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Damned Sounds for Spire

Damned Sounds for Spire for Spire from Banger Music Records is the perfect pack for Music Producers of EDM, House, Club, Dance, Big Room, Bounce, Deep House, Dutch House, and many others. This pack contains 64 Reveal Sound Spire presets. All sounds inspired by all the popular artists of the genre. This Soundset includes awesome sounds to take your tracks to the next level.

BangerSounds inspired by artists such as Thomas Newson, Afrojack, Blasterjaxx, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Showtek, Hardwell, Avicii, Deorro, Reece Low, Jayy Fresh, J-Trick, Lefty, Sean & Bobo, Tiesto, Quintino, FTampa, Ibranovski , Dropgun, Viveka, CubixRube, Sebastian Ivarsson, Sodafreak, SCNDL, New World Sound, Lessware and many others.


All sounds in this product are 100% Royalty Free. All the sounds contained in the package you can use in your productions without any hidden costs.

Product Specifications:

• 64 Spire Presets
• 5 ARP Sounds
• 22 Bass Sounds
• 17 Lead Sounds
• 6 Pad Sounds
• 14 Pluck Sounds
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Multi-Genres

Premium File Contents
Damned Sounds for Spire.mp3.mp3
Damned Sounds for Spire.pdf.pdf
License Agreement - Read It!.txt.txt
Banger Music Records - Info.txt.txt
ARP Alarm.spf.spf
ARP Bass In Your Face.spf.spf
ARP Big Room.spf.spf
ARP Pluck.spf.spf
ARP Triplet.spf.spf
BS Boosted.spf.spf
BS Chicony.spf.spf
BS Clock.spf.spf
BS Damned.spf.spf
BS Deep.spf.spf
BS Dirty.spf.spf
BS Lifa.spf.spf
BS Matrix.spf.spf
BS Online.spf.spf
BS Perfect.spf.spf
BS Retro.spf.spf
BS Tremor.spf.spf
LD Antivirus.spf.spf
LD Arsonist 1.spf.spf
LD Arsonist 2.spf.spf
LD Bass Synth.spf.spf
LD Bassed.spf.spf
LD Beatzer.spf.spf
LD Blasterjaxx.spf.spf
LD Brazil.spf.spf
LD Chord.spf.spf
LD Detuned.spf.spf
LD Freaks Dubstep.spf.spf
LD Freaks.spf.spf
LD Infected.spf.spf
LD Karate 1.spf.spf
LD Karate 2.spf.spf
LD Kindwood.spf.spf
LD Martin Hunterz.spf.spf
LD Once Again.spf.spf
LD Pitcher.spf.spf
LD Plucked.spf.spf
LD Poland.spf.spf
LD Project.spf.spf
LD Sensation.spf.spf
LD Shocked.spf.spf
LD Source.spf.spf
LD Stadium.spf.spf
LD Suckerpunch.spf.spf
PD Classic.spf.spf
PD EDM.spf.spf
PD Heedens.spf.spf
PD House.spf.spf
PD InSpIrEd.spf.spf
PD Trumpet.spf.spf
PL Acid.spf.spf
PL Aqua.spf.spf
PL Awesome.spf.spf
PL Bass.spf.spf
PL Bassed.spf.spf
PL Deeper.spf.spf
PL Detuned.spf.spf
PL Future.spf.spf
PL Great Deep.spf.spf
PL Guitar.spf.spf
PL Hunterz.spf.spf
PL Lumia.spf.spf
PL Piano.spf.spf
PL Wave.spf.spf
Damned Sounds for Spire.sbf.sbf

Works with

Number of sounds 64