Astral Body:
Field Textures
Pads & Textures
Pulsing Textures
./Presets/The Astral Body/Field Textures:
FIELD Achernar Eri.fxp
FIELD Alcyone Eta.fxp
FIELD Aldebaran Alpha.fxp
FIELD Alpha Berenices.fxp
FIELD Alpha Cygni.fxp
FIELD Alpha Ursae.fxp
FIELD Andromeda.fxp
FIELD Arcturus Alpha.fxp
FIELD Beta Capricorni.fxp
FIELD Caput Andromedae.fxp
FIELD Cosmic Rain MW.fxp
FIELD Diadem Alpha.fxp
FIELD Duhr Delta.fxp
FIELD Edasich Iota.fxp
FIELD Elnath Beta.fxp
FIELD Eta Geminorum.fxp
FIELD Hadar Beta.fxp
FIELD Jabbah Nu.fxp
FIELD Merak Beta.fxp
FIELD Nembus 51.fxp
FIELD Nunki Sigma.fxp
FIELD Omicron Ursae.fxp
FIELD Pi Orionis.fxp
FIELD Polaris Australis.fxp
FIELD Proxima Centauri.fxp
FIELD Pulcherrim Epsilon.fxp
FIELD Sadatoni Aur 1.fxp
FIELD Sadatoni Aur 2.fxp
FIELD Sadr Cygni.fxp
FIELD Sceptrum Eri.fxp
FIELD Scheat Peg.fxp
FIELD Sheratan Ari.fxp
FIELD Sirius Oph.fxp
FIELD Tabit Orionis.fxp
FIELD Taygeta 19.fxp
FIELD The Plane.fxp
FIELD Unuk Elhaia.fxp
FIELD Vega Lyr.fxp
FIELD Yed Posterior.fxp
FIELD Zedaron Cas.fxp
FIELD Zibal Eri.fxp
FIELD Zosma Leo.fxp
./Presets/The Astral Body/Pads:
PAD Aesteta 01 MW.fxp
PAD Aesteta 02 MW.fxp
PAD Aesteta 06 MW.fxp
PAD Alcyon MW.fxp
PAD Astral Body MW.fxp
PAD Beautiful Uncertain MW.fxp
PAD Bending Bliss MW.fxp
PAD Cor Hydrae.fxp
PAD Della Volta MW.fxp
PAD Detuned Star MW.fxp
PAD Gamma Ray 1 MW.fxp
PAD Gamma Ray 2 MW.fxp
PAD Moving Light MW.fxp
PAD Remark Of You MW.fxp
PAD Sceptrum MW.fxp
PAD Space Beyond 1 MW.fxp
PAD Space Beyond 2 MW.fxp
./Presets/The Astral Body/Pads & Textures:
TEXTURE Adhafera Zeta.fxp
TEXTURE Ain Epsilon.fxp
TEXTURE Alathfar Mu.fxp
TEXTURE Albaldah Pi.fxp
TEXTURE Alchor 80.fxp
TEXTURE Altair Alpha.fxp
TEXTURE Baten Kaitos.fxp
TEXTURE Benetnash Uma.fxp
TEXTURE Betelgeuse Ori.fxp
TEXTURE Brachium Lib.fxp
TEXTURE Canopus Car.fxp
TEXTURE Caph Cas.fxp
TEXTURE Dancers in Ab.fxp
TEXTURE Enif Epsilon.fxp
TEXTURE Errai Gamma.fxp
TEXTURE Furud Zeta.fxp
TEXTURE Gamma Cassiopeiae.fxp
TEXTURE Gamma Velorum.fxp
TEXTURE Garnet Star.fxp
TEXTURE Girtab Kappa.fxp
TEXTURE Gorgonea Tertia.fxp
TEXTURE Grumium Xi.fxp
TEXTURE Kajam Omega.fxp
TEXTURE Kaus Borealis.fxp
TEXTURE Media Delta.fxp
TEXTURE Miram Eta.fxp
TEXTURE Mu Cephei.fxp
TEXTURE Omega Cygni.fxp
TEXTURE Pleione 28.fxp
TEXTURE Pyramid Side.fxp
TEXTURE Regor Gamma.fxp
TEXTURE Reminiscing.fxp
TEXTURE Rigil Kentaurus.fxp
TEXTURE Rotanev Beta.fxp
TEXTURE Sterope Tau.fxp
TEXTURE Trembling Star.fxp
TEXTURE Upsilon Scorpii.fxp
./Presets/The Astral Body/Pulsing Textures:
PULSE Acrux Alpha.fxp
PULSE Alpha Trianguli.fxp
PULSE Beid Eri.fxp
PULSE Botein Ari.fxp
PULSE Electra 17.fxp
PULSE Eta Geminorum.fxp
PULSE Izar Epsilon.fxp
PULSE Mu Leporis.fxp
PULSE Mu Virginis.fxp
PULSE Okul Pi.fxp
PULSE Phact Alpha.fxp
PULSE Pi Capricorni.fxp
PULSE Ras Algethi.fxp
PULSE Wei Gemini.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 1.214
Number of sounds 110