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THE ONE: Mainstage EDM Vol. 2

Are you looking for cutting edge EDM presets for Xfer Serum - search no more!
THE ONE happily present to you THE ONE: Mainstage EDM Vol. 2, coming with 64 high standard EDM presets for Xfer Serum, just a click away.

Not only does this package contain top notch synthpresets, but also custom Serum wavetables/waveforms, MIDI loops, and Wav samples.
All presets feature full usage of the synth, which involves innovative sounddesign using many different techniques used by the pros, creative usage of the FX rack, and full usage of the 4 Macro controls and the Mod Wheel.
More than this, many of the presets include velocity linking, and most presets involve randomizing LFO's - all to make the presets respond as professionally and naturally as possible.

These sounds were made for the mainstage, so this is where you'll end up by using these sounds.
Hear the demo, which showcases a large number of the presets and what they're capable of.

Full specifications:
 - 64 NI Massive presets
    - 6 Arps
    - 16 Basses
    - 6 FX
    - 23 Leads
    - 7 Pads
    - 6 Risers
 - 76 Custom wavetables & waveforms
 - 11 MIDI loops from the demo
 - 32 Wav samples fro the demo
 - List of what presets where used in the demo
 - The demo as an MP3

Suitable genres: EDM, Electro House, Electro, House, Complextro, Bigroom House, Hardstyle
All sounds are 100 % royalty free, and can bee used in any production without any limitations.

