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Unmute Delta Vol 1

- Back to our Roots // Tribute to Future Bass, Future Music and more

Delta Vol.1 draws its strength from the raging elements to deliver its firepower.
As requested from many customers, Unmüte used all his expertise from Future music to deliver this inspiring release.

This comprehensive new pack, built around Future Bass concept and style, offers a wide range of presets for Serum, along with construction kits, inspired by many artists such as Flume, Louis the Child, Lido, Haywyre...
Delta is definitely a concentrate of Future inspiration, great sounds, and also bonus to play with!

What’s in the pack?

More than 700 MB of content including:


4 Arp

26 Basses

34 Chords

12 Keys

2 Fx

5 Leads

1 Pad

8 Plucks

2 Synths

To get immediate fun and flexibility we obviously delivered each preset with 4 Macro active like Filters, Fx, Eq, Reverb, Delays, Form... So don't forget to play with and automate them to design your own sound as needed in your beat.


9 Kits from the demo Including ( Basses, Chords, Horns, Piano, Midi files/Presets, Voices,…)

44 Midi files
126 Wav files

These Kits are just here to give you few examples of the possibilities you have by using our presets.


Future Bass Synths Chords

23 WAV Chords Progressions + MIDI Files

Piano Chords

21 WAV Chords Progressions + MIDI Files

Orchestral Chords

10 WAV Chords Progressions + MIDI Files

3 Bonus Mini Break Kits

All WAV loops provided are in 24 bit

Xfer Serum 1.1.3 and more needed

We really hope you will enjoy this new work from our team!

