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Deep House for Spire

Freak Blaster present his best Spire presets for your next Deep House tracks.

This Deep House pack includes 64 carefully crafted presets including deep and warm basses, dreamy and modern pads, lush chords, beautiful and charismatic keys, driving and punchy plucks and deeply moving fx’s.

Perfect for Deep House, Future House, Tropical House, Nu Disco, Pop, Chillout and Downtempo.

Every you hear in the audio demo is 100% Spire sounds with the exception of some drum and vocal one-shots.

You need Spire version 1.1.1 or higher to use these presets.

Product Details:
64 Presets for Spire
15 Bass Sounds
15 Pad Sounds
10 Chord Sounds
10 Key Sounds
10 Pluck Sounds
4 Sfx Sounds
All presets assigned to ModWheel
Bonus: 32 Midi Files – All Key Labeled
100% Royalty-Free

Premium File Contents
Demo Song 1.mp3.mp3
Demo Song 2 (Produced by Chris IDH).mp3.mp3
Freak Blaster - Deep House.sbf.sbf
Freak Blaster - Deep House (Demo Bank).sbf.sbf
Bass Angry Wheel Em.mid.mid
Bass Black Brass Am.mid.mid
Bass Crystal F.mid.mid
Bass FInger Wheel Fm.mid.mid
Bass FM Modern 1 Am.mid.mid
Bass FM Modern 2 Am.mid.mid
Bass FM Modern Dm.mid.mid
Bass Need More Am.mid.mid
Bass Sky Fall Gm.mid.mid
Bass Soft Red 1 Gm.mid.mid
Bass Soft Red 2 Gm.mid.mid
Chord Deeply Moving Am.mid.mid
Chord Guitarisimo Am.mid.mid
Chord Warm Black Fm.mid.mid
Key Pipe Organ 1 Em.mid.mid
Key Pipe Organ 2 Em.mid.mid
Key Waterphone F.mid.mid
Pad Detuned Em.mid.mid
Pad Shine Am.mid.mid
Pad Shine Gm.mid.mid
Pad Sweet Black Am.mid.mid
Pluck D-Luck 1 Gm.mid.mid
Pluck D-Luck 2 Gm.mid.mid
Pluck D-Luck 3 Gm.mid.mid
Pluck D-Luck 4 Gm.mid.mid
Pluck Dream Time Fm.mid.mid
Pluck Dream Time Gm.mid.mid
Pluck Dynamic Eprerience 1 F.mid.mid
Pluck Dynamic Eprerience 2 F.mid.mid
Pluck Dynamic Eprerience F.mid.mid
Pluck Perfecto 1 Am .mid.mid
Pluck Perfecto 2 Am .mid.mid
BS Angry Wheel.spf.spf
BS Black Brass .spf.spf
BS Browel.spf.spf
BS Crystal.spf.spf
BS Deep AM.spf.spf
BS Finger Wheel.spf.spf
BS FM Modern.spf.spf
BS Lights On.spf.spf
BS Lungo.spf.spf
BS Moog Century.spf.spf
BS Need More.spf.spf
BS Organ Feel.spf.spf
BS Sky Fall.spf.spf
BS Soft Red.spf.spf
BS Velvet Blue.spf.spf
CH Bedroom.spf.spf
CH Deeply Moving.spf.spf
CH Guitarisimo.spf.spf
CH Kaleidoscope.spf.spf
CH Light House.spf.spf
CH Lost Around.spf.spf
CH Modern Retro.spf.spf
CH Pianisimo.spf.spf
CH Plastic Hammer.spf.spf
CH Warm Black.spf.spf
KEY Deep Emotions.spf.spf
KEY Dream Brass.spf.spf
KEY E-Piano Wah.spf.spf
KEY E-Piano.spf.spf
KEY Feel Unique.spf.spf
KEY N-Organ.spf.spf
KEY Pipe Organ.spf.spf
KEY Sitar Flavour.spf.spf
KEY Tiny Tube.spf.spf
KEY Waterphone.spf.spf
PD Deep Hammond.spf.spf
PD Detuned.spf.spf
PD Flowers.spf.spf
PD Keys.spf.spf
PD Motion Touch.spf.spf
PD Motion Wheel.spf.spf
PD Oboella.spf.spf
PD Shine.spf.spf
PD Solo Carpet.spf.spf
PD Stars In Love.spf.spf
PD Stay Up.spf.spf
PD Sweet Black.spf.spf
PD Through Tape.spf.spf
PD Voices Around.spf.spf
PD Voices Morph.spf.spf
PL Catgut.spf.spf
PL Deep Guitar.spf.spf
PL Detuned.spf.spf
PL D-Luck.spf.spf
PL Dream Time.spf.spf
PL Dynamic Experience.spf.spf
PL Future Deep.spf.spf
PL Future Voice.spf.spf
PL Perfecto.spf.spf
PL Soft Room.spf.spf
FX Deep Down.spf.spf
FX Noise Riser.spf.spf
FX Tonal Riser.spf.spf
FX Wide Stereo Fall.spf.spf

Works with

Minimum version 1.1.1
Number of sounds 64
Demo Download

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