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True BASS Sounds vol.1

Xfer Serum: True BASS Sounds vol. 1  

32 Monster BASSES in one pack!

12 Deep Basses
20 Monster Basses

Now you no need to buy tones of sounds for looking something special and really massive, because it's HERE:)!!!

Premium File Contents
NatLife - True Bass Sounds vol.1 ( for Xfer Serum VST).mp3.mp3
BA Angry Bass-Pad [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA beHouse [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Deep [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA DistAntion [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA KlubFuture 2020 [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Moto Start [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Nord [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Real Base [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Saw It [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA Square Here [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA SuperMaxx [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BA W1 [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Aah Radio Robot [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Acid Party [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Bacid [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Eat That [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Future Plant [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Horny [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS kAcid [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Moto Monster [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS oYeah [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Punk Me Daft [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Saw Transition [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Stereo Horn [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Tracid Arp Mod [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Tracid Arp Tibet [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Tractor [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Vibro BassLead [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS WOW [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Wow-B [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Yai [NatLife].fxp.fxp
BS Zzad [NatLife].fxp.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 1.0.4
Number of sounds 32