Premium File Contents
./Bonus Voices:
160 Bpm_Female Speed Adlibs.wav
160 Bpm_Male Chops Seq 2.wav
160 Bpm_Male Chops Seq.wav
./Future Bass Chords:
155 Bpm_Chords 1_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 10_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 11_Cmin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 12_F#min.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 13_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 14_Cmin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 15_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 16_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 17_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 18_Gmin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 19_Bmin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 1_D#min.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 20_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 21_Dmin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 22_Dmin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 23_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 2_Emin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 3_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 4_F#min.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 5_Bmin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 6_Gmin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 7_A#min.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 8_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 9_Amin.wav
./Future Bass Chords/Midi:
155 Bpm_Chords 1.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 1.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 10.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 11.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 12.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 13.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 14.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 15.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 16.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 17.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 18.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 19.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 2.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 20.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 21.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 22A.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 22B.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 23.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 3.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 4.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 5.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 6.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 7.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 8.mid
160 Bpm_FutureBass Chords 9.mid
From Serum
KIT1_160_Intro Drum loop.wav
KIT1_160_Top Loop.wav
./KIT1_160_FutureJazzSoul_Cmin/From Serum:
KIT1_160_Bass Feed Me.mid
KIT1_160_Bass Feed Me.wav
KIT1_160_Bass Subz.mid
KIT1_160_Bass Subz.wav
KIT1_160_Chords Weedy.mid
KIT1_160_Chords Weedy.wav
KIT1_160_Fx Revers.wav
KIT1_160_JazzyPiano Intro_Cmin.mid
KIT1_160_JazzyPiano Intro_Cmin.wav
KIT1_160_Organ Licks_Cmin.mid
KIT1_160_Organ Licks_Cmin.wav
KIT1_160_Adlib Low Harmo Shot_Cmin.wav
KIT1_160_Adlib Multi Harmo Shot_Cmin.wav
KIT1_160_Chops Male Vox.wav
./KIT2_160_Minikit Breack Soul_F#min:
From Serum
KIT2_160_Minikit Breack Soul_Demo_F#min.mp3
./KIT2_160_Minikit Breack Soul_F#min/From Serum:
KIT2_160_Bass Subz_F#min.mid
KIT2_160_Bass Subz_F#min.wav
KIT2_160_Chords Stepper 3 Bis_F#min.mid
KIT2_160_Chords Stepper 3 Bis_F#min.wav
./KIT2_160_Minikit Breack Soul_F#min/Samples:
KIT2_160_Soft Soul Organ Licks_F#min.mid
KIT2_160_Soft Soul Organ Licks_F#min.wav
./KIT2_160_Minikit Breack Soul_F#min/Vocals:
KIT2_160_Vox Chops_F#min.wav
./KIT3_160_Future Orchestral_Dmin:
From Serum
KIT3_160_Future Orchestral_Demo_Dmin.mp3
./KIT3_160_Future Orchestral_Dmin/Beat:
KIT3_160_Hit Hat Rolls.wav
KIT3_160_Main Snare.wav
KIT3_160_Orchestral Perc Seq.wav
KIT3_160_Snare Cuts.wav
./KIT3_160_Future Orchestral_Dmin/From Serum:
KIT3_160_Bass Subz_Dmin.mid
KIT3_160_Bass Subz_Dmin.wav
