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THE ONE: Deep Future House

THE ONE eagerly present to you THE ONE: Deep Future House, featuring 70 Xfer Serum presets with a sweet Deep House / Future House theme.

Not only does this package include Serum presets, it also includes custom Serum wavetables and waveforms, custom Serum warp shapes, as well as MIDI loops and Wav samples from the demo song.
In these presets you'll find that finely tuned and advanced synthesis have been used, to create sounds that deliver nothing but top quality.
You'll hear rich timbres and characters, as well as a good sonic quality with good transients. This package is precisely what you need for your music to reach the next level and cut through the dense masses of producers.

In the package you'll find steady basses with those unique timbres that resembles Future House, combined with the deliciously lush and deep pad sounds you hear in Deep House, not to mention all the leads, stab synths, and pluck synths that all have nuqie characters to them.

All 4 Macros and the Mod Wheel have been assigned so you may get a good overview of the sound and have good control over both the artistic aspect and the sonic quality of the sound.
All sounds feature strong usage of the FX rack to finetune the presets, and the presets use Serum at its full potential so you get the most out of this software synth.
The presets feature strong usage of Velocity linking, as well as innovative usage of the LFOs to resemble randomizing - all to make the patches respond as natural and professional as possible.
Not to mention that all sounds have been crafted to be as punchy, snappy, fat and full as possible.

Listen to the MP3 demo song for this package and you'll hear a lot of the sounds being showcased, showing you the potential your music have by getting this package.
This soundkit is a complete must have!

Full specifications:
 - 70 Serum presets
     - 20 Basses
     - 4 FX
     - 14 Leads
     - 10 Pads
     - 8 Plucks
     - 4 Risers
     - 10 Stabs
 - 71 Custom wavetables & waveforms
 - 4 Custom warp shapes
 - 22 MIDI Loops from the demo song
 - 42 Wav samples from the demo song