Premium File Contents
INFO_Mainstage EDM v.2.pdf.pdf
THE ONE Mainstage EDM v.2 - DEMO.mp3.mp3
Arp_Dull & Tight_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Arp_Gliding Poly_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Arp_Gliding Poly_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Arp_Hopeful_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Arp_Real Deal_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Arp_Serious Sequence_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Arp_Soda Can_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Bellish Rhythm_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Bellish Rhythm_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Brickwall_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Classic Vowel_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Comb_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Comb_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Fundament_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Just Raw_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Just Raw_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Kablam_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Punchy Fingers_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Reese_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Ringy_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Ringy_Osc B[WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Sharp Knife_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Sharp Knife_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Stable Movement_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Stable Movement_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Bass_Sustained Formant_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Sustained Formant_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Bass_Wubz_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
FX_Beam_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
FX_Beam_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
FX_Bolt_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
FX_Funky_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
FX_Funky_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Bigroom Wavetable_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Broken Down_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Broken Down_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Brol_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Classic Distorted_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Classic Distorted_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Dark_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Dark_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Double FM_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Double FM_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_EDM Accordion_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Ferry_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Floppy_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Insanity_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Jump_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Mainroom Drop_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Massive Poly_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Massive Poly_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Metallic Nerves_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Oddsaw_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Oddsaw_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Pitchy_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Rocking_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Rocking_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Shortage_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Slurpy_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Slurpy_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Lead_Total Madness_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Lead_Ultra_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Pad_Arises_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Pad_Gliding Fifth [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Pad_Montreal_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Pad_Oldschool EDM_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Pad_Oldschool EDM_Osc B [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Pad_Planet_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Pad_Planet_Osc B [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Pad_Sequenced Resonance_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Pad_Slow_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Riser_Blue_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Riser_Dissonant Pattern_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Riser_Pitch Sequence_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Riser_Static_Osc A [WAVETABLE].wav.wav
Riser_Wobbly_Osc A [WAVEFORM].wav.wav
Anthem Lead Melody_4 Bars.mid.mid
Anthem Supersaw Chords_4 Bars.mid.mid
Bigroom Drop Melody_4 Bars.mid.mid
First Break Pad Chords_8 Bars.mid.mid
First Breakdown Melody_2 Bars.mid.mid
Second Break Pad_8 Bars.mid.mid
Second Breakdown Melody_2 Bars.mid.mid
Second Breakdown Stab_1 Bar.mid.mid
Second Breakdown Supersaw_1 Bar.mid.mid
Snare Load_4 Bars.mid.mid
Third Breakdown Melody_1 Bar.mid.mid
Bigroom Drop Lead 1_128 BPM_4 Bars_G.wav.wav
Bigroom Drop Lead 2_128 BPM_4 Bars_G.wav.wav
First Break Lead_128 BPM_8 Bars_G.wav.wav
First Break Pad_128 BPM_8 Bars_G.wav.wav
First Break Supersaw_128 BPM_4 Bars_G.wav.wav
First Breakdown Bass_128 BPM_2 Bars_G.wav.wav
First Breakdown Lead 1_128 BPM_2 Bars_G.wav.wav
First Breakdown Lead 2_128 BPM_2 Bars_G.wav.wav
First Breakdown Raw_G [ONESHOT].wav.wav
FX 1 [ONESHOT].wav.wav
FX 2 [ONESHOT].wav.wav
FX 3 [ONESHOT].wav.wav
FX 4 [ONESHOT].wav.wav
Riser 1_128 BPM_8 Bars_G.wav.wav
Riser 2A_128 BPM_2 Bars.wav.wav
Riser 2B_128 BPM_4 Bars.wav.wav
Riser 3_128 BPM_4 Bars.wav.wav
Riser 4_128 BPM_4 Bars.wav.wav
Riser 5_128 BPM_4 Bars.wav.wav
Second Break Arp_128 BPM_8 Bars_G.wav.wav
Second Break Pad_128 BPM_8 Bars_G.wav.wav
Second Breakdown Bass_128 BPM_2 Bars_G.wav.wav
Second Breakdown Lead 1_128 BPM_2 Bars_D.wav.wav
Second Breakdown Lead 2_128 BPM_2 Bars_G.wav.wav
Second Breakdown Stab_128 BPM_1 Bar_G.wav.wav
Second Breakdown Supersaw_128 BPM_1 Bar_G.wav.wav
Third Breakdown Bass 1_128 BPM_1 Bar_G.wav.wav
Third Breakdown Bass 2_128 BPM_1 Bar_G.wav.wav
Third Breakdown Bass 3_128 BPM_4 Bars_G.wav.wav
Third Breakdown Lead 1_128 BPM_1 Bar_G.wav.wav
Third Breakdown Lead 2_128 BPM_1 Bar_G.wav.wav
Third Breakdown Raw_128 BPM_1 Bar_G.wav.wav
READ ME.pdf.pdf
Arp_Dull & Tight_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Arp_Gliding Poly_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Arp_Hopeful_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Arp_Real Deal_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Arp_Serious Sequence_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Arp_Soda Can_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Bellish Rhythm_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Brickwall_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Classic Vowel_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Comb_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Fire_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Fundament_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Just Raw_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Kablam_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Punchy Fingers_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Reece_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Ringy_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Sharp Knife_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Slurpy_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Stable Movement_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Sustained Formant_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Bass_Wubz_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
FX_Beam_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
FX_Bolt_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
FX_Chaotic Noise_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
FX_Funky_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
FX_Swirly_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
FX_Thunderlike_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Bigroom Wavetable_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Broken Down_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Brol_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Classic Distorted_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Dark_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Double FM_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_EDM Accordion_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Ferry_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Floppy_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Insanity_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Jump_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Lofi Pluck_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Mainroom Drop_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Massive Poly_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Metallic Nerves_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Nerdy_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Oddsaw_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Pitchy_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Rocking_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Shortage_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Slurpy_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Total Madness_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Lead_Ultra_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Arises_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Gliding Fifth_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Montreal_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Oldschool EDM_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Planet_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Sequenced Resonance_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Pad_Slow_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Riser_Blue_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Riser_Dissonant Pattern_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Riser_High Standard Noise_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Riser_Pitch Sequence_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Riser_Static_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp
Riser_Wobbly_Mainstage EDM V2_SH.fxp.fxp

Works with

Minimum version Serum version 1.068 and up is required.
Number of sounds 64

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