KIT3_160_Bass Talkactive_Dmin.mid
KIT3_160_Bass Talkactive_Dmin.wav
KIT3_160_Chords Fresh Touch_Dmin.mid
KIT3_160_Chords Fresh Touch_Dmin.wav
KIT3_160_Intro Bass Subz_Dmin.mid
KIT3_160_Intro Bass Subz_Dmin.wav
./KIT3_160_Future Orchestral_Dmin/Fx:
KIT3_160_Fx Revers Impact.wav
./KIT3_160_Future Orchestral_Dmin/Samples:
KIT3_160_Intro Piano_Dmin.mid
KIT3_160_Intro Piano_Dmin.wav
KIT3_160_Orchestral Record_Dmin.mid
KIT3_160_Orchestral Record_Dmin.wav
KIT3_160_Orchestral Stacc chords.mid
KIT3_160_Orchestral Stacc chords.wav
KIT3_160_Sustain Violin_Dmin.mid
KIT3_160_Sustain Violin_Dmin.wav
./KIT3_160_Future Orchestral_Dmin/Vocals:
KIT3_160_Reverb Vocal_Dmin.wav
KIT3_160_Vox Shot 1_Dmin.wav
KIT3_160_Vox Shot 2_Dmin.wav
KIT3_160_Vox Shot 3_Dmin.wav
./KIT4_160_Future HopOrchestral_A#min:
From Serum
KIT4_160_Future HopOrchestral_Demo_A#min.mp3
./KIT4_160_Future HopOrchestral_A#min/Beat:
KIT4_160_Top Beat.wav
./KIT4_160_Future HopOrchestral_A#min/From Serum:
KIT4_160_Bass Subz_A#min.mid
KIT4_160_Bass Subz_A#min.wav
KIT4_160_Chords Stepper 3_A#min.mid
KIT4_160_Chords Stepper 3_A#min.wav
KIT4_160_Ghetto Bass_A#min.mid
KIT4_160_Ghetto Bass_A#min.wav
./KIT4_160_Future HopOrchestral_A#min/Samples:
KIT4_160_Piano Licks Outro_A#min.mid
KIT4_160_Piano Licks Outro_A#min.wav
KIT4_160_Piano Outro_A#min.mid
KIT4_160_Piano Outro_A#min.wav
./KIT4_160_Future HopOrchestral_A#min/Vocals:
KIT4_160_Chops Vox_A#min.wav
./KIT5_160_Future Pop_Amin:
From Serum
KIT5_160_Future Pop_Demo_Amin.mp3
./KIT5_160_Future Pop_Amin/Beat:
./KIT5_160_Future Pop_Amin/From Serum:
KIT5_160_Bass Subz_Amin.mid
KIT5_160_Bass Subz_Amin.wav
KIT5_160_Bass Talkactive_Amin.mid
KIT5_160_Bass Talkactive_Amin.wav
KIT5_160_Chords Future Modulation 1_Amin.mid
KIT5_160_Chords Future Modulation 1_Amin.wav
./KIT5_160_Future Pop_Amin/Samples:
KIT5_160_Piano Outro_Amin.mid
KIT5_160_Piano Outro_Amin.wav
./KIT5_160_Future Pop_Amin/Vocals:
KIT5_160_Vox Chops_Amin.wav
./KIT6_160_Future Exotic_Amin:
From Serum
KIT6_160_Future Exotic_Demo_Amin.mp3
./KIT6_160_Future Exotic_Amin/Beat:
KIT6_160_Closed Hat Shots.wav
KIT6_160_Open Hat.wav
./KIT6_160_Future Exotic_Amin/From Serum:
KIT6_160_BoomyBass 2_Amin.mid
KIT6_160_BoomyBass 2_Amin.wav
KIT6_160_Chords Future Modulation 6_Amin.mid
KIT6_160_Chords Future Modulation 6_Amin.wav
./KIT6_160_Future Exotic_Amin/Samples:
KIT6_160_Piano Bridge_Amin.mid
KIT6_160_Piano Bridge_Amin.wav
./KIT6_160_Future Exotic_Amin/Vocals:
KIT6_160_Female Vox Delay_Amin.wav
KIT6_160_Hey Vox Delay_Amin.wav
KIT6_160_Little Adlib Shot_Amin.wav
KIT6_160_Strange Vox Chops_Amin.wav
./KIT7_150_Future Bass Delta_Cmin:
From Serum
KIT7_150_Future Bass Delta_Demo_Cmin.mp3
./KIT7_150_Future Bass Delta_Cmin/Beat:
KIT7_150_Ethno Perc_1.wav
KIT7_150_Ethno Perc_2.wav
KIT7_150_Ethno Perc_3.wav
KIT7_150_Orchestral Perc Loop Intro.wav
KIT7_150_Perc hat.wav
KIT7_150_Perc shots seq.wav
KIT7_150_Snap Intro.wav
KIT7_150_Snare Clap Full.wav
./KIT7_150_Future Bass Delta_Cmin/From Serum:
KIT7_150_Bass Bassub Intro_Cmin.mid
KIT7_150_Bass Bassub Intro_Cmin.wav
KIT7_150_Bass Pusher_Cmin.mid
KIT7_150_Bass Pusher_Cmin.wav
KIT7_150_Chords Fresh Touch_Cmin.mid
KIT7_150_Chords Fresh Touch_Cmin.wav
KIT7_150_Chords Future Modulation 7_Cmin.mid
KIT7_150_Chords Future Modulation 7_Cmin.wav
KIT7_150_Minilead T Shot Arp_Cmin.mid
KIT7_150_Minilead T Shot Arp_Cmin.wav
KIT7_150_Minilead T_Cmin.mid
KIT7_150_Minilead T_Cmin.wav
./KIT7_150_Future Bass Delta_Cmin/Fx:
KIT7_150_Fx Ambiant Rain.wav
KIT7_150_Fx Revers Impact.wav
./KIT7_150_Future Bass Delta_Cmin/Samples:
KIT7_150_Orchestral classical_Cmin.mid
KIT7_150_Orchestral classical_Cmin.wav
KIT7_150_Piano Intro_Cmin.mid
KIT7_150_Piano Intro_Cmin.wav
KIT7_150_Piano Licks Outro_Cmin.mid
KIT7_150_Piano Licks Outro_Cmin.wav
KIT7_150_Piano Outro_Cmin.mid
KIT7_150_Piano Outro_Cmin.wav
./KIT7_150_Future Bass Delta_Cmin/Vocals:
KIT7_150_Adlib Shot_Cmin.wav
KIT7_150_Backing Voice Intro_Cmin.wav
KIT7_150_Drop Pitched Vocal_Cmin.wav
KIT7_150_Little Voice Revers_Cmin.wav
KIT7_150_Voice Revers Shot_Cmin.wav
KIT7_150_Voice male Shot_Cmin.wav
./KIT8_160_Future Bass Kind_Amin:
From Serum
KIT8_160_Future Bass Kind_Demo_Amin.mp3
./KIT8_160_Future Bass Kind_Amin/Beat:
KIT8_160_Perc Fill 1.wav
KIT8_160_Perc Fill 2.wav
KIT8_160_Perc Fill 3.wav
