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Avengers PACK - Famous sounds for SPIRE

10 Kick samples

10 Snare samples

10 Hihat samples

and ..... 

40 famous presets for SPIRE VST.


Open your mind. Open your heart and be famous with our new AVENGERS PACK with 40 famous sound created for SPIRE.

Premium File Contents
HIHAT 01.wav.wav
HIHAT 02.wav.wav
HIHAT 03.wav.wav
HIHAT 04.wav.wav
HIHAT 05.wav.wav
HIHAT 06.wav.wav
HIHAT 07.wav.wav
HIHAT 08.wav.wav
HIHAT 09.wav.wav
HIHAT 10.wav.wav
KICK 01.wav.wav
KICK 02.wav.wav
KICK 03.wav.wav
KICK 04.wav.wav
KICK 05.wav.wav
KICK 06.wav.wav
KICK 07.wav.wav
KICK 08.wav.wav
KICK 09.wav.wav
KICK 10.wav.wav
SNARE 01.wav.wav
SNARE 02.wav.wav
SNARE 03.wav.wav
SNARE 04.wav.wav
SNARE 05.wav.wav
SNARE 06.wav.wav
SNARE 07.wav.wav
SNARE 08.wav.wav
SNARE 09.wav.wav
SNARE 10.wav.wav
Bass - Bamboo.spf.spf
Bass - Deadpool.spf.spf
Bass - Kronos.spf.spf
Bass - Mind.spf.spf
Bass - PCV.spf.spf
Bass - Pleasure.spf.spf
Bass - Romance.spf.spf
Bass - Slomo.spf.spf
Bass - Subsonic.spf.spf
Bass - Tropic.spf.spf
Lead - Chappie.spf.spf
Lead - DongDong.spf.spf
Lead - Hard as Well.spf.spf
Lead - Kraken.spf.spf
Lead - Puristic.spf.spf
Lead - Qwak.spf.spf
Lead - Slut.spf.spf
Lead - Top.spf.spf
Lead - TripleX.spf.spf
Lead - Vandross.spf.spf
Pad - Andromeda.spf.spf
Pad - Angelis.spf.spf
Pad - Balearic.spf.spf
Pad - Destrono.spf.spf
Pad - Detuner.spf.spf
Pad - JP8000.spf.spf
Pad - Mefisto.spf.spf
Pad - Metalic.spf.spf
Pad - Schiller.spf.spf
Pad - Sinn.spf.spf
Pluck - Cornic.spf.spf
Pluck - Dji.spf.spf
Pluck - Flute.spf.spf
Pluck - Glass.spf.spf
Pluck - Hugo.spf.spf
Pluck - Kygo.spf.spf
Pluck - Organic.spf.spf
Pluck - Poho.spf.spf
Pluck - Stick.spf.spf
Pluck - Transcend.spf.spf

Works with

Minimum version 2.4