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Inspired by Said The Sky

The SKY comes packed with Xfer Serum & Cthulhu Presets, Stems, Loops, MIDI plus Oneshots. We set out to capture the core of Said The Sky and provide this to you in this dreamy collection.

64 professional Xfer Serum presets crafted with the most current sound design techniques. A dreamy soundset that you just cannot wait to start producing with.

Expertly designed Serum Presets for the modern producer. These sounds were created to draw out cutting-edge ideas that will push the creative boundaries. 

All 4 macros are assigned on every preset so you can always stay in your creative zone while tweaking to match them to your artistic sound.

Modern professional sounds with custom wavetables that grab the listers attention has never been more important. Focus on your music while we take care of the sound design. All presets are labeled with abbreviations like PN for Piano or LD for lead so you can easily find exactly the sound you're looking for.

In addition, this release comes with 3 chart-topping construction kits, 257 powerful loops & 116 top notch stems, 51 engaging melodic & drum MIDI files & 29 crisp drum samples all production-ready for you to dive into and give you an edge in the music scene.

We specifically designed a Cthulhu dedicated Bonus Pack – Sky CHRDZ. You’ll discover 24 creative Cthulhu presets with 2-3 octaves of chords on every preset. That’s 30-35 chords per preset! We used the white and black notes with 780 chords in all 12 keys. Major, Minor, Suspended 2 and 4, Add 9 and 11, 6th and 7th chords, you name it Sky CHRDZ has it!

We are confident this release will get your creative juices flowing and will be a mind blowing addition to your sonic collection!

Pack Details:
64 Xfer Serum Presets
11 Synths
10 Leads
9 Plucks
7 Pads
7 Basses
7 Guitars
5 Pianos
5 Keys
2 FXs
28 Custom Wavetables
4 Macros on every preset

24 Xfer Cthulhu Chord Presets
30-35 Chords per Preset
780 Total Chords across 12 keys.
Major, Minor, Suspended 2 and 4, Add 9 and 11, 6th and 7th chords
Sky CHRDZ User Guide PDF

3 Construction Kits
B 150 Bpm
A 145 Bpm
G 135 Bpm

29 Melodic MIDI files
22 Drum MIDI files

176 WET & DRY Melodic Loops
64 Drum Loops
17 FX Loops

73 WET & DRY Melodic Stems
35 Drum Stems
8 FX Stems

29 Drum Samples
5 Kicks
5 Snares
4 Foley
3 Hats
2 Snare And Clap Rolls
2 Claps
2 Toms
1 Scratch
1 Crash
1 Snap
1 Rimshot
1 Stick
1 Punch

Total Number Of Files: 550 2.9 GB

Works with

Minimum version 1.214 or higher
Number of sounds 64


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