KIT8_160_Perc Fill 4.wav
KIT8_160_Perc Shot.wav
KIT8_160_Snap intro.wav
KIT8_160_Snare Buildup.wav
./KIT8_160_Future Bass Kind_Amin/From Serum:
KIT8_160_Bass Pusher_Amin.mid
KIT8_160_Bass Pusher_Amin.wav
KIT8_160_Chords MegaR Filter_Amin.mid
KIT8_160_Chords MegaR Filter_Amin.wav
./KIT8_160_Future Bass Kind_Amin/Fx:
KIT8_160_Fx Riser Uplifter.wav
./KIT8_160_Future Bass Kind_Amin/Samples:
KIT8_160_Layered Piano Intro_Amin.mid
KIT8_160_Layered Piano Intro_Amin.wav
./KIT8_160_Future Bass Kind_Amin/Vocals:
KIT8_160_Adlib Shot_Amin.wav
KIT8_160_Vocal Chops_Amin.wav
./KIT9_160_Bonus Just Chill_Bmin:
From Serum
KIT9_160_Just Chill_Demo_Bmin.mp3
./KIT9_160_Bonus Just Chill_Bmin/Beat:
KIT9_160_Top Beat Loop.wav
./KIT9_160_Bonus Just Chill_Bmin/From Serum:
KIT9_160_Bass Woob Lfo1_Bmin.mid
KIT9_160_Bass Woob Lfo1_Bmin.wav
KIT9_160_Chords The Boss_Bmin.mid
KIT9_160_Chords The Boss_Bmin.wav
./MiniKits Breacks:
Breack 1_160_Fmin
Breack 2_160_Amin
Breack 3_160_Dmin
./MiniKits Breacks/Breack 1_160_Fmin:
MiniBreack 1_160_Demo_Fmin.mp3
./MiniKits Breacks/Breack 1_160_Fmin/Beat:
MiniBreack 1_160_Ethnic Perc.wav
./MiniKits Breacks/Breack 1_160_Fmin/Fx:
MiniBreack 1_Fx Ambiant Nature.wav
MiniBreack 1_Fx Impact.wav
./MiniKits Breacks/Breack 1_160_Fmin/Samples:
MiniBreack 1_160_Piano_Fmin.mid
MiniBreack 1_160_Piano_Fmin.wav
MiniBreack 1_160_Violins Stacc_Fmin.mid
MiniBreack 1_160_Violins Stacc_Fmin.wav
./MiniKits Breacks/Breack 1_160_Fmin/Vocals:
MiniBreack 1_160_Vox Chops Uplift_Fmin.wav
./MiniKits Breacks/Breack 2_160_Amin:
MiniBreack 2_160_Demo_Amin.mp3
./MiniKits Breacks/Breack 2_160_Amin/Sample:
MiniBreack 2_160_Piano_Amin.mid
MiniBreack 2_160_Piano_Amin.wav
./MiniKits Breacks/Breack 2_160_Amin/Vocals:
MiniBreack 2_160_Aerial Voice_Amin.wav
./MiniKits Breacks/Breack 3_160_Dmin:
From Serum
MiniBreack 3_160_Demo_Dmin.mp3
./MiniKits Breacks/Breack 3_160_Dmin/Beat:
MiniBreack 2_160_Ethnic perc loop.wav
./MiniKits Breacks/Breack 3_160_Dmin/From Serum:
MiniBreack 2_160_Bass Staby_Dmin.mid
MiniBreack 2_160_Bass Staby_Dmin.wav
MiniBreack 2_160_Chords Chordisher_Dmin.mid
MiniBreack 2_160_Chords Chordisher_Dmin.wav
MiniBreack 2_160_Key Ring Rung_Dmin.mid
MiniBreack 2_160_Key Ring Rung_Dmin.wav
./MiniKits Breacks/Breack 3_160_Dmin/Fx:
MiniBreack 2_160_Fx Ambiant Nature.wav
MiniBreack 2_160_Fx Riser.mid
MiniBreack 2_160_Fx Riser.wav
MiniBreack 2_160_Impact.wav
./MiniKits Breacks/Breack 3_160_Dmin/Vocals:
MiniBreack 2_160_Pad Vox_Dmin.wav
./Ochestral Bonus:
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 10_Amin.wav
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 1_Amin.wav
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 2_Amin.wav
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 3_F#min.wav
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 4_Amin.wav
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 5_Dmin.wav
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 6_Bmin.wav
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 7_Amin.wav
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 8_Amin.wav
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 9_B.wav
./Ochestral Bonus/Midi:
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 1.mid
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 10.mid
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 2.mid
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 3.mid
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 4.mid
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 5.mid
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 6.mid
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 7.mid
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 8.mid
140 Bpm_Orchestral Chords 9.mid
./Piano Chords:
