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Cosmic Plucks Vol.5 for Spire

NatLife Sounds glad to present you a newest Cosmic Pluck Vol.5 for Spire synthesizer, series of the highest quality Leads and plucks sounds.

This time it's absolutely revolution pack of sounds, that you never heard before!

You will not find the same sounds in the bank, every sound here is so fledged. This bank has been used the best features of the updated Spire synth, something very huge in the voice handling, that was embodied in the big voice Leads, like and so space, trancy and caribian in the Plucks patches.

If you looking for the most different, unique and "ready to go!" Plucks & Leads sounds - you already found it here!

The whole bank contains 50 presets for Spire synthesizer.
- 25 Leads;
- 25 Plucks.

MAC / PC compatible.

100% royalty-free.

This pack contains only Spire synthesizer presets.

Requirements: Spire synthesizer Ver 1.1.13 +

Premium File Contents
./Cosmic Plucks Vol.5:
LD 2005.spf
LD Addsaw.spf
LD Chordman.spf
LD Dark Voice.spf
LD Distant KeyF.spf
LD Gangster.spf
LD Hardball.spf
LD Hardliner.spf
LD Harmon.spf
LD Massmono.spf
LD Monosteroid.spf
LD Monstre.spf
LD Power 1.spf
LD Power 2.spf
LD Resolutor.spf
LD Robotronik.spf
LD Saw Power.spf
LD Scooter Times.spf
LD Sowes.spf
LD Space Voice.spf
LD Supervoice.spf
LD Tibet Voice.spf
LD True Saw.spf
LD Vocco 1.spf
LD Yellow Space.spf
PLK Back In The USSR.spf
PLK Caribian.spf
PLK Classic.spf
PLK Cosmic Plu.spf
PLK Cosmic Pluck .spf
PLK Detusha.spf
PLK Distant Keys.spf
PLK Droplets.spf
PLK Islands.spf
PLK Leader.spf
PLK Love Pluck.spf
PLK Modbell Space.spf
PLK Ohte.spf
PLK One Island.spf
PLK Scooter 95.spf
PLK Secret Of The Space.spf
PLK Space Brothers.spf
PLK Space Guitar.spf
PLK Spacy.spf
PLK Stargazer.spf
PLK Stars Shining.spf
PLK Streamlight.spf
PLK Tududum.spf
PLK Voices.spf
PLK Who Are You.spf

Works with

Minimum version 1.1.13