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'80s Synths Volume 1' for Spire

'80s Synths Volume 1' contains 110 presets for Spire and ReSpire, bringing you the distinctive oldschool sounds of that cherished era.  Inspired by many beloved 80's pop hits, theme songs from popular 80's TV shows, and vintage analog hardware, this sound library is a powerful toolkit for giving your tracks that special retro mojo. Each preset has, at the very least, modwheel and velocity assignments for added expression and live playability.


Download includes:

110 Presets for Spire (ReSpire format also included)

- 25 Basses

- 20 Leads

- 19 Keys and Polysynths

- 16 Pads

- 16 Plucks

-  5 Brass Synths

-  4 FX Risers

-  3 Bells

-  1 Melodic Tom

-  1 Horror Soundscape


100% Royalty-Free

Requirements: Reveal Sound Spire synthesizer version 1.0.16 or higher.

Works with

Minimum version 1.0.16
Number of sounds 110

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