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EDM flavour

Freak Blaster present you this EDM sound bank for Spire by Reveal Sound.

The download includes 128 presets including banger basses, heavy leads, synths, dreamy pads, tempo sync sequences, sfx’s and drum sounds, for your EDM dance tracks.

Usable for all EDM genres like Bigroom House, Electro, Progressive House, Tech & Duch House and Trance.

Every you hear in the audio demo is 100% Spire sounds with the exception of some drums one shots.

You need Spire vesion 1.0.16 or higher to use these presets.

Product Details:
128 Presets for Spire
30 Bass Sounds
33 Lead Sounds
25 Pad Sounds
15 Synth Sounds
10 Sequence’s
08 FX Sounds
07 Drum Sounds
100% Royalty-Free

Premium File Contents
EDM flavour - Cover.jpg.jpg
EDM flavour - Demo Song.mp3.mp3
EDM flavour - Info.pdf.pdf
EDM flavour - List of Presets.pdf.pdf
Freak Blaster - EDM flavour.sbf.sbf
Freak Blaster - EDM flavour (Demo Bank).sbf.sbf
BS Arthur.spf.spf
BS Ave.spf.spf
BS Beast.spf.spf
BS Better than...spf.spf
BS Bite.spf.spf
BS Cleaner.spf.spf
BS D Bass .spf.spf
BS Dirty Boy.spf.spf
BS Duclip.spf.spf
BS Elephat .spf.spf
BS Engine.spf.spf
BS Famous.spf.spf
BS Freaky.spf.spf
BS Hard Me.spf.spf
BS High Heels.spf.spf
BS Maxball.spf.spf
BS Need it.spf.spf
BS Odysseus.spf.spf
BS One.spf.spf
BS Open Close.spf.spf
BS Quake.spf.spf
BS Rich.spf.spf
BS Road.spf.spf
BS Robotik.spf.spf
BS Scorpoog.spf.spf
BS Slayer.spf.spf
BS Solid.spf.spf
BS Trance Bass.spf.spf
BS Tuber.spf.spf
BS Vowel.spf.spf
DR Close HH.spf.spf
DR Kick 1.spf.spf
DR Kick 2.spf.spf
DR Kick 3.spf.spf
DR Kick 4.spf.spf
DR Open HH.spf.spf
DR Wheel-HH-Perc.spf.spf
SFX Astro Boy.spf.spf
SFX Blow Away.spf.spf
SFX Disco Sub.spf.spf
SFX Outworld.spf.spf
SFX Revolution.spf.spf
SFX Speed Up.spf.spf
SFX Take Off.spf.spf
SFX The Calling.spf.spf
LD Abnormality.spf.spf
LD Abstract.spf.spf
LD Acid Rocker.spf.spf
LD Anything.spf.spf
LD Blue Sea.spf.spf
LD By Mistake.spf.spf
LD Classic.spf.spf
LD Crawler.spf.spf
LD DA Hool.spf.spf
LD Damage.spf.spf
LD Dryver.spf.spf
LD Familiar.spf.spf
LD Flash.spf.spf
LD Fume.spf.spf
LD GRX.spf.spf
LD Gum.spf.spf
LD Here After.spf.spf
LD High Sweet.spf.spf
LD House .spf.spf
LD In The Air.spf.spf
LD In Your Face.spf.spf
LD Insomnia.spf.spf
LD Madness.spf.spf
LD Playground.spf.spf
LD Range.spf.spf
LD Revolution.spf.spf
LD Stream.spf.spf
LD The Key.spf.spf
LD Tsunami.spf.spf
LD Unusual.spf.spf
LD Worms.spf.spf
LD Wrath.spf.spf
LD Zoo.spf.spf
PD Accordeon.spf.spf
PD Aether.spf.spf
PD Blue Eyes.spf.spf
PD Bright Side.spf.spf
PD Century Man.spf.spf
PD Clear View.spf.spf
PD Coming Up.spf.spf
PD Cute Aliens.spf.spf
PD Digital Horns.spf.spf
PD Eden.spf.spf
PD Far Away.spf.spf
PD Grateful.spf.spf
PD Hypnosis.spf.spf
PD India.spf.spf
PD Inside M Head.spf.spf
PD Justice.spf.spf
PD Mechanic.spf.spf
PD Old But Gold.spf.spf
PD Open Gate.spf.spf
PD Roadrunner.spf.spf
PD Sirens.spf.spf
PD Spaceman.spf.spf
PD They Are Here.spf.spf
PD Underwater .spf.spf
PD Warm Heart.spf.spf
SEQ Acid Combo.spf.spf
SEQ Amelie.spf.spf
SEQ Clean Guitar.spf.spf
SEQ Fazor.spf.spf
SEQ Movement.spf.spf
SEQ Sunrise Zone.spf.spf
SEQ Talk Dirty.spf.spf
SEQ The Unknown.spf.spf
SEQ Turbo .spf.spf
SEQ Warning .spf.spf
SY ATARI.spf.spf
SY Bat Cave.spf.spf
SY Behind Me.spf.spf
SY Black Sea.spf.spf
SY Chill Pluck.spf.spf
SY Coffe time.spf.spf
SY Feelings.spf.spf
SY Ghost Verb.spf.spf
SY Hang Drum.spf.spf
SY Imagination.spf.spf
SY Metro.spf.spf
SY Micro Pitch.spf.spf
SY Mobile Verb.spf.spf
SY Oldschool.spf.spf
SY Rise & Fall.spf.spf

Works with

Minimum version 1.0.16
Number of sounds 128
Demo Download