155 Bpm_Go for a spin_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 10_F#min.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 11_B.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 12_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 13_C#.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 14_Cmin.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 15_B.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 16_G.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 17_C#.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 18_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 19_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 1_Gmin.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 20_Emin.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 21_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 2_A#min.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 3_D#min.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 4_Amin.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 5_C.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 6_C.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 7_D.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 8_C.wav
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 9_E.wav
./Piano Chords/Midi:
155 Bpm_Go for a spin.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 1.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 10.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 11.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 12.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 13.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 14.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 15.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 16.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 17.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 18.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 19.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 2.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 20.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 21.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 3.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 4.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 5.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 6.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 7.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 8.mid
160 Bpm_Piano Chords 9.mid
./Serum Presets:
./Serum Presets/Unmute_Delta_Vol_1:
ARP - 3notes.fxp
ARP - Enigma.fxp
ARP - Futuristik.fxp
ARP - UpnDown.fxp
BASS - 10-Am.fxp
BASS - Bassub.fxp
BASS - BoomyBass 1.fxp
BASS - BoomyBass 2.fxp
BASS - BoomyBass 3.fxp
BASS - Delta.fxp
BASS - Electrik Band.fxp
BASS - FeedMe.fxp
BASS - Future Big.fxp
BASS - Future Style Seq 1.fxp
BASS - Future Style Seq 2.fxp
BASS - Ghetto Bass.fxp
BASS - Kick'n.fxp
BASS - Layor Linear.fxp
BASS - Pusher.fxp
BASS - Retro Action.fxp
BASS - Sensitiv.fxp
BASS - Shape Bass.fxp
BASS - Stab Zone.fxp
BASS - Staby.fxp
BASS - Substitute Future Bass.fxp
BASS - Subz.fxp
BASS - Talkactive.fxp
BASS - Woob Lfo1.fxp
BASS - YoBass.fxp
BASS - retro Fonky.fxp
CHORDS - 4 bar Stepper 1.fxp
CHORDS - Arlekin moves.fxp
CHORDS - Back Pitcher.fxp
CHORDS - Bubbling.fxp
CHORDS - Clavicolor.fxp
CHORDS - Electric Keyboard.fxp
CHORDS - Fresh touch.fxp
CHORDS - Future LFO 1.fxp
CHORDS - Future Modulation 1.fxp
CHORDS - Future Modulation 2.fxp
CHORDS - Future Modulation 3.fxp
CHORDS - Future Modulation 4.fxp
CHORDS - Future Modulation 5.fxp
CHORDS - Future Modulation 6.fxp
CHORDS - Future Modulation 7.fxp
CHORDS - Glassy Bounce.fxp
CHORDS - Glossy Filter.fxp
CHORDS - MegaR Filter.fxp
CHORDS - My Friend.fxp
CHORDS - Rave Wave.fxp
CHORDS - Release me.fxp
CHORDS - Retrology.fxp
CHORDS - Reverse.fxp
CHORDS - Short Louis.fxp
CHORDS - Stepper 1.fxp
CHORDS - Stepper 2.fxp
CHORDS - Stepper 3.fxp
CHORDS - Stepper 3Bis.fxp
CHORDS - The Boss.fxp
CHORDS - Turbin 1.fxp
CHORDS - Unmute.fxp
CHORDS - VideoGame Start.fxp
CHORDS - Vintage sound.fxp
CHORDS - Weedy.fxp
FX - Waterfall.fxp
Fx - Riser.fxp
KEY - Electric Piano 1 WZ.fxp
KEY - Electrikkeys 1.fxp
KEY - Electrikkeys 2.fxp
KEY - Energy.fxp
KEY - Future Belly.fxp
KEY - Morning Call.fxp
KEY - My Wurtlizer.fxp
KEY - Oh Wonder.fxp
KEY - Ring Rung 2.fxp
KEY - Ring Rung.fxp
KEY - Soft Chords.fxp
KEY - Tremo Synth.fxp
LEAD - Big V lead.fxp
LEAD - Laser.fxp
LEAD - MidiLead T.fxp
LEAD - Tone Feel.fxp
LEAD - yuo.fxp
PLUCK - ChoppyPlay.fxp
PLUCK - Chordisher.fxp
PLUCK - Electrik Bambou.fxp
PLUCK - Elegant Chord.fxp
PLUCK - Pizzo.fxp
PLUCK - Ring Vowel.fxp
PLUCK - StackyP.fxp
PLUCK - Voicy Filter.fxp
SYNTH - TalkySynth.fxp
SYNTH - WhiteNote Harmo.fxp

Works with

Minimum version Xfer Serum 1.1.3 and more needed
Number of sounds 93