Suitable genres: Future House, Deep House, House, Garage, Tech House, EDM

Premium File Contents
INFO_Deep Future House.pdf.pdf
THE ONE Deep Future House - DEMO.mp3.mp3
Lead_Fence_Osc A.shp.shp
Lead_Fence_Osc B.shp.shp
Lead_Redux_Osc A.shp.shp
Riser_Highpitched Reese_Osc B.shp.shp
Bass_Chorused Square [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Cosmic Shimmer_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Crushed Plates_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Crushed Plates_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Cubic_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Deep Love_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Deep Love_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Dull Organ_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Floppy Fuzz_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Freeze_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Fundament_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Future Tight_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Future Tight_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Fylth_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Fylth_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Metallic Organ_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Metallic Organ_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Oldschool_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Punchy RM_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Punchy RM_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Sloppy Bell_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Smooth Bell_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Smooth Bell_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Stability_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Stability_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Sustained_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Untamed_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Untamed_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
FX_Oscillations_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
FX_Oscillations_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Cooking Pan_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Cooking Pan_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Fence_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Fence_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Filthy Rich [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Gongs [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Grind_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Grind_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Hexagon_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Hexagon_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Teeny Tiny [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Webbie_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Webbie_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Pad_Short Loop_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Pad_Short Loop_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Pad_Wobbly_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Pad_Wobbly_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Pad_Wonky Midnight_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Pluck_Buzzy_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Pluck_Buzzy_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Pluck_Funkatronic_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Pluck_Funkatronic_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Pluck_Wet_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Pluck_Wet_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Riser_Highpitched Reese_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Riser_Static [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Stab_Bellish [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Stab_Comb Crush_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Stab_Duo Osc [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Stab_Fat_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Stab_Fat_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Stab_Leanback_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Stab_Midranged [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Stab_Naughty_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Stab_Naughty_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Stab_Obsessed_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Stab_Obsessed_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Stab_Unleashed_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Stab_Unleashed_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Stab_Vanilla_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Stab_Vanilla_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
First Break Stab A_4 Bars.mid.mid
First Break Stab B_1 Bar.mid.mid
First Breakdown Bass_4 Bars.mid.mid
First Breakdown Lead_4 Bars.mid.mid
Fourth Break Bass_1 Bar.mid.mid
Fourth Break Lead_1 Bar.mid.mid
Fourth Break Pad_8 Bars.mid.mid
Fourth Break Pluck_1 Bar.mid.mid
Fourth Breakdown Bass A_2 Bars.mid.mid
Fourth Breakdown Bass B_4 Bars.mid.mid
Fourth Breakdown Pad_2 Bars.mid.mid
Fourth Breakdown Pluck_4 Bars.mid.mid
Second Break Stab_2 Bars.mid.mid
Second Breakdown Bass A_2 Bars.mid.mid
Second Breakdown Bass B_2 Bars.mid.mid
Second Breakdown Pad_2 Bars.mid.mid
Second Breakdown Stab_1 Bar.mid.mid
Third Break Pluck_2 Bars.mid.mid
Third Breakdown Bass_2 Bars.mid.mid
Third Breakdown Pad A_8 Bars.mid.mid
Third Breakdown Pad B_1 Bar.mid.mid
Third Breakdown Pluck_4 Bars.mid.mid
First Break Stab A_G_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
First Break Stab B_G_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
First Breakdown Bass_G_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
First Breakdown Lead 1_G_0.5 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
First Breakdown Lead 2_G_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
First Breakdown Lead 3_G_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Fourth Break Bass 1_G_1 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Fourth Break Bass 2_G_1 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Fourth Break Pad_G_8 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Fourth Break Pluck_G_1 Bar - Dry.wav.wav
Fourth Breakdown Bass 1_G_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Fourth Breakdown Bass 2_G_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Fourth Breakdown Lead_G_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Fourth Breakdown Pad_G_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Fourth Breakdown Pluck 1_G_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Fourth Breakdown Pluck 2_G_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Fourth Breakdown Pluck 3_G_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
FX 1 - Dry [ONESHOT].wav.wav
FX 2 - Dry [ONESHOT].wav.wav
FX 3 - Dry [ONESHOT].wav.wav
Riser 1 A_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Riser 2 A_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Riser 2 B_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Riser 3 A_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Riser 3 B_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Riser 4_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Second Break Stab_G_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Second Breakdown Bass 1A_G_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Second Breakdown Bass 1B_G_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Second Breakdown Bass 2A_G_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Second Breakdown Bass 2B_G_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Second Breakdown Pad 1_G_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Second Breakdown Pad 2_G_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Second Breakdown Stab 1_G_1 Bar - Dry.wav.wav
Second Breakdown Stab 2_G_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Third Break Pluck_G_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Third Breakdown Bass 1_G_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Third Breakdown Bass 2_G_2 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Third Breakdown Pad 1_G_1 Bar - Dry.wav.wav
Third Breakdown Pad 2_G_8 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Third Breakdown Pad 3_G_8 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
Third Breakdown Stab_G_4 Bars - Dry.wav.wav
READ ME.pdf.pdf
Bass_Chorused Square_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Cosmic Shimmer_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Crushed Plates_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Cubic_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Deep Love_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Dull Organ_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Floppy Fuzz_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Freeze_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Fundament_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Future Tight_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Fylth_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Metallic Organ_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Oldschool_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Punchy RM_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Ringing Organ_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Sloppy Bell_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Smooth Bell_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Stability_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Sustained_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Untamed_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
FX_Gritty Sweep_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
FX_Multifiltered_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
FX_Oscillations_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
FX_Scary Organ_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Analogue Square_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Classic Sine_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Cooking Pan_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Dirty Sparkle_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Fence_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Filthy Rich_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_FM Click_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Gongs_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Grind_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Guitar Ish_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Hexagon_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Redux_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Teeny Tiny_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Webbie_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Bandpass Patch_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Deep Below_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Fool_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Garage Style_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Leslie Stages_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Short Loop_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Stabby HP_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Ticking_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Wobbly_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Wonky Midnight_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pluck_Bellish_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pluck_Buzzy_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pluck_Doh_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pluck_Fill In_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pluck_Funkatronic_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pluck_Organ_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pluck_Tight Standard_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Pluck_Wet_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Riser_Advanced Noise_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Riser_Highpitched Reese_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Riser_Static_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Riser_Swoosh_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Stab_Bellish_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Stab_Comb Crush_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Stab_Duo Osc_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Stab_Fat_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Stab_Leanback_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Stab_Midranged_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Stab_Naughty_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Stab_Obsessed_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Stab_Unleashed_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp
Stab_Vanilla_Deep Future House_SH.fxp.fxp

Works with

Minimum version Serum version 1.068 and up is required.
Number of sounds 70

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